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  1. Wasn't Sheldon tracking her cycle in S10? I doubt she could hide a pregnancy from him unless the writers forgot about it (which is possible, let's be real). @April...agreed! And I can see a Cooper Baby actually demanding a shedule. It's in the DNA. :D
  2. I just finished Mayim's new YT video. Baking With My Boys || Mayim Bialik At 10:04 - 10:05....does anybody else think her oldest son could easily pass for a Cooper-Fowler kid? If the writers intend to show us a glimpse of the future with Shamy's offspring and they need a stand-in, Miles is the man 😂
  3. Good catch! A lifetime job for Amy with financial security would certainly give them the green light to start their family.
  4. I won't be surprised if Shamy ends up living close to Howardette. Maybe their neighbour is still selling their home?
  5. Steve Molaro at last years Comic Con regarding a Shamy baby:
  6. Shamy is definitely going to move out of the building because they'll have at least two kids and both apartements are way too small. But I doubt we're going to see it, maybe a mention of Shamy house hunting.
  7. And the writers thought they had material for 2 (!) more seasons...
  8. Now, let me get this straight: Sheldon was ready to drop his pants and get Amy pregnant in her own lab, but now he needs to be manipulated into WANTING kids? Lordy, I hope it's just the case of bad wording.
  9. Sheldon Cooper trying to make a donation to someone like Zack is the pinnacle of this stupid plotline.
  10. Let's all say a prayer for Amy, hoping that Sheldon doesn't need to take a shower after holding his own children. Because that's going to be expensive in the long run 🙈 And highly impractical!
  11. This. PS: High five from a longtime fan of "The Petries" 👽
  12. I don't know about you, but a drunk Amy trying to seduce her husband would have been a great (and much needed) comedy contribution. Oh well... 😐
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