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  1. If you get this in time, see if the check in girl from All Audiences Ticket folks is using a Big Bang Theory Pen (she is young, energetic and blonde)....I gave her the pen as a small token of her hard work about 2 weeks ago yesterday (1/29/18) taping. You will have a blast tonight! We sure did! Regards, Dan
  2. I called in a favor from a LA friend....did not use the traditional 30 days prior etc...
  3. So, who else is going to the 1/30/18 taping? I am so excited that I was able to get two Gen Admissions tickets on the one of two nights we will be in LA all the way from Colombia, SA. My wife loves this show, she is so excited! A few quick questions for those that have been to a taping recently. 1) We will be coming by Uber so one of us needs to keep our phone, will security check it with an ID as I have read? 2) What time do we really need to get there? I am reading 3pm for a 630pm taping? Is it first come, better seating? 3) Is the Warner Brother 2 hour tour before really worth it? Anybody has done it? 4) If 630pm taping, done around 930pm/10pm, yes? Thanks in Advance,
  4. Hi Everyone, I will try to keep this short and sweet...My wife is a toal nutt over this show and we just planned a trip at the last minute to be in Vegas and LA. By chance the two days were are in LA, there is a taping of the show. Of course, so popular, there are no tickets at TVTickets.com....Does anybody have any suggestions? Contacts? We are coming all the way from Medellin, Colombia, S.A. So, far trip and would love to surprise my paisa wife! Thanks in Advance! Dan
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