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  1. Lenny decided not to have child. The End..Period...No more then that. Penny is clearly ment to be a aunt. Cute when they come then the best is that you get to send them home😁
  2. Well we all know Jim Parsons is happy to move on It’s simple a story arc is basically a story(tbbt) with a climax and a resolution.
  3. Sheldon has been trying his best especially the last two seasons. In season 11 sheldon told Leonard to leave before he said or did something he would regret.
  4. Just a thought maybe in the end one of the characters can prove the Big Bang theory
  5. Hi there, this is not unbalanced the show is simply evolving. For instance if Sheldon stayed the same asexual weirdo till season 12 it would give the show and story a unsatisfactory ending same with Leonard and Penny Like I said above, the writers and producers are doing this for a reason, to simply evolve the show and make it into a good masterpiece this is the same thing with almost every sitcom or drama or book with every story comes a climax and a resolution if a story did not have these it would not be called a story
  6. I’m sorry I should have made that a bit simpler. By “real” I mean more complicated weddings with a reception and a more fancy place. With more friends i will edit that now
  7. Can’t argue with that. But the writers and producers like shamy better and they gave the fans a fancier wedding unlike Lenny
  8. The writers, or producers But they created Penny to be a messy disorganized and spur of the moment. They did not know Penny and Leonard were going to get married in the beginning of the show did they?
  9. I agree, it is not the writers fault they did not get a wedding. The writers are simply writing what the character would do.
  10. I don’t think Penny and Leonard have a twins if they have a child. It would probably be shamy because twins run in Sheldon’s family
  11. Great! You won’t be as heart broken when it ends 👍
  12. That poster can’t be official, it’s from Brazil 😩
  13. It’s better then fighting according to the taping reports that shamy have been romantic the Lenny which could result in a shamy pregnancy
  14. As far as romance goes, Lenny is the better couple but when it comes downs to solving issues in their relationship, shamy is the better couple. and to me that is what matter most It does not mean it will happen the writers probably sniffed to much of something to get them that crazy while writing that imo
  15. No I doubt Penny and Leonard will have a child Penny has mentioned that she wants to stay thin and have money
  16. That’s not my point, my point being is, that if you grew up in a horrible environment with your parents abusing you (for example the Baltimore suburbs) there is a murder almost every day. It’s on the news all the time You are more likely to carryover that abuse and hurt to a loved one. Mental or physical. My point being is that Sheldon grew up with a mother and father who cared greatly about him. and taught him better. Even though he he can act weird at times and arrogant he really does not understand what is doing and in the past few seasons he has gotten better at understanding for example in the separation triangulation he respects Amy’s point and goes back to his old room. Therefore he would be a great husband and father.
  17. Sheldon has grown a lot emotionally, and also he grew up with a really religious mother who taught him better
  18. Nah they already don’t write about them much so they would not have much interest in a sitcom or spinoff
  19. Twins for Shamy and a baby girl for Lenny
  20. Me to, he will probably screw this relationship up to
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