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  1. Really? can you link that. I do remember seeing something where they implied all fan bases would not get everything they want but I don’t remember anything specific about Lenny at all.
  2. I guess this proves correct that Lorre wouldn’t continue without any of his principal cast. He does not completely rule out a sequel here but it certainly is not happening soon - if ever.
  3. the way Mayim was dressed after show ,combined with her short hair (and the fact that there are no pictures of her with short hair or dressed like that) makes me think it was a flash forward To an award ceremony perhaps for her and Sheldon (Jim was dressed ambiguously I think)but hopefully she gets a Nobel at some point in neuroscience. In the pictures she is probably crying because she is pregnant or because she isn’t pregnant but was trying, or because they didn’t get the award or because she got the award and Sheldon didn’t (or vice versa): I just hope Penny is pregnant (and happy about it). Shame will get a happy ending.
  4. I don’t think so, that seemed a bit like Leonard closing his laptop on Priya. I admit he hasn’t apparently told her he is/or isn’t coming (breakups are not his strong point). But.he pretty much said they like/not love each other and he chose Howard.
  5. I really did not enjoy the high pitched Howard squeal begging Raj to stay. To me it was the low part of the episode. The message was good and the Raj Howard storyline was good and I am certainly okay with Anu not being the one and Raj not feeling quite so sorry for himself. It really is okay for a 30 something person to be single even if they would ultimately like a life partner.
  6. This was an unintentional preview of a scene where Sheldon’s children tell him they forgive him for being whatever it is that he is.
  7. I thought Johnny and Christine were compelling, The Stuart scene was cute, and the comedy lines of the Raj storyline were good too. Howard telling Raj not to leave seemed just weird
  8. They were around at the beginning, I can’t see anything but some combo of Kaley, Johnny and Jim hosting. I expect to see an overdose of Sheldon clips so he will not be left out. I expect it to be a lot of clips and a few minutes of dialogue. I I,imagine it is mostly a way to force TBBT fans to watch the YS finale. Anyway Jim is still playing Sheldon in YS so he isn’t even really leaving. I do think Jim is laying low a bit because his situation is a bit awkward. His actions set in motion the end of the show (I think we can agree on that much). And yet he (and much of the writing staff) have a very soft transition to another studio with many of the same relationships.
  9. I don’t find him to be the best looking, it he is very talented and also very well spoken.
  10. Amy and Sheldon (or a semi normal real version of them) would be god awful parents - but since the writers get to decide if they will be good parents or not - they will be fabulous.
  11. I love Beverly and Leonard. Someone mentioned LaurieMetcalf’ schedule. Her play just opened but has been in previews since midMarch. She is off Monday’s, and that is it, unless they skipped a Sunday Matinee during previews for her (doubtful but certainly possible). I guess we may see her on Skype. Inserting a trip to Ca. Between a Sunday matinee and a Tuesday performance would be brutal.
  12. I could deal with her trying to manipulate Leonard over Penny’s presumed decision. I hate to think they would have Penny seek her out for advice.
  13. Of all the Sheldon intrusions, the one that bothered me the most is the one where he invaded Penny’s Apartment (when he was barely an acquaintance) to clean it. cringeworthy but also hilarious. Poor Leonard.
  14. Any Lenny plot that is not just serving Sheldon and Amy is a good plot. And I like Beverly and Leonard. Leonard getting at least minor come-uppance would be nice. My guess though is any change in Beverly is an outgrowth ofchange in Sheldon and thus largely a Sheldon plot.
  15. I totally agree. I enjoyed Sheldon in the sleep deprivation lab and President Seibert’s fit. Otherwise the whole Nobel thing just took up too much airtime. ., It was an okay episode.
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