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  1. It makes me happy that shamy do eventually have children. It makes me even more happy that Lenny probably will not🙂
  2. ” “Sheldon and Amy’s presence will nonetheless loom large back at home when the latter’s parents (played once again by Kathy Bates and Teller) disrupt the gang’s welcome hiatus from ‘Shamy.” this actully sounds like it could be hilarious I totally agree with you Yayyy I love it 😊 👍
  3. If they had a honeymoon don’t you think the writers would tell us
  4. Can’t argue with you on this one. After all they are the writers favorite That’s not possible Howard went to space right after they got married plus they never mentioned it Normal for summer
  5. I FInd it very sad that mayim and kunal were the only 2 cast members at comic con I mean I understand Jim is on broadway and Melissa has a newborn but why could Kaley not go? I find that a little absurd
  6. Hi everyone I am new my bday is on the shamy wedding 👋 LOL 😂
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