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  1. Thanks so much @NotWonderland! If you can, do you have any more info on the sweet Shamy dialogue? Thanks again!
  2. I would add Sheldon interacting with Amy’s parents. Do they like him and doed he like them? Also the coopers and the fowlers hanging out together. Dinner or a holiday, and Shamy and Missy’s kids could give us an idea about what they would be like as parents.
  3. Thanks! so much!!! Any more details on shamy moments or vows, if you have time? Thanks!
  4. Do you think there would be a time jump? Like we could see the gang in the future.
  5. I’m thinking it might be like they both get nervous and try to throw it off in a way....😉😉😉
  6. I wonder if it means that they are trying to put it off....
  7. Everyone except the bride and groom????
  8. I think Missy is pregnant!!! Look closely at Alex Ayers’ instagram.
  9. I see some people who I don't recognize. The guy towards the camera and the lady on the other side of Kathy Bates.. thought she was Sara Gilbert for a sec. Also who is next to Kunal?
  10. Her mom has been seen on webcam and she has no known siblings. Her dad is int he picture and will be in the finale. She has some great aunts that Sheldon has been rude about.
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