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  1. Here my Storybook for the last episode! There is a new set only one room with a upper floor. Like the set in the boys in the band in new york.This is the new Appartment from Sheldon and Amy.They are organizing a house housewarming party. At first Amy comes back from the doctor with the news that she is pregnant.Amy and Sheldon discuss as the say it or the others.Next Penny and Leonard and Will Wheaton arrived. Before they can tell them the news, there is one for all an unknown who claims to have been called by Raj. Next come Howard with Raj and tell the others that Bernadette come later because she has trouble with the kids and the babysitter.Sheldon and Amy are not sure if this is such a good idea with the offspring and discuss this in the bedroom while Raj presents the unknown reserve to the others. When they want to inform their friends, Penny and Leonard come up with the news that Will Wheaton becomes a role in eurpean film production and also Penny. So they go for one year to europe. Leonard will accompany the two to finally finish his book this year. He was also invited by CERN for one year of research. Then a completely surprised Bernadette appears and explains to Amy that the kids are annoyed and Howard does not help etc. Amy looks thoughtful. Steward and Leslie Winkle the last to party and now the official party begins. Leslie seems to know the stranger and tells him that he has seen him several times with Raj and he thought they are a couple. Where she thought that Leonard and Sheldon would one day become a few. Raj is horrified and denies it, but his new, unknown friend makes Raj stand by him.Raj and his friend reconcile and disappear into an adjoining room. Penny and Leonard and Will tell of the planned trip to Europe to the displeasure of Howard and Benadette. Then Will asks if Leslie wants to succeed in his job as Professor Proton. Everyone worries about a bout of Sheldon but he explains that a woman is very good at encouraging girls to get into science. And besides, Leslie could not do anything in true science anymore. Then the babysitter calls and announces. Howard and Benadette must go. Penny confesses in the kitchen Bernadette that despite everything envies you for the children and she hopes one day to have the courage to do so. First, Howard and Bernadette leave the party, then Raj comes with his new friend and says goodbye to celebrate something as a couple. Amy and Sheldon want to inform Penny and Leonard about their imminent parenting but Sheldon says they should let them go on their European trip in peace they can also inform you afterwards. Stewart and Leslie Winkles say also goodbye and Penny and Leonard both cry. In the floor, Penny tells Leonard and Will that she saw a positive pregnancy swing test in the bathroom and it was not hers. At last Amy goes to sleep in the bedroom while Sheldon quotes a poem sitting on the stairs. In an old book he has given Amy, he finds a poem by a writer from the last century. The Other, Too, is You What once Earth to me presented she's already asking back; comes to take what she had granted, grasping tender speck by speck. Strange: the more of hurts I carried the more beauty showed the land; What I fought for, gains of merit, softly falling from my hand. And the lighter I am getting, the more heavily I walk: "Can't you, from your moistened setting, spare me, Earth? I beg you, talk!" "No, I cannot spare you, Brother, need you for the other one; out of you I'll feed the other: let him also see the sun. But relax and do not rue: For the Other, too, is You!" LIGHT OFF !!!!! I have already posted in another article that it would be nice if the last episode more viewers could come to record. That's why this new set. That would be a nice end for a large fan base. This comes as I was able to apply last March was allowed to travel from all over the world to be there. It does not have to be the Rose Bowl in Pasedena or the Hollywood Bowl. Maybe there's another bigger location in the huge Studio Complex. I also realize that this could be a financial problem. In that case you could ask for admission for this last episode. It is to be feared that it will be a normal end, but until then one may still dream. Dreamy greetings from Austria and I apologize for my English.
  2. I am aware that this is a crazy proposal. But such a great series should have a worthy conclusion. The Hollywood Bowl would not be so far away. I do not know how the end of the series is planned but maybe it would not be bad for the end of the series a new set. A new Appartment (Sheldon&Amy) where everyone meets again for the housewarming party. Similar to the set of the boys in the band where Jim Parson played along. As you can see I've planned everything well. Dreamy greetings from Austria
  3. It would be nice if there were more visitor seats during the last recording. (279) The dream would be a live recording in the Rose Bowl in Pasadena. Since many fans from all over the world could say a live goodbye to BBT Just a small thought from a big fan from Austria
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