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  1. In looking up the word voila in Merriam Webster and listening to the pronunciation, it is pronounced with a v sound. It being a French word, Google translate likewise uses the V sound. As for wallah, it's an Indian word. Don't believe me? Google it. Google is your friend. wal·lah /ˈwälə/ noun INFORMAL•INDIAN a person concerned or involved with a specified thing or business. "ice cream wallahs" a native or inhabitant of a specified place. "Bombay wallahs" Urban dictionary also says the word is a shortened version of what would translate as "I swear to Allah"/"I swear to God." You can find additional information on the word wallah from Merriam Webster at https://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/wallah
  2. Interesting. But I think you meant to say voila, as the word "wallah" doesn't make sense in this context.
  3. I don't know where else to put this...Roku has a March bracket contest with the 16 most iconic characters of all time. Sheldon is in one of the brackets...and currently losing. About a day and a half to go. Go to https://mobile.twitter.com/RokuPlayer?lang=en and search for #rokubracket. Hopefully we can pull off an upset.
  4. Well, the whole group seems to have caught baby fever with Leonard and Amy both wanting to call their sons Elliott, and Sheldon mentioning he wants 15 children.
  5. Some scenes include the Wolowitz bedroom, kitchen, living room, cafeteria, Amy's lab...and none of Penny and Leonard's apartment. None of Amy's and Sheldon's either.
  6. We were at the taping tonight. It was a good episode.
  7. I thought that Raj becoming friends with the husband was very Raj-like and true to character. I think it brings him back a little bit to the earlier seasons.
  8. Thanks for this answer, but I was actually curious because @MyWifeisBBTNut said he was going on 1/30, but he didn't seem to have tickets yet on 1/10 based on a previous comment he had made. We got our tickets for this taping 30 days prior (on 1/1), I guess I'm just curious if others may have noticed the general admission tickets (not standby) being released more than once for a taping, and if this is common. Thanks
  9. Just wondering when you were able to get your tickets? Thanks. Look everyone, WilWheatonIsMyFriend
  10. Minnesota. Can't afford Super Bowl tickets, but TBBT tickets were the right price.
  11. Hi, I'm new here. Getting excited to go to the taping on January 30.
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