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  1. It's a Halloween episode, maybe they all imitate some famous scientists or sci-fi characters. Really looking forward to it.
  2. The Good Place is very good. I just noticed the other day that it's the same Michael Schur who created these three shows that I like so much - Parks and Recreation, Brooklyn Nine-Nine and The Good Place, LOL.
  3. I think it could be like what happened on that privacy zone episode in S.10, not even bedtime, they've already solved the problem. Totally agree. Agree with you both. I don't think they "need a reason" to do both of the things - burn the couch and talking about buying a bigger place, but as I think they just "invented" this 12X05 plot for bringing PP back, so TPTB might really "need a reason" to do things or whatnot. How I wish they've thought of something different for PP to return.
  4. Bernie was the perfect one, because Amy has stated several times about the kids thing, she was like Leonard regarding this issue. But Bernie's ship had sailed, so not gonna happen. Which brings my confusion here: Why bring this sensitive topic into the show in the first place? Penny could have a job storyline throughout the final season, then in the end, Lenny can have a baby, so both sides, as in "People who don't want to see another pregnancy" AND "people who want a Lenny baby" could be happy in the end, personally I'd love this path, TBH. Bring this topic into the show sure complicated things, and they didn't have to. Oh, well.
  5. I read the angry ones and the sad ones too. I think these are some normal reactions of this episode. But my point was the praising ones who are thinking Penny is their post girl now is new to the fandom. Before this episode, I haven't read anything related, I haven't read anything like "Penny should not to have kids, because she could be a representative of childless community". Like I said before, people either didn't care about this or hoped to see her baby. Not like this. To quote Penny herself: "If it ain't broke..." TPTB didn't have to be in this pickle, but they chose to be, I just don't understand why.
  6. This is so true. What I don't understand is why TPTB "chose" to be in this pickle in the first place. Before this episode, I've never read any comments that "actively hoping Penny will not have kids", most of the related comments have been "she will have kids" or "I couldn't care less about this". But now? I've seen a lot of comments that were praising Penny for not wanting to have kids and praising TBBT for creating this plot. Some people even wanted to print her line "Not everyone needs to have kids to be fulfilled" on T-shirts...LOL.
  7. The scenes of Howard and Bernie were the funniest parts in 12X03, I really loved these two, hope to see more of their interactions. LOL. Their "suffering" of "Stuart bringing Denise home" gave me a "parents' reactions of a teenage son brings his girlfriend into his room" vibe, LMAO.
  8. The way I see it, if TPTB warned us beforehand, like "there is going to be a Shamy fight", then there shouldn't be any worry. Not to mention they will bring PP back for this. But, if there were no warnings, and especially no "clear" signs to the casual viewers, then we should treat it cautiously. Like with the break in S.8. (I'm sorry for bringing this up...) Maybe I'm weird, but I'm happy to see Super Asymmetry comes back this soon, and I'm always excited to see Shamy's work plots. This plot is very realistic, I have to say, sometimes you wish you have the time to do two important jobs at the same time, so I'm curious how Shamy solve this problem. Actually, I'm happy that TPTB give Shamy "another real life issue" to solve as a married couple, like with the coitus in 12X01, and based on 12X01, I'm certain this will have a similar effect. Spot on, sister!!!
  9. Loved Howardette's "in sync with each other" in second episode, they both noticed "something is wrong with Stuart's face". LOL. I also loved Bernie's kind and helpful advices about Stuart's "orange situation", I know she could be a Queen of sarcastic (I love this trait about her, BTW), but she could also be sweet and thoughtful. She is never boring, to me, unlike some other characters, oh, well. Looking forward to seeing more of these two's wonderfulness.
  10. This GIF was from that episode that Shamy first kissed, right? That was a great episode, LOL.
  11. THANKS, @April !!!!!!!!! You have all my respect and gratitude.
  12. Yes, this was my point, they wanted to write about this, so they just kept stressing about this, to no end. From Bernie's comeback to Fowlers being used like a "tool", Lenny in the whole episode just had one theme.
  13. I think the problem in this episode is TPTB wanted to write about how "Leonard and Penny have nothing in common", because to them and to some people, this IS funny. So they created all kinds of scenes and lines to stress this point. This episode was full of the examples, TPTB was like throwing the scenes and lines to your face or something, from the small one like "the news VS The Vampire Diaries", to the big one like Leonard himself thought they were like the Fowlers and Penny's snarky expression when Leonard said he was nothing like Mr.Fowler who was a mousy little man and couldn't stand for himself. I have to say, this episode actually told me that if TPTB really want to do something and put their mind to do it, they certainly can and will think of all kinds of stuff to write about it. Whether people like it or not is subjective, of course.
  14. After I watched it again, I noticed that the "have nothing in common" thing actually was first said by Bernie, as a comeback to Penny. So clearly, TPTB wanted this thing to be Lenny's theme in this episode.
  15. I enjoyed the interactions between Howard and Bernie in 12X01. At that "weather girl" scene, I noticed that the audience in the studio laughed extra hard here, and I just loved that Howard was taking a few more seconds to think about the "consequences". And they were so in sync with each other when they were watching Raj's mess-up on TV, with the popcorns in the hands, of course.
  16. OK, I thought the "hot dogs scene" was the only one that had "explicit sex metaphor", but I just noticed the "two pieces that interlock with a satisfying snap" and what Amy said about "some sound that Sheldon was making" in the cold open...... What the actual...??? TPTB really went there, didn't they? Hahaha. LMAO.
  17. OMG, YES!!! I laughed so hard at this today...Hahaha...
  18. You know, before the TR of 12X01 came out, I actually was wondering what they were gonna write for another Amy's birthday in 12X11, LOL. Because back then, this once a year thing was "so important" to them...But now, I'm happy they are finally focusing on something else. I think, in 11X24, after Amy's perfect answer and his "I love you so damn much", he could drag her into the bedroom for sure, but nonetheless, the next day would be the wedding day, so it would happen anyway, hahaha. I wish there were more of Fowlers' plots after Lenny left 4B in this episode, it felt kinda unfinished to me, though.
  19. Just had time to read the second new interview, thank you @mirs1 for posting it HERE...... My opinions: 1. They have already written 6 or 7 episodes before they found out that S.12 would be the last season. So, up until now, those spoilers that we already know about were not part of the "big ending" or something, just S.12 stuff. Like the plots about the Fowlers in 12X01, I thought there would be some more behind their fight, but I think they were here more like a "tool" in 12X01......Hopefully they will have more funny interactions with Shamy in the future. 2. Quote: "I don't want this whole season to feel like one long farewell. " Was he talking about the last season of How I Met Your Mother? LOL. That ending of HIMYM was just awful, on so many levels, dear God. UGH. 3. I think TPTB already got the big picture of the ending in mind, just not details, of course. 4. Mary and Beverly, of course, they should be back. YES!!! 5. And the "fight" - "first big post-marriage fight" no less: Seeing him calling Amy "strong, independent scientist" made me so happy, because you know, sometimes, you hope TPTB see things in the same way with youself, or else, you might face some frustrated situations. I want to see the "reverse" in this fight, as in "Amy is the main one, Sheldon is the supportive one", and I'm curious about how PP fits with this situation. 6. We've talked about having Sheldon discover a videotape he made as a kid as a fun way to use Iain Armitage as young Sheldon in a flashback. We have talked about Amy and Sheldon going to a flag convention and being superstars there. BOTH of these NEED to happen, please!!! LOVE your post as always, and I want to say, I think the reason that "Sheldon is just not a physical person" is more believable to me than any other reasons, and like you said here: Yes, this is so true and actually got proved before for a few times, I'm happy this happens again, LOL.
  20. Watched 12X01, Mr. Fowler and Mrs. Fowler are just priceless. So funny. Sheldon and Amy are so sweet together, I don't mind the "arguing" because I thought I could understand the reasons from both of them. And, in the end, they talk about the issue, and make a satisfied solution. That's what it matters. Amy's answer to Sheldon's question on the bench reminds me when she was talking about how Sheldon believes that Time Travel is on a closed loop in 11X24, I just love these sexy science talk between them. SO MUCH. OK, and I can't believe they used the hot dogs for that scene, I laughed so hard on this one, seriously.
  21. I think it could be a "balance" thing, like with Bernie. I quite liked what they did with Bernie's situation, so I'm curious about what they are gonna do with Amy. Over the years, I've always liked Amy's work progress, seeing her in her lab coat working something in her lab has been a delight. Not to mention all those times that Sheldon was in her lab working or talking or playing or experimenting with her. Or, like this: I've been wanting to see Shamy go to some seminar, both attending and making a speech or whatnot. Maybe this plot is something like Amy goes to a seminar to receive a prize or something, but people are gushing over the fact that she is married to THE Dr. Cooper. She would feel being sidelined, but Sheldon would help her figuring out this. Hence the "figure out her identity" thing. Cliche...I know, I'm just guessing here...LOL. PS: I'll admit that I just want to see them attending the seminar SO BAD, because I really LOVE the Herb Garden episode and the Love Car episode, so I just made my own headcanon...LOL.
  22. New interview: https://www.glamour.com/story/big-bang-theory-spin-off Some interesting thing about Bernie: Switching gears to Bernadette, she has two children under two. Are we going to see any of these children, especially in the last season? SH: [Laughs] There’s no plans to see them, but who knows what the finale will hold? Right now, we won’t see them. But definitely those are interesting stories; we’re all parents and mothers and fathers here on staff to tell stories about balancing a job, family, and kids. We have a story coming up where they’ve built a playhouse in the backyard for their kids, and Bernadette starts hiding out in it because she needs a little bit of time to herself and feels guilty about it. We talk about all of that. I've been satisfied with the way they wrote about Bernie's "job balancing family" thing, looks like we will get another plot about this. I admire Bernie for being a working Mom, very inspiring. I remember one episode, that she came back to work, when the old feelings came, she immediately got into the working mode. And at home, she could be so sweet and sleep with little Halley in the same bed. She didn't get boring, of course, on the contrary, I think she has been very cool and still remained the snarky side that I just love so much. (I say this with all the love to her, hahaha) . A lot of her lines are just pure gold. Very excited to see this plot happening. And with some Howardette interactions, of course.
  23. The new interview is very interesting to me. Link: https://www.glamour.com/story/big-bang-theory-spin-off Thank you, @vonmar for post it!!! Quote: 【And what about Amy? Will things be different now that she and Sheldon have married? SH: A little bit, but not in a big way. They’ve lived together before, but there are some differences. It's not just Sheldon navigating married life, but Amy as well. She's figuring out how to keep her identity as an individual and a scientist when she’s a part of this couple.】 I wonder what this is about. Looks like something work-related to Amy and something about their joined project. YES!!! Thank you, writers. This reminds me of 11X01, Sheldon was rude to Amy's co-workers, but their talk after that was so great and heartwarming. Even the analogy with the Captain America and Iron Man was so spot on. Maybe this will be Amy's turn? Not the rude part, but maybe something happens, and Amy has to figure out her indertity or something. I'm very curious and excited to see this!!! Quote: 【Is she keeping her last name? SH: She is keeping her last name. We haven’t said it, but in the episode where they went to the chapel, she made the comment that she was going to keep her last name.】 Ha, I thought so. It's very cool to see Amy keeping the "Dr. Fowler" title. That being said, I don't mind some other people referring Amy as "Mrs. Cooper". That would put a big smile on my face. Ha. Quote: 【How do Amy's parents factor into the premiere? SH: They come back when Amy and Sheldon are away on their honeymoon, so they become Penny and Leonard’s problem to deal with. And they’ll be back again this season. One of the fun things about Sheldon and Amy being married is that Sheldon has this extended family he hasn’t had before. Jerry O’Connell will be back too, in episode four. And obviously, especially now that it’s the last season, there’s a list of people important to the show that we want to make sure to have back on.】 Sheldon's brother will be back!!! Yes!!! Nice to see more interaction between him and Shamy. LOL. Oh, and this: [there’s a list of people important to the show that we want to make sure to have back on.] So on board with this, please do. I think Kripke will definitely be back, so bring it on, hahaha.
  24. This reminds me that I actually saw some comments that people were misunderstanding the promo of 12X01, they thought the clip that has Bernie and Howard's YES NO YES NO scene was an spoiler that they would AGAIN have a third baby. And I first thought they would be annoyed, but they were actually indifferent with this, saying since we wouldn't see the babies, so no harm done. LOL.
  25. I just saw the news that implied by Bill Prady's Twitter that Professor Proton and Siebert will show up!!! Now this is FAR interesting to me, you know. PS: I almost missed this important post, AGAIN... Hope to see a NEWS thread...please!
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