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  1. I think you are right about this, I'm thinking maybe we will get a finding new house arc before the pregnancy. I enjoy seeing Shamy collabration on something, science projects, wedding plannings, etc, etc. Finding a new house is an important job, I can see them doing this together and working every little detail. That could be fun.
  2. I read the TRs again, and I can't believe I just found out that Sheldon is photoshopping the Wright brothers into their wedding photos, ha, I wonder what this is all about. Maybe he is making some scrapbook? Another interesting thing to look forward to. LOL.
  3. You sure have a great timing of asking this question, LOL. My POV: Don't want a pregnancy, but I'd like to see small kids - as I call them "Mini Coopers" - in the end. I don't know what the writers will do, actually anything is possible to me now.
  4. I think this senario probably would happen, but I prefer this: The reason Penny doesn't want kids NOW is because she wants to get a promotion or change a better job, and a few episodes later, they change a better job to her, or get her a PR job at the drug company. And then, at the end of 12X24, they make Penny pregnant. So, people who don't want a pregnancy - happy, people who don't want to see a kid - happy, people who want a Lenny baby - happy. And, I, who want Penny to get a better job or anything job-related, happy. At last, for God's sakes!
  5. I'm not sure about this. I can't recall all of the exact scenes she said something about kids, because I don't care about this, but I've always had this impression that Penny doesn't put "having kids" into her priority. I just remember she said something like "I want kids, sure, some day" in S.9, and "I want kids and more money and keeping thin" in S.11, so to me, that doesn't sound "no hint of doubts", if anything, it's more like "just saying". On the contrary, I can totally see her putting more effort into her job because a few episodes clearly showed us she was good at her job and wanted to do more better. So the comparison, to me, is very obvious. Again, I'm not that sure about the kids part, just my opinions.
  6. I agree with what you are saying here, but I think what @Jonny said earlier would happen. (OK, I don't have any evidence, just my gut feeling, that's all. ) This plot, especially with the fact they brought Penny's Dad back, reminds me what happened to Howardette on 9X07. Bernie didn't want kids, Howard and Michael wanted, they talked, and a few episodes later, Bernie got pregnant. That being said, I actually hope the reason behind Penny not wanting kids is she wants to have a promotion or change her job or something. Anything job-related for Penny is welcomed to me.
  7. The Shamy plots in these two episodes sound good, happy married life and all that. I think when that plot "Sheldon is trying to make friends with his in-laws" happens, we will get a reverse "supporting situation". With the Fowlers' situation, Sheldon might be the one to "make them reconcile with each other" or something.
  8. Thank you, @genecollie, for all the effort you put to give us infos, have a good day, thank you!!!!!!
  9. I agree most of what you are saying here. All except for the Sheldon part, but that's OK, haha. Yvette the vet was good too, but it was just one episode, hard to decide, Lucy was better because she got "more material" to work on, IMO. Yes, Priya, Leslie, Amy, George, all of them are great casting. Oh, MeeMaw is not bad casting to me, but her plots were so bad...So the poor actress couldn't save the mess. Penny's brother, bad casting and bad character setting, IMO. And I want to add, IMO, Penny's Mother was not a bad casting, I like the actress, she plays Jake's Mom on Brooklyn 99 (another show I love) . But I don't like they made her "too cautiously" upon meeting Leonard's family. No need to do that, I thought Penny's Mother was some badass with a good sense of humor, not this "walking on a tight rope" style. Penny's Dad, as always, was awesome. I think this show has a lot of "great castings", whether people like this character or not is based on everyone's POV. Up until now, Penny's brother was the only "bad casting" to me.
  10. I'm not his huge fan but I like him a lot, I think he obviously thought this through during the summer. TBH, I've always thought the American TV shows can be really time consuming, usually they run from September to the next May, the actors would "get stuck" at the same shooting place for such a long time, yes, it's good that you (I mean the actors) have been on TV shows for years, but when you have been on the same show for over a few years, it can be bored... And, it obviously prevents you from doing something else for a longer time or shooting from a different location. And in Jim's case, I think now he really wants to do something else, and I think he may have gotten some interesting projects during the summer, hence his "relatively sudden" decision about leaving TBBT. And about the selfies, I thought I saw some selfies from him and Mayim the other day, it was from the 12X01 taping. So, don't worry!
  11. This is interesting. I don't remember reading anything related in the TR. Based on the "most polarizing love triangles", I'm guessing it could be "Stefan-Elena-Damon" from "The Vampire Diaries". And now I'm wondering why would she reference this. LOL.
  12. Funny you should mention this episode, because I thought this was the one that TPTB told us: "Sheldon was NOT like Spock, he used to think he was just like Spock, no feelings, all logic. But unfortunately, no, because he is all human, so he still has feelings. And this is the first time he realize the difference. "
  13. I went to watch it after seeing your post, I vote for "cheeky grin to Amy", because after he said "you are right to be worried" ,and seeing Amy's WTF face, so he just kissed her and smiled. On a side note, I LOLed so hard at seeing Sheldon "storming out of comic book store" after Howard said "Really? A walking clump of swamp grass?" Oh, thank you for the info. I hope she is better now. ETA: I still hope they would change her hair back to S.10's style, like they did with Raj's hair. Like Kunal said on comic con :"Straighten the hair for every taping is no fun." Indeed, LOL.
  14. It's just one opinion from one article, anyone can have different opinions and write articles about it, LOL. Like it said Raj (Kunal) is the most underated talent of the entire cast, ummmm, no, that is Howard (Simon). Lucy, I actually think Lucy was more suited with Raj than Emily. Priya and Ramona, obviously these two characters were being used as the plot catalysts, I don't think they ruined the show, but I prefer TPTB didn't turn them into unlikable people. Priya could just break up with Leonard without cheating on him, and Ramona could play the "evil scientist" who was behind the "stealing their project" in S.10, that would be funnier than her third wheel role. Leslie was the coolest scientist of the show when she was here, I still love her frozen banana and lazer noodles. And, Amy, OK, I'm biased, because she became my third favorite character gradually, but the article is just another "TBBT was better before Amy"...ugh, cry me a river, will you... But I'm surprised they said: "The gripe we have with this character has less to do with Mayim Bialik’s casting in the role – if anything, it’s hard to imagine anyone playing the uber nerd as convincingly as the former Blossom herself." This I agree. I like Mayim Bialik's acting. And some of those the article said "saved" the show...I can't agree with some of those. This entire article is just an "YMMV" thing, but I'd like to give my opinions because you know.
  15. I saw this GIF the other day, I think this is the most "balance" one. The outfit and hairdo are not stylish, if anything, just plain simple with the icon cardigan and shirt. And this Amy looked very cute.
  16. So what is the verdict ragarding opening a separated News thread with Twitter and IG info? Still waiting. Thanks.
  17. This reminds me that I actually saw many comments regarding the "fanfiction style" of Shamy. Some were complaints, some were excitements, they were all depend on your POV. But one thing was clear, many people noticed this, LOL. I myself never thought I could see a Shamy wedding, let alone a great one, so now, I learned not to rule out any possibilities.
  18. You are right, I remembered that warehouse episode, Amy's hair was so curly, it was very obvious to me. I think, in S.10, they "dailed back" the curly part, just not straightened her hair, it suited Amy, she looked very cute in S.10. Now, it's just "dead straight" like you said correctedly. Yes, me too. I also like that one she wore in 9X24, when they were having dinner with Leonard's parents and Mary.
  19. Ummmm, I can't recall anything canon about this statement, especially "after marriage" part, is there something related in the 12X01 and 12X02's TRs? Or maybe 12X03? Can you give us any examples to support your statement, please?
  20. I think it was Sheldon who watched Downton Abbey or something like that. In S.6, Alex showed up, Leonard suggested that Alex sit with them in cafeteria, then Sheldon said "servants dine downstairs with their own kind"... But he just said some British show on PBS, he never said Downton Abbey though.
  21. Good news!!! I just read an article saying Season 6 will have 18 episodes, NBC added 5 episodes to B99. Oh yes!!! And, their TPTB teased, maybe we will see Jake and Amy's honeymoon, that will be fun, LOL.
  22. Oh this is so awkward because I feel the completely opposite with you. I don't think they destroyed Sheldon, on the contrary, I like him even more. They added more traits to him, not just like the first few seasons. And with time passing by, I actually enjoy Shamy's relationship more, I used to don't like Amy, but now I think she is very funny and she became my third favorite characters after Sheldon and Howard. But on the other hand, I indeed feel like they destroyed Leonard and Penny. Penny used to have two interesting jobs, waitressing and acting, and a cute uniform. Then they changed it, Leonard has been unfunny for almost always... And the worst part is, Lenny have been "the observers of other people's lives" since S.8. The other day, I finally understand what has been bugging me for years: 4A is like a bar, and the 4A kitchen island is like a bar counter, people go to 4A to talk about their issues, and Leonard and Penny are your friendly bartenders, they provide drinks and advices for you...Many scenes have the other five cast sitting at the island, and Lenny standing on the opposite side, I mean... In the end of the day, I think we will never agree on this, that's all right, because we watch the show differently. I just want to add more different opinions about the show on the discussion thread because this is a discussion thread not a shipping one, right?
  23. Thank you. I thought I was the only one who remembered this. Haha. ETA: I think this was part of the reason we got a re-do wedding. To justify the motive, they intentionally changed Beverly's attitude towards it. The other part was like @joyceraye said earlier, the 9X01 wedding got backfired, hard, so they had to re do it. IMO. I think it's funny that people are complaining about them being normal, because I think Leonard and Penny are the most normal characters on the show.
  24. @Jonny Based on this post, I can see you actually are more certain that we would get a pregnancy plot because it is the last season. Am I right? You don't need to explain yourself since I can see you are exhausted......
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