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  1. Great post. I thought they did a wonderful job of writing Amy's Mom, and Dad. And Kathy Bates and Mr. Teller did a wonderful job of playing them. Amy's Mom was not happy that her "devoted daughter" didn't go to get them, when she entered 4A, she gave Amy a big hug and couldn't let go. Her little "showing off" by telling everyone that Amy played Amelia Earhart, her look and tone of disapproval when she learned that Amy has "videos on the internet", her overprotective behavier during the SW Q&A, she called Amy "my baby" several times...Overall, I think she loves her daughter very much and she is very proud of her. Amy's Dad only had one line, simple line, but IMO, it was one of the best and funniest line of the whole episode. When Amy said Hi to him, his answer told me that he and Amy had a "secret language" when her Mom was "being crazy", LOL. He smiled and looked at Amy during the "Father taking daughter walking down the aisle" scene, I thought it was very nice. For a character only had a brief skype scene and some references over the years and for the other character only "exists" after S.10 (LOL), the writing and the playing really made me like them, and most importantly, want to see them again. They don't have too many scenes, but every second counts. Kudos to them. I think the Amy and her Mom's alone talk was a nice parallel scene to Sheldon & Mary's. But sadly, they cut it.
  2. @Burberry & @BigBangEnthusiast I went to find the TRs of 11X24, and read them again. LOL. TR No.1, Courtesy of @brilliantfool, thank you again! TR No.2, Courtesy of @lam156, thank you again!
  3. I've been watching Mom, and ironically, Mom had two "separated" episodes, and the plots were separated too, as in they could make the two episodes in two weeks, easily. So, now, I'm really pissed. UGH.
  4. I enjoyed 11X24 thoroughly, but after I watched these TWO unaired clips, I wish they could make the wedding episode a 40 minutes special finale. Really. Now, compare to these two scenes, and other plots which didn't make it into 11X24, the pink-eye plot from 11X23 seems like a huge waste of time, IMO.
  5. Actually, I've read several comments on social media that people were saying they were worried that Kripke would steal their ideas because he already took the deal of the Air Force from the guys. They were expecting some "Sheldon-Kripke show down" next season. LOL.
  6. I just watched the talk, they showed the video Mayim posted herself after seeing Mark Hamill on set, I laughed so hard, she is so funny. LMAO.
  7. Ha, yes, me too. I loved this little off-scene detail, and Sheldon's line "Ironic, huh?" Both of them disproved the study with their own feelings, ironic, huh? LOL. Totally agree. IMO, this breakthrough in 11X24 was more of Sheldon's breakthrough. Amy inspired him and named it Superasymmetry, but it didn't relate to Amy's study that much. But I love him for giving Amy credit. On the other hand, I'd like to see their joined project in 10X19 have some development. And, call me greedy, but after all these years, after the crisis in S.7, after he switched to Dark Matter and switched back to String Theory, I really want to see Sheldon have a big success in his career before the series end.
  8. 1. At least TWO episodes of FWF, one for making up for S.11. 2. Buy desks. 3. Developments on their joined project from 10X19. 4. Developments on Amy and Howard's project. 5. Developments on Super Asymmetry. 6. Interactions between Shamy and the Fowlers, and between Shamy and Mary. 7. In the end, both of Sheldon and Amy have big achievements of their careers. 8. Tell us the names of their children.
  9. I thought the show did a "meta-joke" with the "Mark Hamill answering (or not answering) people's questions about SW", sometimes, the writers and/or actors knew less about their own show than the fans, let alone hard-core fans.
  10. I read someone's comment about the Hawking tribute tag, he/she wrote:"Actually, not seeing it kinda fits with the theme of the episode, like Mary said to Sheldon, sometimes, it's the imperfect stuff that makes things perfect." It hit me. So I'm gonna accept this "imperfect stuff". And, I can always pretend that this tag scene is an Easter Egg of this episode, like the Marvel movies. LOL.
  11. TOTALLY!!! It's just 81 seconds, not that long!!! FOR GOD'S SAKE!!!
  12. Amy has watched "Lord of the Rings", she even called those 11 hours eternity. From the infamous 9X01, LOL.
  13. Man, Kripke singing with his closed eyes and his heart, matching Shamy's awkward faces, LOVE IT!!!
  14. I've seen a lot of comments on social media saying this episode was too short, they should make it two episodes. After watching it myself, I wholeheartedly agree. Some meaningful parts got cut, like the Hawking tag, sigh. On the positive note, Amy's parents, Mark Hamill all played their parts perfectly, I love Amy's Dad's "fear his wife" vibe, Amy's Mom's "crazyness", and Mark Hamill nailed his every scene. I also love that the "Superasymmetry" plot was throughout the whole episode, not just in one scene. First, Amy saying it to Sheldon when he was tying his bow-tie, then Sheldon still was thinking about it when they all talked together in 4A, then he had a breakthrough, he went to Amy, when Amy told Penny "Sheldon had a breakthrough", he even corrected Amy, saying "actually, Amy and I had a breakthrough", knowing Sheldon, that was something. I love it. And the vows, I love it being "specific about Shamy", that is you have to know their story, their journey all these years, then you can understand its true beauty. Amy mentioned the coffee shop, "love at first sight" study, if you rewatch 3X23, you can see they both were nervous and checked out each other, twice. Sheldon saying "I'm overwhelmed by you, in a good way, not in the elevator in The Haunted Mansion way", which reminds me his "heartworm speech" from 9X10, "you are my heartworm, the metaphorical kind, not the poodle killing kind." And, the last, Kripke singing...I LOLed like a crazy person. I love this episode, I just wish it longer, really.
  15. LOL, you are so spot on. IMO, I think the most needed furniture in their apartment is desks. Since they moved in together, I've seen both of them working on their laptops a lot of times, but in a not so comfortable way. The kitchen island, the dinning table, the coffee table, even their own laps (LOL) are not so comfortable or efficient to work upon. They even had an episode in which Sheldon admitted that there was not enough room for them both to work, so he had to rent his old room from 4A. TBH, this plot reminded me in the old days, when Sheldon still lived with Lenny and he complained about how weird it was for a grown man to live with his brother and his brother's wife... I know the 4B decoration is icon for the show, but I'd like to see them buying new desks. Like I said the other day, maybe some new change could bring new storylines.
  16. You are right, that is the perfect one. I hope we can see a framed one on their nightstand, like the MRI photo (which I adore so much, BTW).
  17. I remembered this. At that time, I was just a casual fan of the show, but I have a lot of friends who were die-hard fans. Some of them clearly knew more than the promos because they laughed at the promos and said what a joke or something. And I have to say, not only the episode itself, but the opening of the next episode didn't help with the situation, at all... Till this day, 9X01 remains the lowest rated episode on IMDB...
  18. Frist of all, thank you for posting the link here, I myself am too lazy to find them. (Even if I don't like the interview, I won't "shoot the messanger", how stupid is that? LMAO.) Second, those photos look very good to me, I just wish there is one with "Shamy and Mary".
  19. That's a good point. But I prefer the song being "Happy Together" by The turtles, it fits the theme and I LOVE 10X19, when they were working together with the song being BGM.
  20. With all the guest stars, I'm kinda surprised that we actually can see the "both bride and groom getting ready for the wedding in the dress rooms", "bride walking down the aisle", "exchange vows", etc. Like @mirs1 said, "they don't overshadow Shamy." And that's the whole point. Adding a reception may backfire the point, like Chandler and Monica's wedding reception, the focus shifted from them to Rachel being pregnant. I don't think Shamy fans want that, right?
  21. Man, I thought your version was "scary enough" until I read the last sentence. You gave me a good laugh, thank you.
  22. Glad to see you "joining the archenemy side", something about Kripke just makes people want to "wauph and waugh". LMAO.
  23. I've seen A LOT of people on social media were wondering why TBBT still hasn't addressed the Hawking passing news, some of them being really disappointed with the show, until I've read the TR, I was one of them. So I'm really glad they will give such a wonderful and touching tribute to Hawking on 11X24.
  24. My feelings exactly. And I'm just glad we dodged a bullet with No cliffhanger this time. Thank God!
  25. I love that episode, Raj showed Amy "How a girl makes a scene", LOL. Oh, me too! I specifically love Amy mentioning the coffee shop where they first met in 3X23, recently I rewatched that episode, and I really enjoyed their interactions.
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