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  1. Yes! I LOVE their early romance too, right before they sighed RA. That was a precious time when Sheldon could 'speak' his affectation for Amy out, like the cats and 5*08's cuddles, I think it's because he could still lose Amy at that time, but everyting was different after sighing RA, he seemed not trying anymore, which is also why I have said I preferred Shamy 2.0, it's not that I don't like 1.0, just think 1.0 was used to make the audience happy, however 2.0 makes both audience and Shamy happy(am I overthinking lol). I am looking forward to 'accelerating' and 'spending the rest of my life showing'
  2. This! I am so happy to find someone sharing the same thoughts with me. Yes we all expect a normal wedding, yes we'd all like to see lots of fluffy Shamy moments and yes doing a project during wedding day might be alittle inapporpriate(or not?) But that's just us, we dont actually put Shamy before us, after all, it's their Big day, and as long as they're satisfied, I will be. T minus ''five days'' till our favorite couple tie the knot!
  3. Is it me or Sheldon’s actually been smiling like Jim more and more in latest seasons,or more specifically, latest eps?
  4. LOL I really don’t know! But they seem to wear watches to bed all the time, and I still can’t figure out why. Could this be considered as one of the shamystyle quirks??
  5. From a.ayers10's ig story, seems that the last tag in s11 has something to do with Raj?
  6. Oh my! I just watched the promo of 11*20, it sets me on fire! “I’m getting married!” “Can we do a body shot? I’ve always wanted to do a body shot! Also,what’s a body shot?” Amy’s so Amy-cute when doing river dance! And with the shower meeting talk and dress picking, I just want to say the wedding is getting better and better!
  7. Thank you! I wonder how cute it might be! Awwwwww this made my day! Thanks!
  8. Just wondering, do we get any further information on the latest taping?
  9. I’m glad too. As much as I enjoy old shamy, the air between them now seems to give me more feelings. And yeah, the writers may have been stuck in creating funny scenes or planning something big. It’s all way comforting to see shamy is still active in their own way. Amy can be nerdy and have a bestie at the same time just like Sheldon is capable of being robotic while emotional.
  10. Well, Imo it's because the feeling they have for Shamy has changed, you may have noticed that they've stopped their updates since 2015 or 2016, that's when s9 was on, and s9 isn't something that we Shamy shippers wanna talk about, maybe all the dramatic scenes disappointed them too much, maybe they like oldschool Shamy better. To tell the truth, this also happens in China, we got tons of Shamy fans back in s9 and s10, suddenly most of them disappeared when s11 came out, and they complained that 'where's the oldshamy?'or 'I am not satisfied with the writers now.' And the proposal only brought a few of them back, I could hardly find someone to share with. However, I like it's-like-we're already-married Shamy.
  11. THANKS! Hope you had a amazing time! Well I am not surprised that 1118 has no Shamy scenes, Gates was invited after all. 来自我的 Redmi 3 上的 Tapatalk
  12. Well we got this 来自我的 Redmi 3 上的 Tapatalk
  13. I stay positive, and I think the question is, will they get married at the end of this season ? If so,we can get more wedding stuff; but if they don't get married, when would they, next season? I doubt so. I stay positive, and I think the question is, will they get married at the end of this season ? If so,we can get more wedding stuff; but if they don't get married, when would they, next season? I doubt so.
  14. True [emoji818] 来自我的 Redmi 3 上的 Tapatalk
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