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  1. I Want to see them both and most likely we will, unless Laurie’s schedule makes that impossible. I hope they are on-stage. The Skype stuff never really interests me much, which is probably why I have no interest in Raj’s parents.Actually I can think of one exception -the Priya breakup - which kind of showed the limitations of Skype.
  2. I don’t agree with this at all. Just because there are multiple cast members does not mean they all need to be invited to every opportunity.
  3. Those are beautiful pictures and a sweetly romantic going away. Congrats to the photographer.
  4. I don’t see adoption as an option because it solves nothing - unless Penny’s only reason for not wanting a kid is to keep her figure.
  5. 1 P&L two potentially good parents who will not have a child because Penny has suddenly decided she doesn’t want to - even though she knows Leonard really does want a child. 2 H&B a woman who adamently did not want a child but agreed to have them only if her husband would agree to be the primary caregiver - she had two children and he provides little help and they seem to have forgotten the agreement 3. Amy &Sheldon a socially awkward woman who will need a lot of support raising children —yet will parent a child with a man who is a male Beverly Hofstedter.
  6. I totally agree. The average fan wants a funny episode and their thoughts about the finale are likely linked only to getting the elevator fixed.
  7. I think plenty of fans are unhappy with the never have a baby story. But I suspect most would have been satisfied leaving it as a “someday” event. The number who are specifically unhappy because of a single Leonard said - that has to be very small - of course they do replay that episode a lot. I will be happy enough if Penny goes back to indecision and maybe someday.
  8. I have loved Beverly’s appearances and I think she is a fabulous character. A couple of the video appearances were not great.
  9. Amy being her best friend is a matter of convenience (for the writers) because they don’t need or want to add another Penny like person presumably representing most of the rest of us. And Amy being her best friend shows growth versus her earlier friendships.
  10. Josh is one of Johnny’s very closest friends.
  11. I don’t think she will be pregnant. My best hope is that he agrees to Use his sabbatical essentially for stay at home childcare instead of a career move or some other move that indicates he will be he primary caregiver. And they don’t need to move to a suburban house.
  12. Honestly Leonard and Zack co-raising a child would be hilarious
  13. This, They are great characters but the show is going out on top. Just bringing it back with minor changes (just minus Sheldon) is obviously not happening . A new show would need a whole different feel - and It won’t happen next season for sure. I sort of agree. I doubt he wanted to be the one to do it (who would) and therefore might not have done it,
  14. My best hope for the finale is Penny isn’t sure she won’t change her mind but doesn’t want Leonard to know because she doesn’t want to devistate him twice.
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