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  1. I don’t believe any of them did their best work in season 12 , they just didn’t have the material to work with. I do think Johnny was able to show some of his range in the last few episodes but I am not sure it was much of a stretch for him. He was more deserving in earlier seasons or for David’s comeback in Roseanne/conners. I am not sure how I feel about Jim,s final speech. It was okay but just a bunch ofSheldon. Anyway these are the cable/streaming awards now so no surprises.
  2. Not at all surprised , Kaley had always seemed to be the one with the easiest transition to commercial success. They are all exceptional actors, but It helps to be super pretty, Young have a bit of a Goldie Hawn lisp.
  3. I like The ending in that life just went on for the group. The pregnancy was great and necessary albeit kind of thrown in as a bone to fans. I liked seeing the Wolowitz kids. I was never a fan of the Nobel storyline or its domination of the final season, given that, they handled the finale well enough. Less Sheldon was never going to happen so all in all the finale was pretty good.
  4. Instagram story by their friend has an awards ceremony which is kind of fun at the Sicily comic event. Johnny is with a entourage that includes Mary Quigley of TBBT. He wins an acting award, he comes up, thanks them, introduces Quigley, He meets the guy who does Leonard’s Italian voice. He comments that his great grandmother was an 8 year old orphan from Sicily who was helped by nuns and sailors (I assume in coming to the US). It appears to be a large event but that may explain his interest in going. l
  5. So at a relatively small party he had Molero, Holland, Mary Quigley Sara Gilbert - her parents and maybe a brother are in the family picture.
  6. I think it is a big assume to guess that she would have wanted a rushed engagement/wedding that would have had to take place before anyone found out she is pregnant. It takes two to get knocked up. But it also takes two to get married.
  7. I don’t really disagree (although folks n my family mostly have more than 20 years between generations. But her father is in his mid 70s (author who writes about his experience as a Green Baret in VietNam): Probably about the same age Johnny’s father would be if alive and about 30 years older than Johnny so over 50 when she was born. Should he hide it or deny it? What is the appropriate amount of happy to feel? What is worse Johnny boasting about it or someone condemning them for having a wanted child.
  8. It is just as fair to ask if she would be with him if he were a 44 year old (or 24 for that matter) former child. Star designing bathrooms for Koehler. Hopefully they both believe they have found their soul mate and that is why they are together. Johnny does not appear t have been in a serious relationship in years, so this has to be something special to him.
  9. Really? can you link that. I do remember seeing something where they implied all fan bases would not get everything they want but I don’t remember anything specific about Lenny at all.
  10. I guess this proves correct that Lorre wouldn’t continue without any of his principal cast. He does not completely rule out a sequel here but it certainly is not happening soon - if ever.
  11. the way Mayim was dressed after show ,combined with her short hair (and the fact that there are no pictures of her with short hair or dressed like that) makes me think it was a flash forward To an award ceremony perhaps for her and Sheldon (Jim was dressed ambiguously I think)but hopefully she gets a Nobel at some point in neuroscience. In the pictures she is probably crying because she is pregnant or because she isn’t pregnant but was trying, or because they didn’t get the award or because she got the award and Sheldon didn’t (or vice versa): I just hope Penny is pregnant (and happy about it). Shame will get a happy ending.
  12. I don’t think so, that seemed a bit like Leonard closing his laptop on Priya. I admit he hasn’t apparently told her he is/or isn’t coming (breakups are not his strong point). But.he pretty much said they like/not love each other and he chose Howard.
  13. I really did not enjoy the high pitched Howard squeal begging Raj to stay. To me it was the low part of the episode. The message was good and the Raj Howard storyline was good and I am certainly okay with Anu not being the one and Raj not feeling quite so sorry for himself. It really is okay for a 30 something person to be single even if they would ultimately like a life partner.
  14. This was an unintentional preview of a scene where Sheldon’s children tell him they forgive him for being whatever it is that he is.
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