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  1. I had a fantastic time and it is beyond my expectations! I even got up to sing a Japanese song! I am glad I got to attend it
  2. Hello, it’s me again! I am in line for today 16th taping together with 8 other people. I reached at 7am and am second in line. hope I get in!
  3. Hi Question: I have a standby ticket to the taping on 16th next week and am planning to go early to be in line. When I arrive early in the morning, do I have to check in somewhere? Or do I just follow as per the video in this thread and go wait at the corner bench place? I am traveling alone from Malaysia and would not want to miss the opportunity so I am going early. Please give me some tips
  4. Hello... I will be traveling on my own to the taping on 16th October (with a standby ticket). Anyone has a standby ticket too and willing to wait in line early with me? MK86
  5. I need some advise though. I have standby ticket. I plan to go early but was wondering if the Warner Bros opening time will affect whether I can walk in or not. I have never been there before. Any tips? And I will be traveling from Malaysia to Los Angeles. May I know if anyone here also have standby tickets and would like to wait with me in line early in the morning? You'll get to make a foreign friend ^.^
  6. For your information I was on standby clicking away at 7am PST. Yesterday I am not sure if it was my computer that was slow, but I only see the tickets go on at about 9am PST.
  7. yea It was crazy. I hurt my back slouching on my chair standing by at 11pm Japan time (7am PST) till about 1.30am Japan time to get standby I am flying in from Malaysia and will of course have other plans but taping is my priority. I guess I have to reach at like 8.30am??? Anyone going that early?
  8. Hello it is me again. The tickets to the taping on the 16th October was out as soon as it was released, and I only managed to get standby. I guess it is better than nothing, but since I will be alone and I am not local, can anyone give me any advise on how to wait in the line because if I were to go to the washroom or something, who will look after my spot?? What time should I reach?
  9. Oh my. When I conduct a trial run to see how fast the tickets sold out before trying to get mine next week for October 16 taping, they run out before I even manage to refresh the page!!!! help!! What should I do next week when I wanted to get the 16th tickets
  10. Hello. I am coming to LA on the week of Oct 14-19 and am a big fan of the show. I am eying the taping on Oct 16th. I am located in Japan and the time difference (plus I have never tried to get tickets so I don't know the methods) will make it difficult for me to try getting a guaranteed ticket. Any tips?
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