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  1. I'm so sad that he's gone, and I'm so glad I got the opportunity, thanks to this website, to show him my admiration. Rest in peace Stephen and I hope you know you will be greatly missed. 😢
  2. I just borrowed the first season of Game of Thrones from the library. Have never seen it before. Take out the sex add more male nudity and reduce the foul language and it would be fabulous. But I can't help wondering about the author's opinion of women. I think they use the word whore as much as they use the F-word. Maybe he hates women.
  3. I'd like to know if Howard's brother is ever going to be on another episode. They were really cute together.
  4. I think he would buy one only if he could find one that looks like the Batmobile.
  5. I like the cabinet in Sheldon and Leonard's apartment that looks like it was an old library card catalog. It's got lots of little drawers in it.
  6. I love your idea of them being on Jeopardy,that would be hilarious!
  7. I agree, I think she looked prettier with the short hair than with the long hair. And she did look much more professional and grown up. I also like her new wardrobe it's not slutty looking.
  8. I binged watched big bang all weekend. Thank God for DVDs!
  9. I also have the same blanket that is on Amy's bed the first time her and Sheldon do it. It looked familiar to me so I got the blanket out of the Cedar Chest paused the video and checked it and it was exactly the same.
  10. I have to admit this, that the possibility of having a conversation with you, Professor Hawkins, has given me the school girl giggles. I'm older than I was and didn't think there was anything that would make me feel like silly child.

    You are the Rockstar of physics and it's a privilege to have the opportunity to converse with you. When I saw you on Big Bang for the first time I was ecstatic that a genius like you could be on and love the same show that I do.

    I suppose you have many crazy fans ( I'm not really crazy, my mother had me tested,) but for a work-a-day person like me this is certainly the most exciting thing I have ever done!

    So here comes the corny, God bless you and keep you and I hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

    Respectfully, Deb

  11. Does any body out there have a great New Year's resolutions besides the common ones I make every year about losing weight, quitting smoking or going to the gym more? This year mine are going to be traveling to a place I have never been before and the more difficult understanding physics. I did a lot of traveling when I was younger but haven't done any for several years. I have watched every program on OPB and borrow books from the library about physics even the one titled Physics for Dummies. I've always thought I had a very logical mind but I just don't get it and I really want to. To me science is fascinating and I want to understand better. TBBT has really increased that desire. So thank you Chuck and Bill and the cast and crew for making me want to be smarter and have a better understanding of the world around me.
  12. Okay, don't want to sound like a suck up, if I couldn't choose a tbbt cast member or Professor Hawking I think I would choose Pope Francis or perhaps Elon Musk. Would love to hear other's choices. As a possible addition, what historical figure would you love to converse with?
  13. I will admit I have a tiara. Have had it for years and still wear it occasionally.
  14. Any reality show not on public television Empire type tacky shows that highlight the worst characteristics of people instead of the best.
  15. I wouldn't mind sitting by a cast member from TBBT, you know it would be very entertaining but I have to say that sitting next to Mr. Hawkings would be quite a thrill!
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