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  1. For those interested in my take on 'The Neonatal Nomenclature' it really felt like a harkening back to the types of episodes in the earlier seasons. From the guys talking around the lunchroom table, and Howard interjecting his sex life into the conversation. To Sheldon mostly dismissing the needs of others, except when he needs to get his way, so that he can play his WW2 game with the group. I also quite enjoyed when Penny tried to quit by waiving a 'white flag' and Sheldon exclaims that it'll take more than everyone not having a good time to end a game with Sheldon Cooper. At the end when Sheldon claims they have to back, and replay some of the game due to a mistake in armor calculations Leonard says that was 5 hours ago. In jab back, Sheldon says it was only two but felt like five. Seemed to flow more like the humor of BBTs earlier to mid years.
  2. Not much I can think of BTS. My wife thought that Jim Parsons looked a little under the weather, wiped his nose a bit too often/tired looking. Johnny and Kaley thanked everyone when the shooting was close to finished and reminded us that we were watching episode 248. Kaley said she'll be in a wheelchair when they finally wrap up the show. She apologized because almost all of her stuff was pre-recorded. Gotto see Kunal walking around through the set covers with a big hat and backpack. When a mistake was made early on by Parsons or Bialik (can't remember) someone in the audience gasped a bit and Jim said don't worry we'll get it right no matter how long it takes.
  3. Sheldon does hold up a card that is plainly visible for a moment when discussing how much be likes the wedding date (I'm sure if you froze it you could see it decently). It's in the third scene I believe. I was too busy watching it live so I never got a great look to see what was actually represented.
  4. For clarification Howard is the one who made the Cantalope reference. So that shows he's ok with it. I'm not going to go back, and check but was the previous taping covered in here(The Neonatal Nomenclature ) ?If not let me know. It's the one we got to watch pre-recording
  5. Sorry didn't see any pen, but she might have been one of the ladies I didn't get to interact with much.
  6. I'll also add that the scene where Penny meets Bernadette at her work is where you get to see the other guest star (Caleb Pierce) appear. He basically ignores Penny while getting a coffee, and cookies for Benrie. Bernadette becomes engrossed in her work and loves the cookies. I just remembered that in the second scene where the Wolowitz's were switching between babies where the line " I love you, but I love the more is used" Howard says to Bernadette that he'd take a bullet for the children but he'd get mutilated for her if need be.
  7. Uh no worries about that. I'm just impressed that you pretty much wrote the whole episode out. Bravo.
  8. Well it looks like 2L344 has got the whole thing covered. Good job. You'll excuse me if I don't read the whole thing. No wedding date is given (I was wrong about this, it is May 12th) You don't see or hear from Neil Michael yet.
  9. If anyone has any more questions about this most recent taping I'll try and answer them in a few hours. Finishing dessert at the Cheesecake factory, of course.
  10. Had big write up but lost it. Sorry Show starts with a video chat between Leonard/Penny and the Wolowitz's. Only scene in the boys apt in the show. Lots on back and forth about who wants to stay home/go back to work more between Howard and Bernadette. Amy and Sheldon decide the want this wedding at the Anathieum but fear they can't get in because Lenard has been saying its very exclusive for years. They go to check it out (Female guest star is the host) and discover that Lenard has been lying by catching him during a meal with Penny. Kripkie steals Amy's wedding date and gets Leonard and Sheldon to agree to a list of demands to get the day back (cleaning irradiated barrels, singing a song at the wedding and a life sized cake) If you keep the thread open a while I'll answer more in a few hours. Yes. Its Neil Michael actually but they'll use M case she just pushed out a baby who's head was the size of a Cantalope!
  11. I was there tonight and it was great! What do you want to know? Going to dinner now so my next reply might be a bit.
  12. Thanks for the indepth review of what to do for a taping day. I'll be going to tonight's episode because of the willingness of people like you to share thier knowledge.
  13. Hello everybody. Just wanted to introduce myself, and say thank you to all of those in this community that have supplied information on how to attend a live taping.
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