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  1. Here my Storybook for the last episode! There is a new set only one room with a upper floor. Like the set in the boys in the band in new york.This is the new Appartment from Sheldon and Amy.They are organizing a house housewarming party. At first Amy comes back from the doctor with the news that she is pregnant.Amy and Sheldon discuss as the say it or the others.Next Penny and Leonard and Will Wheaton arrived. Before they can tell them the news, there is one for all an unknown who claims to have been called by Raj. Next come Howard with Raj and tell the others tha
  2. I am aware that this is a crazy proposal. But such a great series should have a worthy conclusion. The Hollywood Bowl would not be so far away. I do not know how the end of the series is planned but maybe it would not be bad for the end of the series a new set. A new Appartment (Sheldon&Amy) where everyone meets again for the housewarming party. Similar to the set of the boys in the band where Jim Parson played along. As you can see I've planned everything well. Dreamy greetings from Austria
  3. It would be nice if there were more visitor seats during the last recording. (279) The dream would be a live recording in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Since many fans from all over the world could say a live goodbye to BBT Just a small thought from a big fan from Austria
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