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  1. 7 minutes ago, CRZ said:

    We were wavering back and forth whether or not to go, so I finally sent an email on Monday to the tv ticket web site to see if they knew how many people might be let in on the standby tickets. They replied back right away and said they were hoping 40-50 might get in, of course not guaranteed, so we decided to go and take our chances, and I’m glad we did. We got in, and had an incredible time. It was all that, and so much more. Thanks to all responsible for this website and all posters for extra info on what to expect. 

    Wow, congrats!!

    How many got in

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  2. 18 hours ago, dysfunctionalsymmetry said:

    I don't think they did.  I was very lucky to have attended but there were so many VIPs that I don't think more than 50-100 on the guaranteed list got through. It was a little tricky to tell, I got in early and was in the top 20 of the guaranteed line. Audiences Unlimited staff was very angry and pushy that evening. 

    Yeah, I think they said two tapings back that guaranteed or regular was basically standby now. They have probably been dealing with a lot of angry people thinking they had guaranteed admission. Like I said I wouldn't even queue up with standby any longer and I would get there early in the morning with regular tickets.


    I feel fortunate that I have got to attend 4 total tapings of the show. I met some great people at the tapings. Some who have somehow gotten to go to 8 or 9 tapings 

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  3. 3 minutes ago, BigBangEnthusiast said:

    I was at the March 12 taping, and standby ticket holders were there as early as 5 a.m. Sadly none got in.

    I heard the same thing. I was also at that taping and met the couple who were 3 and 4 on standby. I told them I thought they had a good shot and she wanted to get in so badly. 

    I felt horrible when I heard they didn't get in

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  4. 5 hours ago, insomniak said:

    To all: 

    I wanted to post some information and my experience regarding the show Tapings.I attended the 3/19 taping. My wife and I were #27 and #28.  They only brought 50 Regular ticket holders back that I am 100% aware of. They basically said that standby folks most likely will not get in.  There were a boatload of VIP's, many from the ellen show again (as they showed the previous weeks taping which Ellen guest starred in).  There were a LOT of friends and family of the cast and crew there. 

    I did get the chance to talk with a few Audiences Unlimited folks and they echoed that moving forward, A guaranteed ticket will be more like a standby. Their advice was get there EARLY even with a guaranteed ticket.  We arrived at 1:30. 

    About the taping:
    They said this was the 275th episode taping, which ties the series with Cheers. Once they pass them, they will be the longest running Sitcom ever on TV. They also said it was a special occasion as they had multiple camera's set up to tape the audience as well as camera crews interviewing guests who where getting in.  We were chosen to be interviewed and the overall message was what TBBT meant to my wife and I, and what we wanted to say to the cast and crew.  Bittersweet as they mentioned it will be played for them at the series finale parties or something like that and may end up on the final season DVD.  When I asked why they didn't do it at a later taping, they said they wanted the true fans that didn't live local and had a story about how they came to see the show which would not be available because the remaining tapings were going to be primarily VIP. 

    We were ushered back, as expected as very well explained throughout the forum. What we were not prepared for was the Time/distance/wait between parking structure and the studio. It was not a really big deal but my wife does have a bad knee which requires some forethought for those types of walks but seeing she was semi prepared, not a big deal.   **Note** I think we say Kaley Cuoco driving her ML350 with License plate Amimlvr. Looked like her and I thought I saw her car/plate picture on a forum someplace.  Not a big deal but was neat.  We saw a bunch of other cast/crew cars, including what we thought was Will Wheaton's car, vanity plate ITISWL. 

    The studio has such an energy about it.  Not to mention it was built in the 1930's and it was just amazing to see how many times that building was transformed for whatever magic they needed to make.  They have a plaque on the building showcasing all the movies and TV shows filmed there. The place also had the typical "old building smell" (not horrible or anything but was part of the experience).  You are security screened twice before you are seated. The MC was energetic, somewhat funny, and did his job well. Pizza was cold, Had potential if they knew about the invention of salt.

    There was a Scene where Sheldon and Leonard were driving a car, and Johnny flubbed up his lines and everyone died laughing. Jim said to the audience "When you F**** up at work does everyone laugh at you?!?!!" (jokingly of course). It was rather funny.

    Spoilers about the taping moved to the season 12 discussion thread,  here.

    My Overall:

    I am a longtime viewer of the show and for myself and my wife, was a big part of our married life.  I personally identified with many, if not all of the characters throughout the 12 years and in my mind, those characters were living, breathing people living in Pasadena that I was actually going to meet. (Not Logically, mind you but it felt that way because of my connection to the characters/show).  Seeing the show being taped was an AWESOME experience, and everyone was so professional... but you do see that they are characters and that once They yell cut, the actors go from Leonard, Penny, and Sheldon, to Johnny, Kaley, and Jim very clearly.  It popped my TV bubble a little bit, but I needed that. To see the "magic" of TV happen and to see what these individuals do to prepare for each scene is nothing short of amazing and really mimics many of the things I do in my own life before I have to present or speak so it helped me to realize "this is their job" and these characters only exist because of the writers, crew, and actors.

    Id do it again in a heartbeat but im glad I didn't and couldn't If I wanted to.  This was a bucket list, once in a lifetime thing for us and it would just dilute the experience if it was just "easily available"

    Thank you again to EVERYONE on this forum. The information posted was exactly what I needed to make this happen. From the Informational first post on the what, what, where, and why to the experiences and stories of everyone. 

    I hope TBBT ends with a story that leaves us fulfilled.


    How many regular tickets we’re given for that taping 

  5. 8 hours ago, kbp said:

    This wrong how they are doing this ticket s its not the vips wh made this show its the fans  i am over big bang theory the way they have  handled things with there fans they always say our fans come first its bullshit

    Johnny's mom flew in for the taping. Jim's mom and sister were there supposedly. A lot of family and friends were attending. This show has ran for 12 years, very very few go that long and its iconic. This has been a huge part of the actors life, so it's only natural they want to share its last episodes with who they are close to

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  6. On 3/11/2019 at 11:31 AM, FugsytheSquirrel said:

    Thank you very much! Tickets are for April 2. Would aim to get there ridiculously early as it looks like its already down to single figure numbers of standbys getting in, but if it gets to none at all making it in the weeks before then its probably not worth making the trip.

    No standbys, and 2 regulars did not make it in to the taping

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  7. 1 hour ago, Jo507 said:

    Well.....After 11 hours of waiting at about 6:20 PM the last 15 standby ticket holders were told that there were no seats left, NONE.   

    My husband and I ended up being 11 and 12 on standby and although we didn't get in to see the show, we had a nice time hanging out with another friendly couple we met in line.  Some people were visibly upset but I was mentally prepared for the possibility of not making it in so I'm not too upset.

    There seemed to be more VIPs than regular ticket holders and they were taken to the sound stage as they arrived right up until we were told to go home.  Someone mentioned that people who went on the Ellen Show received VIP tickets but I don't know if that's accurate. 

    I doubt I'll try getting in with standby tickets again. If Ellen guests are getting VIP tickets then the chances of getting in with standby tickets are slim at best but that's just my personal opinion.

    I hope everyone who got in today had a fantastic time!





    Sorry to hear that. I was told no one with standby tickets made it in by audiences unlimited. And even two general admission or regular ticket holders did not make it in.


    There weren 4 full rows of VIPs, a LOT


    So if you have general, arrive early. If you have standby you have to camp out and pray in these final episodes 

  8. 47 minutes ago, Jo507 said:

    YAY made it to the line! There's 10 of us right now we are 9 & 10. 🤞

    I just seen the line as a regular ticket holder, couldn't believe that many were there already. I was told the first ones lined up at 5:00am

    21 hours ago, FugsytheSquirrel said:

    Thank you very much! Tickets are for April 2. Would aim to get there ridiculously early as it looks like its already down to single figure numbers of standbys getting in, but if it gets to none at all making it in the weeks before then its probably not worth making the trip.

    Looks like 5am is the earliest someone got here today. There were already 20-30 in line when I got there at 8:15am. I'll let you know if any get in 

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  9. On 3/6/2019 at 1:02 PM, RJ1013 said:


    I assume that the servers crashing is due to the volume of people looking to get tickets in these final weeks. Only 90 regular tickets went up on Monday, so that probably means lots of VIPs. That doesn’t necessarily mean there will be any kind of special guest stars, though.

    There’s no way to know from week to week how many standbys will get in. You might want to try for a regular ticket another week before you finalize travel plans and gamble on the standbys.

    How many went up this week

  10. 1 hour ago, dk1234 said:

    How is it that in one second all the tickets are gone? And I've used two different browsers on my computer and two different phones..

    Mine did that frequently. Only browser that worked for me out of all was Firefox on my iPhone. I got sold out messages on three others. I was lucky enough to secure tickets for next Tuesday’s taping. Good luck, don’t give up 

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  11. 3 hours ago, insomniak said:

    I have found in my past 4 months of trying to get tickets, that the ticket swarm starts around 11:20 EST. I don't typically see the tickets become available until 11:34-1137.   I typically see other shows being added before and when I see that occur, I know I need to make sure im 100 percent on my a game. 

    Use different browsers, on different computers, at different IP addresses... That's how I got mine.  I was at work, she was at home. we used a combination of Firefox, IE, and Safari.  I also set my browsers to check for new pages on every visit so it wouldn't cache anything.

    we scored our tickets using Firefox at home, and IE at work. 

    Good luck.


    This 👆🏻👆🏻


    Its definately more difficult to obtain them than even last year 

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