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  1. Omg me to I have been thinking maybe like shamys teenagers trying to get through high school. I always thought that would be hilarious
  2. Well I have some news for you. you are on the internet right now
  3. Can you tell me some of those places? The internet?
  4. I feel this would be more of a shamy move i think if Penny got pregnant it would probably be accidental
  5. Until the show ends, right? Then they will release every thing, affecting Parsons not them Yes! That’s exactly how the entertainment industry runs😊
  6. And of course keeping quiet does not help this at all
  7. I don’t see penny getting pregnant during season 12 it’s just the whole topic is boring. I can remember that during Bernadette’s pregnancy, the whole story line was lifeless and the producers promised a really good season
  8. Spinoff talks should begin the cast has too much chemistry to go separate ways, even if it ends up on something like Netflix. It’s okay with me just keep the crew together.
  9. For every character to be in happy places 😊
  10. According to Chuck Lorre the lose ends are the spinoff of the show
  11. and your not 100% sure there won’t be a season 13, things change
  12. Exactly! Ashton Kutcher can replace two quitters everything his brain quirks and weirdness all in a hottie body
  13. I’m telling you Ashton Kutcher is the best choice 😛
  14. I can agree, and that’s where i think the show is going to go downhill
  15. They could get Ashton Kutcher to replace Jim Parsons 👍😝
  16. it is probably is going to get worse unfortunately
  17. What choice? I just said they obviously don’t agree 🤨
  18. CBS, WB and Chuck Lorre obviously don’t agree with this Two and a half men
  19. Really, I’m loving it(no offense) i can seriously see why WB,CBS and Chuck Lorre are upset and they are allowed to feel that way
  20. Glad you finally got aboard the train,😀 welcome👍
  21. Well we shall see if something comes up before next year you never know what could happen they could even change their minds
  22. Idk ok I’m sorry I understand your point No thank you 😊 By reboot I mean the show🤨
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