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  1. Yeah, I think they said two tapings back that guaranteed or regular was basically standby now. They have probably been dealing with a lot of angry people thinking they had guaranteed admission. Like I said I wouldn't even queue up with standby any longer and I would get there early in the morning with regular tickets. I feel fortunate that I have got to attend 4 total tapings of the show. I met some great people at the tapings. Some who have somehow gotten to go to 8 or 9 tapings
  2. I wouldn't even attempt it. I would not wait in line for most likely 12 hours. Most people invited are likely to show up, why wouldn't you?
  3. I heard the same thing. I was also at that taping and met the couple who were 3 and 4 on standby. I told them I thought they had a good shot and she wanted to get in so badly. I felt horrible when I heard they didn't get in
  4. My heart would of sank too. Especially holding a general admission ticket. Glad you got in
  5. I was at the taping also. I was pretty sad when I left knowing it would be the last one
  6. Seems like the last chance to get tickets for anyone was when the tickets were released for 04/09 taping
  7. Johnny's mom flew in for the taping. Jim's mom and sister were there supposedly. A lot of family and friends were attending. This show has ran for 12 years, very very few go that long and its iconic. This has been a huge part of the actors life, so it's only natural they want to share its last episodes with who they are close to
  8. No standbys, and 2 regulars did not make it in to the taping
  9. They say plan to be there till at least 11. So I wouldn't fly out till the AM Tonight we were out at 9:30
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