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  1. The song featured near the end of the episode is "Quinn the Eskimo (The Mighty Quinn)" originally written by Bob Dylan, with the most popular version being a cover by Manfred Mann (the version played on the radio at the end). The song was inspired by a movie Dylan saw (The Savage Innocents) in which Anthony Quinn played an Eskimo:
  2. Love the show, but being about as detail-oriented and nit-picky as Sheldon himself, some things just bother me: 1. Time continuity. Some people have already commented on the "boo-yah" thing, which was never around in 1989; but last episode really took the cake. Mee-maw mentioned how she used to go to Dallas to buy her marijuana-- that is, before she became pregnant with Mary. Hold on a second! We know on the show that it's 1989: Sheldon (and Missy are 9, and Georgie/George Jr. is a freshman; say 14/15 years old (depending on his month of birth), which would put him born in 1974/75. We also know from an earlier episode that George Sr. and Mary had to get married because she became pregnant with George Jr. Let's say she was a high school senior when that happened-- she seems a little too proper to be pregnant as a freshman or sophomore, or really even a junior. So let's say she was senior class of either 1974 or 1975. This would put Mary's birth 18 years earlier, 1956 or 1957. You're telling me that Meemaw-- a southeast Texas girl-- was traveling from there to Dallas to buy marijuana in the mid-1950s? Even if she was some kind of beatnik (unheard of in Texas in those days) that is HIGHLY unlikely. Heck, even southeast Texan Janis Joplin was high school class of 1960, before she went to UT in Austin and became a folk singer/beatnik in the early 1960s before moving on to San Francisco. 2. Continuity between TBBT and Young Sheldon in general/emotional terms. With all of the facts/history dropped on TBBT about Sheldon's past-- especially about his parents' relationship, and his Dad being a less than stellar character-- it's kind of odd seeing George Sr. being such a lovable lug on this show. I hate to think that in five short years (when he dies when Sheldon is 14) George will (1) become a true alcoholic, apparently switching from Lone Star long necks (and drinking no more of those than Mee-Maw) to bourbon; (2) lose his job as a football coach and be reduced to working as a clerk in a convenience store; and (3) become a womanizer with a girlfriend, (and Sheldon busts in on them in bed). What a downfall we know is coming, from this goofy family man who clearly loves his wife and kids to a rotten drunkard and lech. 3. Young Sheldon NEVER snickers, giggles, laughs or even SMILES the way 'old' Sheldon does. Seems like he could at least do that some of the time. He's still human-- not an emotionless Vulcan like his hero, Mr. Spock. Despite these details, I DO enjoy the show and plan to keep on watching it. Any other thoughts?
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