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  1. Haha we never know what will happen in the future
  2. Exactly unless they do a spinoff which is very unlikely
  3. Well you wrote it like it was a fact and it’s hard to understand which is which via technology
  4. Do you have proof of this? Do you work for him?
  5. I can’t believe this is what the writers choose to do for the last season maybe I’m wrong but they are wasting their time on filler episodes. I expected far more from tv’s #1 comedy
  6. I don’t think this episode will happen the writers are not a huge fan of Lenny The pre taped scene probably has something to do with shamy
  7. I think your wrong with every sacrifice comes emotion and up in bold is what it would look like without any emotion. JP has been on the show for 12 years now it’s been a huge part of his life. I know for certain what this feels like. I play instruments, and I understand once I mastered one instrument I wanted some fresh new blood a new instrument to learn and master, but never have I ever stoped playing a old instrument because it is part of me. If Jim Parsons never wanted to look back after the show ended he would have never started or produced Young Sheldon. He said this specifically in a interview saying that young Sheldon would give him a good place to keep tbbt with him.
  8. Well I think I said this before, after a few months or years he’ll want a reboot and spin offs don’t always have to the main characters in it 24/7. like there could be a spinoff about shamy children and their life, and Jim would only have to appear on there occasionally
  9. I don’t really know, my opinion on mayim is that she thinks she is better then the world by telling the world she is not better then them she has to much confidence, I guess with it comes consequences
  10. Haha I totally agree cant agree any less, and she advertises her self as such a good parent and more or less tells you what your doing wrong with your own kids She just has to much confidence and she gets wrapped up in what she might be doing wrong
  11. These words seem a bit off they must of been reworded to sound like galecki does not care as much the original was probably similar to this “well I have not heard anyone say they would like to do a spinoff”
  12. Yesterday she had stories that made me think it was yesterday
  13. He did not get it the last people’s choice it just was not announced on tv because he did not go
  14. I think it’s a shame that no one but Johnny could make it to the people’s choice awards tonight. They used to be so happy going to these award shows and now they don’t go at all? I mean it just show how much the cast has fallen apart I guess it does not matter since The show is ending next year i guess they just blew their last people’s choice awards dumb idea
  15. I won’t be surprised if Jim does not show up at the PCAS tonight after everyone knowing what he did he probably is not ready to go out in to that big of a crowd
  16. Whenever is not specific Whevever is whenever Penny sits in that chair whenever and Leonard sits in that chair whenever
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