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  1. MsGreentea

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    Yeah but Penny changing her mind and wanting a baby is a flick of a writers pen. Leonard suddenly being ok with not having kids is brain surgery.🕐
  2. MsGreentea

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    It really stinks because who else but Leonard really is supposed to be a parent? We know the two man-children are parents or will be. But one thought this was episode three, clearly written before everyone knew this was the last season (at least for sure). They would have had the table read for this maybe a week after the announcement. But the idea you can give Leonard a ride in the bat mobile instead of a kid?
  3. MsGreentea

    [Spoilers] Lenny: Season 12

    I thought it was pretty funny. And yes it is remarkable we didn’t get mostly Shamy honeymoon. Part of that is wanting to showcase Bates and Teller.
  4. MsGreentea

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    Alex Instagram stories shows them out Alaina Meyer’s story shows what seems to be the full cast out. There is one young man guest (maybe a young Sheldon character) and Mayim I guess in a suit. Can’t tell 100% it is her Can’t/won’t link.
  5. MsGreentea

    Johnny Galecki

    I love her coat. And they look gorgeous.
  6. MsGreentea

    Non-Season 12 Show Discussion

    I don’t strongly disagree with any of the plus/minus analysis. I think it would have been hilarious for example to see (original) Sheldon/Amy get married and live together purely to procreate geniuses in a somewhat socially acceptable way. I do think the categories of save/hurt the show are too strong for the contributions of all but the core characters and maybe Stuart.
  7. MsGreentea

    Kaley Cuoco

  8. MsGreentea

    Kaley Cuoco

  9. MsGreentea

    Jim Parsons

    I wonder if Jim is planning to Star in it? It sounds a bit like a take-off of an old bob Newhart series. The gay couple obviously being different.
  10. MsGreentea

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    My guess is she was reacting to a cumbaya meeting where everyone cast, writers, crew agreed give their all to make this the best season ever. I suppose it could be a comment about a specific story line but I really doubt it.
  11. MsGreentea

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    So in real life meets art, It is possible that Caltech has research only professors who are basically regular employees. If the guys were hired as regular tenure track assistant professors they would have either gotten tenure by a half dozen years ago or been forced to leave. It would bea little weird for any (or all of them) to suddenly get tenure now. I kind of assume they got it off camera. t
  12. MsGreentea

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    This Amy I really liked. Current Amy is just not as interesting.
  13. MsGreentea

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    I love Leonard and Penny not so much the other couples but I don’t get the worry about shared moments. I want lots of Lenny but I want them to be funny.
  14. MsGreentea

    [Spoilers] Season 12 Discussion Thread

    Having Penny suddenly not want children would be a reversal, having Leonard be okay with that would a total beat down of his character, an awful ending for them.

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