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  1. Well we know Penny has at least two tattoos (the Cookie Monster one and the Chinese word for soup) even if Kaley only has the moth one (I think?) so I guess it wouldn’t be too hard to explain
  2. Me too! Leonard seems so happy about his costume lol
  3. It doesn’t look like it, but Leonard’s jacket was grey, maybe that’s why he isn’t wearing it, who knows. If it is however, that would be extra cute points to this
  4. Honestly, I wouldn’t worry too much. It’s 100% normal Penny doesn’t remember, she was drunk and upset and it was 11 years ago, can’t blame her. When I read the description at first, I thought it could be a nice was to reminisce their first Halloween together, and who knows maybe because she doesn’t remember they have another kiss in the couch as a parallel to s1, but I never read it as something negative (even if I do agree that the writers pick on Lenny a lot
  5. Sure the topic may have not been resolved, but we got some really nice moments. I especially liked that they both said having each other was enough, and when Leonard took Penny’s hand to tell her that😊
  6. He did call him? I haven’t watched the episode yet but that’s just weird of him🤔
  7. I watch it on TV! We have two channels that show episodes, TNT and Neox. So far TNT is releasing episodes one day after they come out with subtitles, I’m getting episode 3 tomorrow and not today with subtitles. Then Neox airs them one week after they’ve aired the US in Spanish
  8. Then I’m guessing the United States has different preferences when it comes to teens. I’m assuming most of this is due to te popularity Netflix shows have gained, but for what I know most sitcom viewers in Spain are mostly people my age (17 year olds). Shows like Mom, Modern family and two and a half men are widely acclaimed between teens.
  9. Is this about Big Bang? Because I feel like most of their watchers are mostly young adults, but then again that may just be in my country🤔
  10. I wasn’t referring to anyone in particular, just stating that from the messages I’ve read, there’s clearly two opposite ends colliding
  11. The thing is everyone in this forum is extremely biased. Except for a couple people who are here for the show, the rest at either shamy shippers who hate lenny, Lenny shippers who hate Shamy, or somewhere were they prefer one couple over the other. I personally love both, but I like Lenny a lot more and i know my opinion would be biased too, each shipper protects its couple, it’s normal. To solve this argument there would have to be an impartial person, because if not shippers will always believe their ship is better (and both parts have reasons to believe it is)
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