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  1. I think what might happen with the Nobel Prize plot, is that Leonard may work with Shamey an the three of them get the prize. In earlier episode it was said only three could get it and the other two are experimental physicists like Leonard.
  2. When I wrote the taping report for the episode about Lenny pregnancy, I forgot how it started. Howard and Bernadette told Leonard and Penny that the house next door to them was for sale and asked if they wanted to buy it. Also something about their kids playing together. They said they didn't want to move now. Amy asked why they didn't ask them because they're married now and Sheldon said it didn't want to move because he would have to change all the labels in his underwear. My husband and I thought that would be a interesting spin off the two couples living next door, kinda like the Dick Van Dyke Show
  3. Last night's eposide was called The Tam Turbulence. Also Wyatt was the one "not good with it" Tam was played by Robert Wu and Anu by Rati Gupta
  4. Thank you for the nice comments, I have lurking for years and felt a owed you all a report. Sorry I left out so many words, but got home very late after the taping. I had a good time, won candy for being married the longest. (which also make me feel very old). Raj really looked happy after the proposal, not like when he tried to break up with the girl friend in the graveyard. A funny thing when Leonard got in the Batmobile he drove without Penny and then came back and said get in Robin.
  5. First all scenes were in swing sets, hard to see. Mayim was not there, maybe because of holiday. Still fun. Pre-taped, Shamy in apt, Sheldon is photoshopping people in their wedding pictures, the Wright brothers, and he get a email from Tam. He is coming to CalTech with his son who will be attending school there and wants to see Sheldon. Amy asks who Tam is, Sheldon is very angry at Tam and won't tell Amy why. In Bernadette's office, Penny and Bernadette want to check out Anu, Bernie calls her dad to do a police check on her, he says no. Pre-taped, Amy asks the gang in Lenny's apt, what they know about Tam, they haven't heard about him, but check Sheldon's enemy list. They find Tam and it only says he knows why. They decide to find him on campus. Penny and Bernadette go to the hotel where Anu works to check her out, they make plans with her to go out to dinner. She gets reservation for a hard to get into restaurant and Bernadette says if she can get in anywhere why would she want to marry Raj. Pre-taped, at CalTech Quad, the boys check out every Asian man until they find Tam. They ask about Sheldon and he is unaware Sheldon is angry at him. Sheldon comes over and calls the boys traitors and says Tams knows why I am mad and Tam says no I don't. Penny, Bernadette, and Anu is nice restaurant. See LaBron James. They talk and Anu says she tried falling in love and it didn't work and thought my parents are happy, I should do it their way. Sheldon's office, Leonard and Sheldon talking about how it stupid for Sheldon to angry at Tam and Leonard for taking Tam's side. Pre-taped, Shamy in apt taking about why he is angry. He seems when he came to California, Tam was supposed to come too, but he stayed in Texas with his girlfriend. Amy says it worked out okay, you have new friends and a good life. Back in the restaurant, the girls are drunk and Anu is questioning them about why is Raj still single. They say many embarrassing things, like bathing with his dog, crying while listening to music, and others. Sheldon's office, Sheldon forgives Tam and Tam says I didn't know you where angry. When I didn't come to California I knew you would do well and I was in love with my wife wanted to stay in Texas. I have had a good life. Sheldon responses you are so brave. Cafe, Tam is leaving and Sheldon makes Leonard drive him to the airport. In Bernadette's office, Bernadette is showing Penny a blur in LaBron's intsagram photo and says it's her. The phone rings and Raj yells why did you tell Anu I use Secret deodorant, it was secret. Don't talk to her anymore. The girls decide to see Anu again to fix it, maybe she can get them in another fancy restaurant. Sorry I left out most of the jokes, it was funny. At least, you the plot.
  6. I was at the taping last night. They also showed the episode from the week before. Last week two story lines. They are all eating in apt. and discussing Raj's arranged new girl friend. They hadn't met yet, but he claims since they took a test he knows her well. Everyone except Sheldon has how about romance and Sheldon says lucky. Raj asks a question that shows that Lenny won't know each other well and Penny says send us the test. Raj has his date with Anu. She is business type, working as a hotel concierge. Very cut and dry, but pretty and nice. Lenny takes the test and Penny thinks she doesn't want kids. When she tells him in the next scene he thinks she's pregnant and is sad and leaves when she tells him. Reactions from Sheldon, I don't care; Amy, you have to have kids to be our kids friends because we both have no social skills, and Bernadette, yes you do. Howard tells Raj he shouldn't have an arranged marriage and Raj is angry. Howard and Bernadette complain together that their should listen to them because they know what they are doing and things together. Then Stewart and his girlfriend come in and go to his bedroom playing sexy music and H and B look like maybe we don't have it together. In the cafe tells Raj, that Raj is a romantic and he makes him sad to see him give it up, but will support his marriage. At home, Lenny makes up and he says he wanted children, a nobel prize and the Batmobile, but realizes he has Penny and that is enough. The phone rings and Penny's dad is mad because he was grand babies, Leonard say he may not be okay with it. Anu and Raj on second date, he says I need romance and can't go through with this. She gets on one knee and proposes and he happily accepts and they kiss. Last scene Penny rents the Batmobile for Leonard. Next post last night's show
  7. I have a ticket to the taping next week. I'm in a wheelchair. The staff was very nice and upgraded my husband's stand by ticket to guaranteed to assist me. What time should we arrive?
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