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  1. We did. It was fun and all the advice I got from here was super helpful in knowing what to expect. We didn't get there quite as early as I originally intended but I needed a nap. We got there at 3 for a 6 start (90 minutes before the arrival cuttoff) and were 63 & 64 in line (of the confirmed tickets). We were the far left of center because they used us to fill a gap at the end of a row. We were in front of Penny's apartment where several scenes were shot (I don't consider that a spoiler -if anyone does, I apologize) and the stairwell. Pizza was cold but we'd brought Chipotle to eat shortly before heading inside. They do let you take in beverages as long as they have a spill proof lid. Water bottles and sodas in plastic bottles from the vending machines, for example. I specifically asked before doing it. Great experience. We flew out specifically to attend and probably won't do that again. But if we're planning a trip and will be in the area i'd go again.
  2. Thanks! You make a good point about tees. Appreciate the response! Perfect! Thank you! It'll be warm for the wait outside so I may just do a tee and jeans and bring a big comfy cardigan. But it's super helpful to know casual is standard. We're flying out just for the day and would hate to not be able to get in because we were ill prepared on something as simple as attire.
  3. Is there a dress code for attending a taping? I have tickets but have no idea if casual jeans and a sweater is acceptable attire.
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