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  1. @Tensor, actually when I first posted, I didn't mean you. I was against this statement. That's an absurd statement and I can see why some other people responded it. My point is everyone watch the show differently, so to some people, yes, no Lenny baby will tarnish the show for them, but to other people, no, not one little bit. But why tie the "want Lenny baby" with "being a 12 years fan" together? Not just fan, but FAN, all capital. Every kind of fan is a part of the all fans of the show, so no need to "upgrade" Lenny fans wishes to the "all fan" 's level, in my opinion. And the snarky thing, I'll avoid it if I can resist.
  2. I'm wondering who can be called a fan of this show. Is there a standard or what? A lot of non Shamy fans, non Lenny fans have watched the show for almost 12 years, and based on comments, they don't want to see Sheldon getting married, Lenny getting married, let alone any babies. So no babies would tarnish the show for them? Nah.
  3. You know what is funny, last weekend, at a event organized by my company, I saw a colleague's kid, dressed as two T-shirts with a Batman logo. I immediately laughed, and thinking about Sheldon. So after that, I'm not THAT against baby topic, but I want to see kids dress up like their parents in the end of the show, that would be funny. That being said, I want to see Shamy's Super Asymmetry project have a great development first.
  4. Haha, I stopped to read S.10 first because I wanted to "add more energy" so I could power through the dark time of S.9. That being said, I actually enjoyed those debates between Shamy fans. They were interesting, insightful and inspiring. You could clearly see both sides' reasons and frustrations, LOL. S.10 is a "check your wish list" season in hindsight, LOL. Ah, no rush, I (we) can wait. I love that you can analyze the situations from the writers' and the show's perspective, that really made more sense. Thank you!!!
  5. Thanks! I really LOVE your recap summaries of all the seasons until S.9. I've been reading them and other amazing posts for hours...LOL. Sorry I've got no likes and thanks to give you today. I don't know whether you wrote summaries of S.10 and S.11 or not, I just really enjoyed reading them. And most importantly, your posts cleared some of my confusions about Shamy's developing process, I can see it more clearly now. Thank you again!!!
  6. I'm curious how many "reactions" can you use? I've already ran out of mine by reading the Shamy thread from S.10...😂😂😂
  7. I've been reading the old Shamy posts from S.9 and S.10, I was not a fan back then, so I never read them before. But I noticed most of the wishes you guys mentioned have all happened. Like living together, more affection, working together, engagement, wedding preparations, wedding, Amy's parents (I thought it was so great to not only see Amy's Mom, but Amy's Dad, too. And they are played by Kathy Bates and Teller!!!), at least one season of married life, coitus needs to be taken care of (I assume that will happen on 12X01), etc. We should keep on discussing what we want to see, based on history, I think the next 22 episodes will grant our wishes. LOL.
  8. Those jokes may make Mr. Fowler like his son-in-law even more. LMAO. I'm really curious about this plot, hope to see some interesting "I'm gonna make friends with my in-Laws" situations, but of course, Sheldon's version. LOL.
  9. Nah, I'm against romantic Sh enny too, but I think you missed my point here. ADD and BI are liked by many fans, and at the same time, Opening night and Bow Tie are liked by many fans. I'm saying this based on the ratings of IMDB. But why some people are implying that "ADD and BI got in because of all fans, ON and BT got in because of Shamy fans"??? Based on what??? Like I said before, there are people who vote ON and BT because of Stars Wars and Mark Hamill. I'm sick of this double standard, that's all. Oh, and I have to say, with time passing by, I actually like Sheldon and Penny this pairing less and less, their scenes used to be funny, creative, unique like you said, but not any more.
  10. Okay, just watched the promo of 12X01, the Fowlers cracked me up, and the Coopers were just so sweet. Bring it on. 👫😆🍾
  11. If this means we might get some odd pairings of the show, I like it. Penny and Raj, Bernie and Sheldon, Amy and Howard all can be really funny.
  12. Thank you for at least providing some CANON evidence to prove your point, not just spitballing here. Yeah, spitballing maybe fun, but it's sure as hell stupid. LMAO.
  13. I think it was like this: MeeMaw intentionally came here to size Amy up, maybe she used to like Amy because Amy was so sweet to ask the recipe for Sheldon, but Amy also hurt Sheldon with the break up. So yes, she liked Amy, but not nearly as close as she LOVES Sheldon, you can tell this love from the deleted record in 11X24. So of course she was on Sheldon's side, the whole "praising Penny for having a career and a family, saying she doesn't like Amy straightforwardly, spoiling the ring" was all to rile up Amy. But I think the fact that Amy could hold her ground by pointing out that MeeMaw's "aggressive attitude", MeeMaw's cuddling towards Sheldon, etc. and the "open talk" they had after Sheldon left had finally let Amy pass her "test". She was in Amy's situation in her marriage, so she certainly wanted to make sure that Amy can handle it. (Okay, I'm just trying to make an explanation here, I still hate this whole mess...)
  14. This girl is so cute, I saw her on other shows. I guess she could be another Sheldon's "crush" from YS. Oh, can't wait for my friends' reaction about this. LOL.
  15. I've been confused by the "popularity" of Bath Item for years. It even beat Adhesive Duck in the eyes of Sheldon and Penny's fans. I don't understand. Adhesive got them singing Soft Kitty, that was like the team song among them. And like you said, Penny was not good in Bath Item, but still, Bath Item won. Still confused.
  16. I didn't mind that MeeMaw came here to "size Amy up", I could understand her reasons. But in the middle of the argument, she intentionally spoiled the ring to Amy, that was low and petty. Even Sheldon was not happy about this. I remembered an episode in S.10, Amy was upset because she wasn't even married yet, I think IF she didn't know about the ring, she would not doubt herself and be upset about it. She would just enjoy the wonderful cohabitation life with Sheldon. I'm not saying she didn't enjoy it, just she wouldn't worry about why did Sheldon still not pop the question. I was not happy about the whole mess, so I wish we never met MeeMaw in S.9.
  17. I actually don't understand the rules of the "knock out round". Why Adhesive Duck VS Earworm but not Opening night? Why Bath Item VS Long distance but not Locomotive or Prom? Was there some draw to set the group, like they do in World Cup? I admit that I actually want to see who is gonna win in "Adhesive Duck VS Bath Item". LMAO.
  18. And I think there are people who love Opening night because of Star Wars, and love Bow Tie because of Mark Hamill. So who knows? I just found out that Scavenger Hunt lost against Bath Item, this is news to me. I as Homy shipper should've voted, bad for me.
  19. Scavenger Hunt lost against Bath Item??? Wow, I've seen it all I guess. Guess Homy shippers didn't vote enough. Bad!!!
  20. Don't kid yourself, I personally know that lots of (if not all) S&P shippers are believing both Bath Item and adhesive ducks are "their" episodes, because they showed the undying love between S&P (LMAO) . So, I'm wondering when these two episodes won previous years, was there anyone here shouting "why are you Sh enny shippers still lurking here?" "Why are you voting for your ship instead of the quality of an episode?" LMAO.
  21. Some fancy dinner on my terms, even my treat. But I don't mind, I just want them to shut the hell up about the bath item. IMO, it is NOT that good or funny episode, a LOT of other episodes are better and way funnier than it. Like 3X22, staircase, or 4X13, love car, 4X20, herb garden, 5X19, video game weekend, 6X04, game night, 6X08, mysterious 43, 6X09, parking space, 6X13, Bakersfield, 6X19, closet, 6X20, tenure, 6X23, love spell, 7X03, scavenger hunt, 7X06, romance, 7X09, Thanksgiving, 7X11, Christmas without Sheldon, 7X15, train episode. OK, these are just before S.8, but you know what I mean. But no, to them, it was always bath item. Now I hope this news will shut them up for a while. LMAO.
  22. The bow tie beat bath item? Yes! OK, let me share this page with my friends, we have a bet going about this. If you know what I mean. LMAO.
  23. I watch B99 and Lucifer, too. And Gotham. Sadly it will be the final season of Gotham next January. UGH. I have no words for FOX. I LOVE Jamy's wedding, too. So IC for both of them. I read it somewhere saying the next season will be back next year, and it only has 13 episodes, so I have a feeling it would be the final season. Don't want to see Captain leave, but NEED to see him become the commissioner of NYPD. So inspiring!!!
  24. I agree that Sheldon thinks Amy is the most beautiful woman, but have to disagree with you about the other part. I don't think appearance beauty is vital to Sheldon, certainly not important to him that Amy must be some hottie so he would consider her as the future mate. But Amy's passion about science, her intelligence are vital to him. So, I think it's the other way around. He already loves her because of science, then the fact he thinks she is the most beautiful woman is the icing on the cake.
  25. I went back to watch that episode when Denise first appeared, Sheldon told us she was in art school, so was Stuart, right? I really like this character setting of Denise, just like Shamy, they have something in common and that is really great. "Maybe you are not the most beautiful/handsome people in the world, but when you talk about science/comic books/sci-fi movies passionately, you are so hot to me." Yep, same. Looking forward to seeing these two wonderful episodes!!!
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