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  1. Information For Attending A Big Bang Theory Taping

    I have tickets. Last episode before finale
  2. 1120 'The Reclusive Potential' (April 12)

    I felt like they didn’t keep the funniest takes
  3. 1120 'The Reclusive Potential' (April 12)

    That was not their best take of Raj eating the tomato. There was one when he slowly let it drip out of his mouth and it was hysterical. They had to wait a bit before Howard’s line due to laughter, so they must of kept the shorter take The body shots off bartenders Bernadette could not get out. The first takes she was seated and the dialogue was slower. She got it out after an audience cheer and they changed it to her getting up to leave The scene where Dr Wolcott said Sheldon can’t afford to be distracted, the audience gasped and had a reaction like this was the prelude to an Amy and Sheldon breakup. They had to do two more takes once the audience was past the moment. also, the joke was rewritten twice about DR Wolcotts and his wife’s marriage arrangement and living on separate continents. Which led to him requiring several takes to get it right. It was the longest scene of the taping to get right. They rewrote it based on audience reactions
  4. 1120 'The Reclusive Potential' (April 12)

    They cut out a line from Howard saying, I’m telling you the hulk takes Uber it was after Leonard’s at the top of the stairs The bedroom scene was filmed before the taping..
  5. Information For Attending A Big Bang Theory Taping

    Standby tickets are back open for Tuesday’s taping 04/17
  6. 1120 'The Reclusive Potential' (April 12)

    Will do, I’ll post some things as the episode airs. one tidbit. When Bernadette was discussing to leave for the bachelorette party there was one line she couldn’t get out, it took her 4-5 takes and at one pointed screamed “what the hell”, but not in anger. The audience erupted in laughter and cheered her on, and she nailed it on the next take. They called that one good and didn’t retake that dialogue like they do with every scene you will know the line when you see it tonight
  7. Information For Attending A Big Bang Theory Taping

    I've only attended the taping once. I got there at 1:30 to get the best seat, and I was 10th in the general admission line. I have heard though as long as you are there 90 minutes prior and have general admission you will get in. I think you will be fine
  8. 1120 'The Reclusive Potential' (April 12)

    I dont know if I can be as detailed as others. But will hit the high notes if they want me to
  9. Information For Attending A Big Bang Theory Taping

    I would recommend 11am or and no later than noon. The tour is 2-3 hours in length. I would then get lunch (you only get a cold slice of pizza later) and head over to the queuing line. They start queuing people and taking IDs etc. at roughly 3:30. When I did the tour I ate at the Central Perk cafe after touring stage 48. I might do the tour again I enjoyed it that much. I was just notified I will be LA that week, and will also be attending that taping
  10. 1120 'The Reclusive Potential' (April 12)

    I was able to attend this taping, and it's funny episode. I will not post any spoilers. But will post some cool facts about the taping after it airs
  11. Information For Attending A Big Bang Theory Taping

    My experience... I've been visiting LA for business and I'm a big fan of the show. Since I don't know which specific weeks I'll be in LA, I request tickets and email audiences unlimited if I am unable to attend. I was able to get tickets to 03/12, 04/03, 04/17 tapings. And was able to get standby in February. I was able to attend the Reclusive Potential on the 03/12 and I'll likely be attending 04/17. My tip is to login onto their website at 8:00am local LA time. I refreshed the page every minute till 8:30, and then every 15 seconds after that. The last three taping dates tickets were released about 8:35 and were sold out in under 3 minutes. I was lucky enough to be there at the right time to get tickets several times. It's an awesome experience to attend a taping. I recommend if you're standby ticket holder to get there no later than noon. On 03/12 I wasn't chancing it, since audiences unlimited didn't guarantee admission, and got there at 1:30 with a general admission ticket. There was a long line already, with some standby holders waiting there since 8 am. I would estimate 20-30 of standby holders got in, meaning if you weren't there at noon, or before, you likely didn't get into that taping. Also, I highly recommend the WB tour to kill time if you are general admission. And if it's an off week for Big Bang they will show the set if you ask. I flew my wife out to LA the week of the 16th taping, we did a tour that Friday. And while we didn't get to go to the taping, she got to see the set because we told the tour guide we were huge fans