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  1. What, are you suggesting no other hot actress can act or has comedic timing? Who's sexist now? And for whoever said Jim couldn't do it alone, who would suggest otherwise? My point was that he would be, by far, the least replaceable of the cast AND that I was surprised at the equality of those three contracts. Still am.
  2. Am I the only one that didn't understand those negotiations, at least when considering the relevance/value of all the main characters? Certainly I understand that some are more important than others on the cast, but I'm surprise to see the line of differentiation drawn at Howard and Raj. I would think losing either one would be a blow, but not a critical one. However, the same could be said for Leonard and Penny. Especially Penny. This may sound sexist, but I think it's true....you get another hot blond in there and the show keeps going, maybe even without a hiccup. Same might be tru
  3. As I stated in the one other thread I started, I am a huge TBBT fan, so I hope not to sound overly critical, I just like seeing these things pointed out. Like on King of Queens when in at least one episode, if not more, Doug drinks scotch. But in another episode scotch is "the one thing he won't throw down his gullet" according to Carrie. A TBBT inconsistency I have observed is that in at least a few episodes Sheldon had major hospital phobia because of all the sick people, but when Leonard is dating Doctor Stephanie, Sheldon basically stalks her at the hospital/clinic where she works s
  4. I absolutely love TBBT - possibly my favorite sit com ever (and I'm old), but one thing I wish was different is that Leonard is supposed to be a geek/nerd, but he gets more action (and with very hot women) than at least a thousand real nerds combined. There are even babes like Sheldon's assistant Alex and the one at the comic book store that basically throw themselves at him (I only see syndicated episodes, there may be more in recent seasons). Sorry, but if the guy is supposed to be a nerd them let him be a nerd and have Penny be the one babe that he not only gets a chance to date, but
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