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  1. I'm actually here in the parking lot line up right now and was the first in line for guaranteed ticket holders :). I actually just happened to check that day and it was there, I do recommend to have your information ready to auto populate, First Name, Last Name, email address etc. One person here said they saw that it was sold out and kept trying and tickets became available, keep trying and good luck. THE FIRST standby ticket holder from the Czech Republic was here at 5AM, I got here at 8AM.
  2. Thank you for all the extremely helpful information, I got my guaranteed ticket for the October 9th taping, I had actually forgot to try for tickets at 8:30AM, I got lucky when checking at 8:50AM that day. I'm flying in from Thunder Bay, Ontario Canada mainly for TBBT taping. I'm not taking any chances, I expect to be in line around 8 on Tuesday, can't wait!!! Rob
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