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  1. Kind of shocked how unfunny his Bob Hearts Abishola is. Somehow I figured he had a golden touch or at least could see how unfunny an episode is.
  2. I don:t agree at all and don’t miss Roseanne at all. But just to be accurate Johnny am very sure said he would be in a couple of episodes/stories and never said or implied on Instagram that he would be around for a couple of seasons or be a regular.
  3. It seems the get away place is now somewhere near Nashville and no longer in driving distance in California. It makes sense given the time off most actors have between projects and his interest in music. .
  4. Well this is what the Swedish web site for immigration. “Children born in Sweden receive the same citizenship as the parents. If the child's parents are citizens of a country outside the EU, the parents must apply for a residence permit for the child. The child most often receives the same permit as that of the parents.” Now if Lenny got a residency permit, and eventually became citizens, likely the child would too. And then they all could in theory be dual citizens but the US is current,y not so agreeable about dual citizenship.
  5. Most countries do not confer citizenship based on being born in their country. The US is the exception, The baby would not be a dual citizen, it would be a U S citizen.
  6. I would love a reunion show soon to see what happens to Lenny and the others. Based on what he has said, I think Jim is unlikely to want to play Sheldon (beyond YS) anytime soon, and it won’t happen without him. He already plays a middle aged Sheldon and they can have him grow any way they want and he doesn’t have too wear a double shirt. I suppose if the script was amazing it is possible. Perhaps if it was to save YS, since he appears to have a financial interest. But, I think it is more likely he will tire of Sheldon in any format and be ready to end it.
  7. I have no problem with the Nobel being used for laughs. I thought the handling of the award was pretty respectful (for a comedy). The only problem is it wasn’t funny enough and the wrong people won. In my (irrelevant) world Leonard gets Nobel (or at least his team gets an award Sheldon does not). Amy, if she needs to be in this part of this, gets a high award in her field. Sheldon is snubbed and has to deal. He can always report on Young Sheldon that he eventually got the award.
  8. They were in each other’s instagram stories on the trip to Europe. Maybe not so much the last few weeks. She seems to have been the one who changed what she posted both with Johnny and with other friends. Just a lot less social media.
  9. I don’t believe any of them did their best work in season 12 , they just didn’t have the material to work with. I do think Johnny was able to show some of his range in the last few episodes but I am not sure it was much of a stretch for him. He was more deserving in earlier seasons or for David’s comeback in Roseanne/conners. I am not sure how I feel about Jim,s final speech. It was okay but just a bunch ofSheldon. Anyway these are the cable/streaming awards now so no surprises.
  10. Maybe there will be a Will and Zak spin-off?
  11. Not at all surprised , Kaley had always seemed to be the one with the easiest transition to commercial success. They are all exceptional actors, but It helps to be super pretty, Young have a bit of a Goldie Hawn lisp.
  12. I like The ending in that life just went on for the group. The pregnancy was great and necessary albeit kind of thrown in as a bone to fans. I liked seeing the Wolowitz kids. I was never a fan of the Nobel storyline or its domination of the final season, given that, they handled the finale well enough. Less Sheldon was never going to happen so all in all the finale was pretty good.
  13. Instagram story by their friend has an awards ceremony which is kind of fun at the Sicily comic event. Johnny is with a entourage that includes Mary Quigley of TBBT. He wins an acting award, he comes up, thanks them, introduces Quigley, He meets the guy who does Leonard’s Italian voice. He comments that his great grandmother was an 8 year old orphan from Sicily who was helped by nuns and sailors (I assume in coming to the US). It appears to be a large event but that may explain his interest in going. l
  14. So at a relatively small party he had Molero, Holland, Mary Quigley Sara Gilbert - her parents and maybe a brother are in the family picture.
  15. I think it is a big assume to guess that she would have wanted a rushed engagement/wedding that would have had to take place before anyone found out she is pregnant. It takes two to get knocked up. But it also takes two to get married.
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