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  1. I don't know why, but I've always had this thought that "because they thought S.10 would be the last one, so they took the leap of faith and finally changed the living arrangement." Then they just had only ONE season to deal with the "consequences" of the change, and if things backfired or whatnot, they could always change it back (Thank God THIS never happened, LOL). So, now, like two years ago, they don't know what future holds for the show, so they could do the similar thing and change something they've been stalling. And, unlike two years ago, now, they don't have any "relationship goals" to achive, so things have "fewer backfired risks" for them to take, it could make them bolder than two years ago. But of course these are just me speculating for fun, LOL.
  2. Something interesting I want to say, I've been rewatching S.11 since last weekend, and I noticed that in 11X2, Sheldon talked about "supersymmetry", their last big idea, then I remembered in 11X24, he has a breakthrough in "supersymmetry", granted, I'm not major in Physics, but I really love these hints forshadowing later storylines. Seeing the promo photos, seeing Shamy as bride and groom, I love it, but I love them more with that "lipstick equation writing on the mirror", to me, that is icing on the cake, they really show us "How Shamy are in sync", (of cource they are in sync, they are getting married, duh...LOL) I hope to see more of their work-related plots in S.12, I love seeing Amy in her lab, with Sheldon or Howard or Leonard or Raj, or even Kripke (sorry about that, LMAO), I love seeing Sheldon's white boards full of equations that I don't know what the hell they are... Amy was really glowing when she showed her new lab equitment to Howard, and Sheldon had a lot of energy when he was trying to explain his work to Penny. Oh, and Leonard and Amy doing experiments together...MORE OF THESE PLOTS, PLEASE!!! And, IMO, since we don't have anymore "milestones of relationships" left, they could really let the story grow itself, to see what happens. For example, they stalled the "living arrangement" plot for years, (Lenny got engaged in S.7, but were finally living alone in S.10, UGH) but then they changed it in S.10, and a lot of new storylines came right out of it. So maybe they should learn from themselves and start something new again.
  3. That's really a shame. Recently I've been reading the posts from S.9, and I got to say, I love those long analyzing posts, back and forth debates, etc. People back then made a lot of interesting points. Now, it seems like "twitter-style"...
  4. My friend just sent me the link of the Shamy family photo, really good. I love it. I can see Shamy as husband and wife, now.
  5. Seriously? So you are saying it's the live audience's "fault" that we get these awful jokes? I've known people who went to tapings, they said there were some hosts to keep people happy and encourage them to laugh more, so I don't think live audience's reactions could "match" the show exactly.
  6. I like Kathy Bates, I love her acting. And I'm really glad that they cast her as Amy's Mom. With these recent seasons, I'm liking Amy more and more, I'd love to see her "have a win" (for lack of better words), and having Kathy Bates as Amy's "crazy Mom" is just perfect.
  7. This is true. And the thing is, IF they really find the "perfect dress" for Amy, still some people would shout:"This is not Amy, it's OOC for Amy!!!" LOL.
  8. OK, just want to say, I think Amy has been specifically funny in S.11, I LOLed a lot of her scenes and lines. (Yeah, seeing the "dressgate", I thought I could come here and show a little support...)
  9. I can see why Raj's total screen time is more than Penny or Amy. He has changed a few new love interests, a new job, and has new storylines this season. But to no avail...
  10. I agree with you. Hence I'm not surprised by Amy's "horrible" dress. People want them to drop the awful sex jokes about Penny, people want them to dress Amy "more beautiful", nah, not gonna happen. Nothing can change these "old jokes", because TPTB just love them so much.
  11. I can't believe I missed this detail!!! God!!! Now, can this episode air in advance, like NOW?
  12. I got really emotional when I read the part Hawking wrote: "I'm about time, about time, get it?" I can't imagine how Sheldon felt, knowing Hawking was such an idol and good friend to him. Thank God Amy was there to comfort him. I can't wait for this episode!!!
  13. @lam156 Thank you for the TR!!! Very appreciated!!!
  14. Yeah, I've noticed this. I thought his eyes were shining like stars or something. Very sincere look.
  15. I agree with you that Penny also has been treated badly by TPTB, but I think the two "treatments" are in the very different aspects of their characters, so there is no comparison between them. IMO.
  16. A question though, Amy will wear her tiara at the wedding, right? The tiara scene is one of my top 10 TBBT scene, LMAO.
  17. LOL, actually, this reminded me, I like that they considered 3X23 as the beginning of their relationship, not 5X10, in which they became official. Like they celebrated their fifth anniversary in 8X24.
  18. Someone on social media reminded me, at prom night, Sheldon thought Amy looked pretty. This person wrote "3 years ago, Sheldon had a panic attack, but now, he just went over there and kissed Amy on the cheek. "
  19. I think I found out why I thought the third one suits Amy the best, because I thought Amy looked fat in the first and the second one. This is not bashing her, of course, but I am kinda surrounded with "not Amy's fans", and they can be very blunt and cruel...LOL. One of them said to me, the third one actually suits her because she looked cute, like a cupcake or something. And, now, I have to be blunt here. I think, ever since S.11, Amy(Mayim) has put on some weight, she looked worse than S.10 with the "S.6 outfit and hairdo", so, I prefer that they go with the comedy value and let her be in the "the world's uglist" dress, to they choose a fashionable one, beautiful one, reveal one, but in which Amy looked kinda ugly...
  20. This whole season, they changed her outfit and hairdo back like S.6, I honestly don't think the wedding dress would be any different, though. And, not THAT ugly, that's just my opinion.
  21. According to the TR, when Penny stopped Amy's Mom's nonsense, he said Thank you to Penny. Me too. When I heard that Kathy Bates would be a guest appearance on 11X24, I was really excited about her plot.
  22. By your logic, "The finale is going to have millions of extra viewers just to see Mark Hamill." Then, unless Mark Hamill can miraculously become a regular cast of the show, then these new "millions of extra viewers" are bound to go back to normal, as in "don't watch the show". So, I don't think they can "grab these audience" just by putting Mark Hamill in some sort of cliffhanger, yeah, sure, maybe they could "grab" some in the 12x01, but how about the rest of the S.12? What? By hiring Mark as regular cast? LMAO.
  23. The thing is, considering TBBT's track record about "the cliffhangers of the season finales", I for one am VERY happy that this episode has NO cliffhangers. I don't need any "excitements", as long as the show still has these characters, I'm gonna keep watching.
  24. I think, TPTB uses Raj to constantly date different new characters, so they can bring new female characters to the show. The "Raj dates a lot but still fails in his relationship" is a running gag now.
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