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  1. Wooooooow I love it so much!!! Perfection ❤️
  2. Oh, I didn't think of that 😅 this waiting is killing me 😂
  3. I think it's gonna be either Shamy pregnant/Lenny decide to have a baby or vise versa 😉 She didn't have a bump with a short hair though... but anything is possible at this point.
  4. To be honest, pregnancy thing crossed my mind as well...
  5. I thought maybe she’s upset about the Nobel, but can’t show it to Sheldon, because he’s devastated himself. So she tries to be stronger for him, but breaks down at work, and that’s when Raj finds her and tries to comfort. But who knows...
  6. But why Amy is so upset though? Don’t think she’d care so much about Isabella...
  7. I think, if the writers let Lenny have kids, they’d go with the classic ‘afraid of commitment and responsibility’ Penny. Besides, it’s okay for a woman to change her mind. It’s okay to want kids and then change your mind, just like it’s okay to don’t want kids and then change your mind 🤷🏼‍♀️
  8. If in the finale episode, where everyone has their own big plot twists, Lenny try to keep someone else’s secret, that will be ridiculous. They deserved their happily ever after, and if Penny does get pregnant, IMO, she’ll be an amazing mother no matter what (like she proved it with Sheldon throughout the seasons and with Halley in S11). She’s caring and sweet, so their kid would be really lucky.
  9. I’m like 99% sure they’ll give Shamy a baby (probably twins). The question is will they eventually give Lenny one...
  10. Exactly what I thought when saw Johnny and Kaley posting the photo of the 4B door. Well... it would be extremely sad, but what can we do 🤷🏼‍♀️
  11. That would be great, but I don’t think that’s the reason of Beverly’s visit. Really hope though that this topic will come up somehow during her staying there
  12. Yes, them not discussing important issues bothers me too... but hopefully in the final episode writers will give Lenny what they clearly deserve
  13. What about the other Raj’s scenario where they both live in New York? 😜 Anyway, I think if they move, they only do it together, and even if Penny has some doubts on the way, it’s fine, it’s a big desicion to make. And I’ll be glad if they move and stop being sidekicks to their friends 24/7
  14. Yes, episodes 20 and 22 are Leonard-centric (we don’t have a TR for 22 though, but it’s clear from the description )
  15. Nope, that's the room for Hofstadter-junior 😝 (yep, I still have hope))
  16. Nooooo, I think then Mary should've been in the episode too...
  17. I wonder why Beverly shows up this time and why is she genuinely kind to Leonard. My firth thought was something happened to his dad, so she's trying to prepare him, but it's probably too kind for Beverly...
  18. Yes, they are in love, and so are Sheldon and Amy, but they still have much more stuff going on, so for Lenny fans it seems unfair. I think, if Leonard won a Nobel, Penny had an Oscar and they ended up having three smart and beautiful kids, while Shamy stood behind the kitchen island, (but ‘happy in love’!), you would be upset about your favorite couple as well. No hate towards Shamy or anyone, I’m just sad about my OTP, that’s all)
  19. It’s not a double standard. Comparing to Shamy and Howardette, who both have their dream careers and kids, Lenny has nothing (Leonard is not that happy with his job, as we will see in 12x20, and while Penny is making some progress, it still not her dream job). And Penny suddenly being ‘childfree’ in 12x03 was so poorly written that not everyone could buy it. They missed that opportunity with Bernadette and with Penny it just felt completely out of character.
  20. In S12 it’s always Lenny A story with Raj/Anu as a B story, so I think we’ll finally have the resolution with Lenny baby decision)
  21. I hope it starts with Beverly and her maternal issues and then bam, plot twist, it’s gonna be about Penny and her maternal issues, and the conclusion will be positive 🤪😁
  22. Woooow, I don't remember this at all, I suppose it's season 9, but what episode?? This is really cute!!
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