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  1. I got Non-standby tickets for the March 19th's Taping. Im planning to arrive at 2pm. I don't want to be the first in the door, but also not the last. With the fact that 2 non standby tickets did not get in, Is 2pm sufficient? I would imagine the last few to arrive with non-standby's would be turned away in the event of More VIP's than normal?
  2. I have found in my past 4 months of trying to get tickets, that the ticket swarm starts around 11:20 EST. I don't typically see the tickets become available until 11:34-1137. I typically see other shows being added before and when I see that occur, I know I need to make sure im 100 percent on my a game. Use different browsers, on different computers, at different IP addresses... That's how I got mine. I was at work, she was at home. we used a combination of Firefox, IE, and Safari. I also set my browsers to check for new pages on every visit so it wouldn't cache anything. we scored our tickets using Firefox at home, and IE at work. Good luck.
  3. So, after months of trying, we finally scored 2 non standby tickets for the 3/19 showing. Everything is arranged and we are beyond geeked to be going! That said: I have seen a mishmash of information around what time to actually get in line if you have non standby tickets. is 3pm early enough? 2pm? also, I saw the "places to sit" and boy my rear end is hurting just from looking at them. Anyone bring them sports seating cushions to sit on while waiting? I don't care if I have to leave it behind or chuck it before we go in but was just wondering Thanks again!
  4. So just a little update - Tickets for the 12/11 date came and went while watching the website crash and burn lol. I did see the show populate in the tickets list but when I got in que it was sold out. But at least I had a good dry run for a date I really want!
  5. This thread has some great information. My wife and I are planning on getting tickets to ANY taping we can get into this year. One of those "spontaneous" things that we hear about doing in life. To anyone who was able to get a ticket: what times are you seeing the tickets come online? Im seeing that the 30 day point for each taping so far in 2019 seems to be on a Monday, so im figuring to start checking the site on Monday mornings at 11am (im Eastern time). Anyone else agree with this thought process? Did I count right? its important to me because I want to really do this for my wife. We started watching right when we got married in Oct of 2011 and never missed an episode after. We really feel this will be a great way to end the series with a Bang! (we would LOVE to get a cast picture autographed by all of the cast too but I bet that's a real stretch) If I get tickets, I will post! Good luck everyone!
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