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  1. Knowing the GOT cast hates the finale/season as much as I do, is a great comfort. And this video is EVERYTHING...
  2. And Amy's "sister wives" line when she hears Penny got pregnant after a night of drinking with Sheldon, physically hurt me. I was cringing SO HARD. WHY would she even think that???
  3. Good point. But I guess they needed a reason for Penny to get hammered and end up pregnant . God, I hate how they did this. I don't even care for Penny, but her character deserved better.
  4. An okay ending to an overall disappointing season. Can't believe they actually went there and got Penny pregnant because she has an alcohol problem and not because she consciously changed her mind. -.- Although the writers kicked Raj in the n..., I surprisingly enjoyed him the most.
  5. Before the last bow... Also, Amy/Mayim's wearing a dark ensemble in Kaley's "Finale group scene" IG post. I've seen another pic where Amy wears a dark dress with a light jacket/cardigan. Sheldon is wearing a blue shirt. If people want to see it, I can post it (if it's allowed of course),
  6. This makes me a bit less nervous (from Mayim's interview with US magazine)...
  7. What's most annoying to me is the flip flop writing, especially this season. One week he has a great moment but the next they throw it out the window for (IMO, unfunny) jokes. The hand smelling "joke" made my blood boil because it made no friggin' sense! I mean, it HAS to be possible for professional writers to create a mature Sheldon and make him funny. Plenty of FF writers manage to do it without getting millions of dollars.
  8. Not sure what's so surprising and shocking about it. The writers didn't really try to make this a believable relationship in the first place. I personally think there was huge potential but for some reason they'e so uncreative when it comes to Raj.
  9. Welcome shamyisthebest! Not gonna lie, I'm a bit nervous about the finale because the writers didn't really shine this season. I still can't wrap my head around the fact, that they wasted so much time with all the filler episodes. And now it looks like they're going to drop a lot of story/content in the last 2 (!) episodes. WHY???? Btw, I've seen a behind the scenes picture of Shamy and Lenny in a hotel room…so either Lenny came along for the ceremony or it's actually in LA and it's about something else.
  10. It's fun to speculate so here it goes... - I think the whole ep 24 is a jump forward, but not too far, maybe a year or 2 years max . The others don't look older/different, only Amy's hair changed - Regarding the packed bags in the finale episode: no one is leaving, it's actually Raj coming back
  11. I think that was about Mayim's haircut. Unless I missed something... 🙈
  12. I foolishly thought the babysitting episode would be a slow build up to a pregnancy announcement (dropping hints here and there) but looks like IF they're going to do it at all, it's going to be in the finale ep.
  13. Packed bags at the bottom-left corner of the pic...maybe another clue?
  14. The Hand Print ceremony today is going to be interesting. 😁 And not sure if anyone else noticed, but Johnny spoiled us (probably by accident) on Instagram days ago.
  15. This season feels like every episode had a new team of writers, who never saw a single episode before or didn't bother to check what has been written regarding consistency. My hopes for the finale are getting lower by the episode.
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