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  1. I love the whole scavenger hunt plot, and it features the coffee shop, very nicely done. "They think it's because they were lost until they found each other." I mean, fan fiction or what? LMAO. And I'm loving the fact that Sheldon is loving the married life, hahaha. ETA: @NotWonderland Thank you for the detailed TR, man, I admire your memory!!!
  2. We are lucky that you went to the tapings, and want to provide the spoilers. Thank you!!! I'd say it is a fun episode because all of the guest stars are in this one.
  3. Denise is back!!! But different Leslie??? Thank you @NotWonderland!!!
  4. I just rewatched Shamy's wedding, and I think the plots in 12X01 is perfectly showing Sheldon's vows to Amy: the Lego breakfast - sweet and funny, the themed activities - based on Amy (and himself) 's favorite things, schedules coitus - he wants to meet Amy's needs, and the talk - he tells Amy he wants to be a good husband. (Like Sheldon once said " Need I say more?" LOL. ) I'm so gonna enjoy these details after it airs. Yep.
  5. @mirs1 Happy birthday! Thank you for bringing news of the show to here, and being positive here. We can all agree that the new Shamy photo is your present from Shamy, right? LOL.
  6. Thanks. And I'm legitimately surprised after some people calling this show as "The Sheldon show" for years, now, it suddenly became an ensemble. LMAO.
  7. I think WB is NOT happy with JP right now, who do you think all the sources are coming from? I'm not sure what CL's attitude, I've read some articles saying he already moved on to the YS, but ironically, YS still needs to hold on to TBBT, so with TBBT's ending, I'm not sure that show could go on too long. Some fans are thinking: why couldn't they just write Sheldon off? Well, obviously, in their minds, they just CAN'T. Or else, we would face the alternative reality, as in : almost the ending of S.12, or after it finishes, we receive the announcement saying "we are sorry but JP can't come back the next season, but we already have new cast, so rest assured, TBBT will still be great!" Or something like that. But NO, we got this (to some people) sudden news. That being said, I don't have any sympathy with TPTB here. Personally, I love Sheldon the character, but the way I see it, they made the bed, they are gonna sleep on it. This " turning TBBT into the Sheldon show" thing has been going on since SEASON 2. Back then I always thought they made Sheldon the leading character after Amy showed up, but after some rewatching and discussing with my friends and reading the comments made me realize that it had begun since S.2, they fleshed Sheldon out by giving him more iconic lines and scenes and more alone interactions with Penny. And then, they even created a new character to be his SO, I mean, come on. The poor handling of the whole situation (so far) had made the thing worse, I'd guess the next 23 episodes shooting might be awkward...
  8. I thought it was CBS who wanted to land two more seasons with them? Not the other way around? They were willing to use almost 50 million to convince JP? Maybe I read wrong.
  9. Like you, I was hoping and thinking there would be a S.13, because: 1, I thought they wanted the show to reach the milestone of 300 episodes ( I want this ) 2, I thought CL would want this show has one more season than Two and Half Men, 3, I've been reading news saying CBS was very keen (like you said here), so I didn't stress about this issue. And honestly, although I indeed wanted one more season but I could still accept no more seasons. Besides Shamy's development, the only thing that has been bothering me for years is Sheldon's career, I'm tired of the mistakes or the no development arc, I want to see him being successful in his career, thank God they finally addressed this issue and decided to write it carefully. I know it's not a done deal yet, but I have faith, not to mention after today, S.12 being the last season is giving me more faith in seeing Sheldon's successful career. Also, based on 12X01, to me, the Shamy front is set. So I can just relax and enjoy. After the surprise at first, now I keep reminding myself that more episodes can be a double-edged sword, they have episodes like parking spot and love car and scavenger hunt, but they also have episodes like viewing party or the itchy red sweater, so... But I think, with only one season to lead the YS, we might get more crossover with the two shows, I'm not sure this is a good thing, though.
  10. Hello, welcome! You kinda reminded me, maybe the once a year coitus thing ends is because they knew the show will end after S.12. Sad. I was hoping the show would have 300 episodes. Oh well.
  11. Wow, I missed the Bazinga!!! It's great to see it back!!! And Sheldon's playful side, wonderful!
  12. Yep, I mentioned it as the surprise discussion, that actually was the first that poped in my head because it was so straightforward in Sheldon's lines and also you could see how his face changed. LOL. Even better, Shamy's bed scene with a new bed.
  13. So Shamy's bed scene continues. I honestly think the writers love to write about it more than the Shamy shippers. LMAO. Thank you for the spoilers @NotWonderland!!!
  14. I think as Sheldon said, he is not a physical person, but he surely gets turned on by "Science Amy" and “Logical Amy” easily. Off the top of my head, I can remember the surprise discussion, the heated debate after their first night of living together, the "I love you so damn much" from 11X24, so I don't think he needs to worry about not being physical "more" with Amy, because let's face it, Amy can "seduce" him with only the words. LOL. Case in point, this episode.
  15. I'd like to see Howard's half brother and Bernie's Dad this season, they are funny and they will bring some new plots IMO. Howard can invite Josh to visit Caltech. And I'm wondering the last time we saw Josh, he was a student of Marine Biology right? Maybe he can attend Caltech for a Dr degree. I guess. Bernie's Dad is one of my favorite parents, I hope to see him more. LOL.
  16. You are right. I just wanted to express my love for their "talk", so I put the two situations in the same category. But I like the similar outcomes. I really love their talk over the years, and not gonna lie, I personally think they learned their lesson about the communications, so I'm happy to see another meaningful dialogue between them. I always enjoy them.
  17. Like what you said here. And just a thought, maybe Sheldon will be the one to "solve" the Fowlers problems someday, assuming they will continue with this plot. But when I say "solve", is more like there would be some interactions between them. Actually this episode reminds me of the premier of Season 11, Sheldon being annoying, Amy gets angry, but then they have a great talk, it shows the wonderful communication between them. I like this. @NotWonderland Thank you for the spoilers!!! I'm wondering this time we will be seeing what words or sentences from Mr. Fowler. LMAO.
  18. WOW, Black Panther himself!!! With Amy, it's like two universes colliding together. LOL.
  19. Yes, many people noticed this. I myself forgot about the psychic thing, but apparently A LOT of people hadn't. They mentioned this link after 11X24 aired, and to my surprise, some of them are just casuals. They watched this episode just because it was Sheldon's wedding. But they remembered the psychic thing and praised the writers for following it through. Some even said that this gave them faith that we might find out who gets tenure before the show ends. LOL. I guess it was because the Superasymmetry was more of Sheldon's work than Shamy's. Amy was more like an assistant than a partner in the Superasymmetry project, but in that Quantum Cognition Experiment project, Amy had as much effort as Sheldon. And not to mention, there got to be some specific neurobiology knowledge that Sheldon wasn't familiar with, so there had to be some inevitable quarrelling as we saw in 10X19. But, the thing is, I don't think the quarrelling is natrually a bad thing. (Oh, please note that I'm not saying you said that was a bad thing, just I want to discuss this...LOL) I quite enjoy Shamy's banter and quarrelling over the years. Remember the "PS4 or XBOX ONE dinner"? or "I pressed the record button!!!" FWF? or "Theoritical VS Experimental #FORSCIENCE" fight? To me, their quarrelling in 10X19 falls in this same catagory. I love them. I read someone's comment that said, he/she loved Amy for helping her soon to be husband's work on their wedding day, and also loved Sheldon for realising that they had a whole life to do science together, so they should make it official and get married first. They both put each other first, that was true love. Yeah, I love this comment. Oh, before I forgot, congratulations, @SpoonMouse, and good luck!!!
  20. Considering they cut some scenes from 11X24 because of the episode's duration, the pinkeye plot was a huge waste of time.
  21. I can see your point. But, I think in S.11, Penny's attitude changed a lot, so I'm not complaining, now. And let me ask you Lenny fans, do you want more kisses & hugs of Lenny, OR do you want them to be a united front in supporting Sheldon/Shamy and/or fighting against Sheldon/Shamy's antics? I know, everyone wants BOTH. But which option do you prefer? To me, this is one of the changes I love about S.11 - Lenny being a team. I understand your point, but a bit of advice though, just treat this plot as yearly Sheldon and Penny plot and be done with it, because it doesn't make any sense. Penny is tired of Leonard and Amy doing science together yet she goes to 4B to help Sheldon solve String Theory...ummmmm. So, let's just forget about it, man.
  22. This is the reason that I think "why the writers let Shamy have coitus before living together, or getting engaged or the wedding". I've never thought about this when I first watched the show, but over the years, seeing Sheldon's popularity over the world, reading people's comments on line, especially after 9X11 aired, made me realize that "Sheldon's sex life intrigues people", A LOT of people, I might add. So to TPTB, they would milk the cow as long as possible. But, the downside is, because "sex sells", this topic could easily overshadow the other milestones of Shamy. For example, if 9X11 never happened, then in 10X4, some people would wonder, "Now they are living together, sleeping in the same bed, do you think they will have coitus?", then in the whole time of S.10 and S.11, there would be a question mark on people's mind, they would wait for "THE episode", so much so that people would somehow missed the beautiful journey of them living together as boyfriend&girlfriend and as an engaged couple...And, the worst part would be, this "waiting and wondering" would easily steal the thunder of the wedding. But, now, in reality, NO ONE wonders whether or not they had coitus on the wedding night, because A, they've done it before, nothing surprising; and B, it was the legal requirement, and everyone knows Sheldon's love of said requirement. And, most importantly, NOTHING overshadowed Shamy's wedding, not even their own coitus. LMAO.
  23. I hope this happens. At first, I thought maybe they put the clip on Twitter was because they don't want to show it in S.12, but seeing people's reactions both on line and real life made me think maybe they would change their mind. The scene is perfect for cold open, then after the theme song, they can do a time jump.
  24. 9. Shamy attending some convention, and seminar, Physics, Neurobiology, or even Flags. 10. Sheldon and/or Amy giving speech at the convention, seminar as said above. 11. Shamy getting some awards about their joined project. 12. Amy having some problems, life or work or family, etc, and Sheldon being supportive and helped her solving the problems. Like what happened in 10X23. 13. Halloween episode, Shamy get Giuseppe home and dressed him like a cobblestone.
  25. Totally agree. I never imagined I would see Sheldon being in 4B, and not to mention being surrounded by Shenny shippers, and hearing all of their fantasies of Sheldon being in 4B, I, as a canon couple supporter, would never want to see Sheldon in 4B, ever. BUT, the writers surprised me, hugely, and they even explained to us why they put Shamy in 4B and Lenny in 4A, so it completely crushed some people's "wishful thinking" that "Maybe one day, Shamy would live together, but just Amy moves into Leonard's old room, so technically, Sheldon is just living with a new roommate, not living with his girlfriend." You should see their faces back then, LMAO. So, this, gives me proof that if the writers really want to take the chances, they can plan it all out beforehand, and execute it wonderfully. I actually have a similar guess like you, in the last season of TBBT, maybe S.12 or S.13 or S.14, you know what I mean. And in the second half of that season, we find out that Amy is pregnant, and the writers can write some "Sheldon attempting to handle a pregnant Amy" storylines without having Amy being pregnant the whole process like Bernie, because the show would end before Amy ever showing her belly. So in that case, it would be a win-win for them.
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