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  1. https://deadline.com/2018/08/big-bang-theory-decision-jim-parsons-chuck-lorre-12-seasons-cbs-1202451333/
  2. I have always felt that Broadway never had “good plays” for example the reason Hamilton is so popular is because of its soundtrack
  3. My reason is crystal clear, and simple 🙂 1 he is making a remake of a British sitcoms 2 broadway pays horribly
  4. I am just saying that after a while Jim Parsons will probably find himself struggling and will want a reboot
  5. Give it a few years and he’ll want a reboot 😏
  6. 😎Welcome to the entertainment Business,where they dream the unthinkable and get nothing
  7. Even if it is, he could of waited 2 years and then get as many roles as his heart desires
  8. but what is he pursuing? I highly doubt he will get a big movie role without his current title. In my opinion he made a horrible choice to quit right now instead of 2 years from now and land on the right foot with everyone instead of everyone being bitter angry.
  9. It is hard for him he just told the world that the reason The Big Bang Theory is ending is because of him lol.....anyways I agree with you. But the thing is he was offered 50 million by the end of those 2 seasons I just don’t understand why he has to put the foot down
  10. so I was going through Bill Pradys Twitter and I found this does this mean there is going to be another spinoff telling the stories and lose ends 😃 Yayayaytssyt
  11. You have no idea how many times in tv they plan to end the show and then they don’t NO IDEA IT HAS HAPPEND SO MANY TIMES
  12. Does anyone remember a few seasons ago when they were certain that it was to come to a end and everyone was scrambling around hopfully something like that will happen 🤗
  13. I 100% garentee the reason The Big Bang theory is ending Is because of JIM PARSONS HE IS JUST LIKE JENNIFER ANISTON He has showed no interest in the show for the last month no posts on instagram no nothing
  14. Comon, no need to beat around the bush. leonard said because it is true🤗
  15. If you dont mind☺️ What happened in the other shamy scenes?
  16. Haha, I have been thinking the same thing. Everyone one is so quiet on instagram they haven’t posted anything yet
  17. I can agree it is not about the couples and shipping. it is about the theme of the show “The Big Bang Theory” is about nerds not shipping and couples, shipping is just a small part of the show
  18. I wish we were back in time when The Big Bang Theory had young blood and was funny
  19. Well I don’t know if you live or have lived on the east coast but the weather here is like changing clothes. One day it is hotter then hell then the next day it is colder then cold
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