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  1. In most eating screens they don't eat at all. They just pick at their food. Leonard's mother when talking to Howard and Raj about their love for each other was eating. The funniest eating screen is when Leonard made Sheldon eat Greek kabbob. That was funny.
  2. Did any one else notice how much older Missy looked when she and Amy first meet..compared to when Missy was first introduced in season 4 (I think it was season 4)? The woman who played Amy's mother is not the same person that played Amy's mother when Sheldon said "I must make love to Amy's vagina..."....
  3. In the scene where Howard and Bernadette first meet, they are in the back seat of Leonard's car as they are driving to dinner. Is it just me or did all of you all also noticed that the front seats were missing their head rests?
  4. Oh....okay. Galveston is less than an hour south of Houston.
  5. Question... We all know that Sheldon is from East Texas. But where in East Texas? Is it more towards Houston or more towards Tyler? In earlier episode he did mentioned Vietnamese shrimpers. So, I'm guessing more towards Houston.
  6. In my mind, first 5 or 6 seasons are already classics.
  7. I change my mind. I would like to have Sheldon's theremin.
  8. "Got your back Jack. Bitches be crazy"
  9. For the record I wasn't the one who said she was "good for nothing".
  10. Wasn't her ambition to become a star? Well, she was good for at least one thing... If you know what I mean....
  11. I didnt notice that Sheldon was hesitant to help her. He just did. And knowing Sheldon's character he didn't want anything in return....if you know what I mean.
  12. Who helped Penny when she fell behind with her rent? It wasn't Leonard.
  13. I can tell you with some degree of certainty that it's not the painting of Mona Lisa.
  14. I have a friend a "Sheldon" in my life. Ornery. Selfish. Arrogant. Blunt...etc... But he's the first to show up when you need help, or need a volunteer. So, there's lot to hate about him. But, there's much more to like about him.
  15. Like I watched a few episodes after it took on a different tone. But it's happened to many great sitcoms. The original writers move to other projects. Everyone involved in the show get bored. Or, they just get sloppy and lose their creative mojo.....
  16. I've watched watch enough to get a feel of what the show has morphed into..... You're taking things way too literal.
  17. I never said any such thing. Boy, you sound upset. I didnt know the show meant so much to you. Please enjoy the show..... lol
  18. I guess that's why I haven't watched the last few seasons. To me the show had lost its original charm.... But there's always reruns.
  19. I guess you and I watch the show for different reasons.
  20. I really enjoyed the show's first 5 or 6 seasons. My favorite scene is when Sheldon couldn't decide which game station to buy. He and Amy are talking about it over dinner. And Sheldon is just rambling and carrying on about it. Then Amy yells "PLEASE PASS THE BUTTER!!!!".
  21. You're talking about after Penny and Leonard got married. I'm talking about long before they got married. :-) I started to lose interest in the show long before Penny and Leonard got hitched.
  22. How about Penny wasn't struggling to make money any more? At that point premise of the show ended. Then the show moved on. And it was never the same.
  23. That my point...their little childish conflicts were so funny and to some degree interesting...... And provide some ticklish uncomfortable moments....... Now, it's nothing.....
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