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  1. She could be a detective based on this observation, LOL.
  2. Like asthma. First, in 1X03, Sheldon had asthma, but then they gave it to Leonard. And the snoring, it "transfered" from Penny to Leonard, LOL...
  3. Thank you so much, @koops, I've always guessed this "Sheldon meeting with In-Laws" plot would be a Thanksgiving one, I missed, LOL... My thoughts exactly. Sounds great, this one, looking forward to watching it!!! Thanks again!!!
  4. I'm glad to see more of this "Larry" character, to think Amy has been "fatherless" for quite some time, LOL... I think he is funny and awkward in his own ways, similar to Amy I might add, not to mention Teller for playing him, such an amazing casting. Mrs. Fowler, I have a feeling, like George Jr., they will "reel it in" on her "crazyness", so to speak. Oh, hope to know Mrs. Fowler's first name...
  5. Finally, The In-Law plot!!! Looking forward to seeing Sheldon's interactions with the Fowlers!!! Hahaha, reminds me of Bernie's Father Mike found Sheldon more interesting than Howard and liked to talk to him about football in that Thanksgiving episode, LMAO!!! THANK YOU @koops!!! I hope you have a great day!!! PS: @koops, I have a question if you don't mind, is this episode a Thanksgiving one? Thanks!!!
  6. Hahaha, YES!!! This was one of the "evidences" that some comments were saying "they were being showered by all 4 couples' sweetnesses in this episode"... LOL...
  7. Very great "Howard" and "Bernie" costumes in this one!!! I laughed so hard at those two wigs... I really wish we could see Bernie dressing up as "Amy", so I could make a picture of all four of them as my phone wallpaper...
  8. The four of them, Howard & Amy, Sheldon & Bernie, are all very great to me.
  9. Howardette were really good in 12X06, great costumes, sweet interactions and "fighting like a team", LOL. As usual, very good.
  10. Yes, liked Anu in this one, she and Raj had great interactions with each other and with other people, hope to see more of her plot.
  11. TPTB should've just let Shamy dressed as "Howardette", AND Howardette dressed as "Shamy", make them imitate each other, we and the rest of the gang as the judges to see how similar to the original characters their imitation were, WITHOUT the boring theme of "I had a troubled childhood, other kids all made fun of me back then"...ugh... On the positive side, I laughed very hard in this episode, definitely the funniest one this season so far.
  12. I think TPTB wrote a kinda clever twist on this Raj's engagement thing. We know Raj has been a huge fan of Sandra Bullock over the years, he even talked about this with Anu again in that episode, so when Anu proposed to him, on her knees, like one of Sandy B's movie - The proposal - then, the fact that Raj accepted it "kinda" made sense. He was a romantic after all. That being said, I want to see more of Anu to make a better judgement about this. Now, I don't think she is "the one" for Raj. Overall, I think some of the episodes were funny, some of them were boring, so I have mixed feelings about this season so far.
  13. Haha, I went back to watch Professor Proton's previous appearances, I noticed the last time he showed up, in 11X06, The Proton Regeneration, when Sheldon said hello to him, he said: "You know, we could also meet in a deli." Then, in this episode, they were meeting in a deli. So, I guess next time, if we ever see PP, Sheldon would order the right lean meat for him. LOL.
  14. Bernie's Russian accent was just sexy as hell, hands down. And now we know they've been doing some Role Playing, hahaha. Howardette have been great this season, I'm very grateful.
  15. I think: 1. what Sheldon said about this collaboration project, Siebert found it interesting; 2. Sheldon's convincing statement about Amy's importance on this project; 3. The fact that Sheldon tricked Siebert to believe that this was what Amy wanted...... finally "convinced" Siebert, so he made the personnel change. And if Siebert asked Amy herself about this, then we would have a different plot, oh well... Yes, me too. The bed scene was too long for tag scene, and not to mention I NEED to know Amy got her project back, ugh.
  16. I love Mayim's voice, very recognizable, and it has a special "flavor" in it.
  17. Love what you said here about Amy. I didn't like her when she first showed up, but I'll admit, with the seasons passing by, I love her more and more, she became really interesting and funny and kind to me. Not to mention, to me, she actually has the most interesting and meaningful work-related plots in this whole show. In S.10, Bert said Amy was popular in Caltech, I loved that plot; in this episode, Siebert said Amy was very important to Caltech, I loved this plot, too. Hoping to see MORE of Amy's work plot (but without this episode's chaos, of course). ETA: Just noticed a little detail, Sheldon said "They considered Dr. Park quite the step down" and "No wonder you are not on the tenure track.", was this implying "Amy is on the tenure track"? Thoughts?
  18. Got to see another Amy's work, very good, loved it. Got to hear Amy was hard to be replaced and very important to the university, loved it. Sheldon was being really selfish and a jerk, nothing new here. Hated it. Howardette were really good and sweet, so I'm gonna let last week's Bernie's "fine" comment slide. PP's appearance was really lame and boring, oh well. Lenny, I don't know, Raj laughed Leonard's joke yet Penny found it boring? Although TBH, I didn't laugh at Leonard's joke, either. So, no harm done? Loved Penny's boring face when she was listening to Sheldon's work. Their scenes now were just pathetic. Howard and Raj, "gay for each other", old but good. Siebert, with his physics knowledge and his cut and dry tone, saved this episode for me, thanks.
  19. Mixed feelings about this one, but I'll just say positive things here: 1. Always loved to see Amy at her lab, working various projects, and wearing lab coats. Yeah. 2. Their sitting there and giggles in the cold open reminded me one of my favorite episodes of the show - Herb Garden. So, just priceless. 3. Loved to hear that Amy was hard to be replaced, and Siebert saying she was important to the university. 4. Their talk in the bed (sidenote: TPTB really loved to give them bed scenes, huh, LMAO). Like @Jedichic98 said,(love your post, BTW) if she just went back to sleep, then she was just pressing her anger, it was bad for their marriage, so I'm really happy that she told her feelings to Sheldon, and letting him know her insecurities.
  20. I thought her hair was cute, but it suited with the beach, NOT the office. The dress, though... But remember she once bought the exact same black shirt with flowers like Raj, instead of that cute little red dress? So, enough said. UGH.
  21. I thought Howardette somehow would "dogde the bullet" from TPTB because they are not the main couple, and they've always had their own B-plot. But 12X04 proved me wrong, so wrong. Yes, me too. I hope there will be more holiday themed episodes in the final season.
  22. This is exactly the reason that I have no "faith" or "confidence" that "they will get better". To us TBBT fans, there are 20 episodes left (or 18, because they already taped 12X05 and 12X06) to end with a "big bang". To TPTB, it is: "Oh, crap, just 18 episodes? Quick, who else from YS can be shoehorned in the 18 episodes? Think!" Oh, well. PS: That being said, I hope I'm wrong, of course.
  23. I actually think last week's "Smooth Operator" plot is much more funny than this week's lame Tam plot.
  24. Not as funny as the other three episodes, just OK. Hated that TPTB downplayed Leonard's importance to Sheldon. I've never watched YS, so I don't know this Tam person, but I think the other three scenes might still happen with Tam, but without Leonard, that Christmas hug scene would NEVER happen. Penny and Bernie were good, George was the funniest one to me. That's saying something.
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