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  1. Suddenly a pregnancy storyline doesn't sound too bad? At least it has potential to be funny. If they're using old plots anyway, go ahead...
  2. Shamy was pretty much endgame from the beginning. Paleyfest 2018 - Prady and Lorre on the origin of the name Amy Farrah Fowler
  3. Looks like Shamy is dressed as Dr. Emmett Brown and his wife Clara Clayton Brown from "Back to the Future 3".
  4. Jim really did the shows legacy a favor by calling it quits.
  5. That whole apartment is too small for them. 🙈
  6. Also...the prospect of Sheldon bonding with his in-laws... Why on earth did we not get to see this? This is a huge deal for Shamy and especially Sheldon. Such a wasted opportunity. I hope they come up with something good...maybe Larry has a secret hobby that he can geek over with his son-in-law.
  7. Steve Holland mentioned at Comic Con (end of July) that they're in the middle of writing the script for the Tam episode. I'm not sure how far the writers got until they dropped the big announcement.
  8. This is really good advice. I admire that you guys can stay so calm... 👀
  9. She better likes the sound of it because thanks to Shelly, all of their kids will be named Rajesh. All kidding aside, I do hope one of the Cooper-Fowler kids has "Rajesh" as a middle name. Because of him, Sheldon met his wife at the coffee shop.
  10. I don't think I have ever seen Sheldon smile that much in one episode
  11. I do think it was payback at the end. The tone was too sarcastic IMO. 😂 Also, looks like Mayim and Jim had a lot of fun shooting that episode, great energy!
  12. Thank you! I'm so annoyed that they didn't adress this issue during the 10x23/10x24/11x01 story arc. Sheldon had no problem with spontaneous "frenzied love making" (without a pre shower!) when Amy left for Princeton, but they didn't do it after they got engaged to celebrate? I mean, whaaaat? Anyway, I'm certainly curious how they handle this from now on...
  13. Well, looks like episode 6 from S11 wasn't memorable regarding Howardette. Howard had a vasectomy
  14. Maybe they could come up with a way to show us Shamy babysitting the Wolowitz kids or even Missy's?
  15. Yes! #Teammoredressesplease Btw, I'm rewatching S11 and I arrived at "The Matrimonial Metric". I can't decide....at the end of the "cold feet" scene in bed, is that Sheldon showing us a cheeky grin or is Jim breaking character? 😂
  16. Great pics! Still not a fan of Amy's grandma wardrobe though 😩 A bit over the top IMO.
  17. I don't necessarily need a pregnancy story arc but I would die to see Sheldon attending a childbirth class. 🙈
  18. Sooo, we get more scenes with Shelly and his in-laws. Finally, because honestly, I was a bit mad that we didn't see Sheldon telling "your Momma" jokes at dinner with her parents (mentioned in "The Geology Methodology"). 😂
  19. Do you guys think we get to see Amy interact with Meemaw again? I didn't really like the one they showed us on TBBT, I would prefer Annie Potts with make up from YS.
  20. It would be enough for me if they'll show us Shamy's kids during the last episode of YS. Sheldon is done writing his biography, shuts down his laptop and joins his family in the living room to watch a movie.
  21. I'm shocked they really thought they had material for 2 (!) more seasons... 😶
  22. Thank you for your kind welcome. 😊 Shamy secretly did the complete Kama Sutra. For science. The annual thing was just a cover up so that the gang would leave them alone. At least that's my headcanon 😎
  23. Hello newbie, here! 👋 I really hope the annual coitus storyline is over now, because it feels so forced IMO. I mean come on, Sheldon initiated it all 4 times... 👀
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