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  1. While I know this thread is going to die on the vine now that TBBT's final episode has aired, I wanted to share one last taping experience that could have only came to fruition last night. During our taping (the 4th to last episode were Leonard grew a pair and got the new job) there was some filming of fans going on and they interviewed a select few, one of the couples being my wife and I. They also had cameras filming the audience and other backstage aspects that were aired during the special "Unraveling the mystery: the big bang theory farewell". When they opened the special, dur
  2. ….As the sound of taps play softly in the background....
  3. Awesome! was this the taping of the final episode? Any spoilers you want to post (in the other channel of course)
  4. If you have non standby tickets and you really want to get in, Id be there by 6 or 7 AM. No Joke. And even at that you might not be #1... Just my 2 cents from what I saw/heard at the 3/19 taping
  5. Kate?, Were you the couple next to the young Asian girl? Was there a bald dude in a grey t-shirt across from you wearing a flannel around his waist like it was the 90's all over again? Or were you the lady on the end that was separated from her husband? I was the bald dude (and I only wore the flannel around my waist because it was warm outside but was told it might be chilly on the set). Either way, My wife and I are really glad you got in. We felt bad that all these fans were put in limbo over a slew of extra guests from Ellen.
  6. It was a major bucket list item for my wife and I and we had been trying for tickets since the start of the taping season. We had a great time, both at the taping and with a mini getaway in LA and Malibu!
  7. Ahh.. yes there were a few flubs but only one really noteworthy. Sheldon and Leonard were "driving" and Johnny messed up his line, which had the audience in hysterics. Jim Parsons Turned to the audience and said "When you F*** up at work does everyone laugh at you??" and then he turned to Johnny and did a "golf clap" to him. Was great
  8. Think of a "freaky Friday" kind of a swap.. Where Leonard and Penny are working with Sheldon to temper his reactions to the 2 other scientists that are stealing their spotlight and Amy pulls a Sheldon. Behind the scenes? do you mean in regard to the additional taping they were doing with audience members?
  9. You are Welcome! The title is "The Decision Reverberation".
  10. Yes, Penny did quit TCF and she does make big bucks, however, it would be a shock to any committed relationship to learn that your spouse is looking to quit their job without having a conversation first. At least that's my opinion...
  11. Ok so everyone seems to be interested in the leonard story, here's the 30,000 foot view. I wont give a play by play spoiler but it should be enough So, episode opens with The gang on the couch, similar to "olden times" :). They were discussing what movie to go to and where/when to eat dinner. Everyone had an opinion and Leonard did not want to eat late at night. Sheldon argued with him, Leo caved and the entire group told him he as "satisifier", as somone who does whatever anyone else wants to take the least path of resistance. Afterwards, Penny continued to push Leo to see that the gr
  12. There were about 6 rows of regulars, so I figure about 125-150 people at 25 a row. it was just my bench that got in + 2 from the one next to us.
  13. The Mod moved the spoilers over to that section and I might elaborate over there a bit once I get the chance to do so. Thanks!
  14. To all: I wanted to post some information and my experience regarding the show Tapings.I attended the 3/19 taping. My wife and I were #27 and #28. They only brought 50 Regular ticket holders back that I am 100% aware of. They basically said that standby folks most likely will not get in. There were a boatload of VIP's, many from the ellen show again (as they showed the previous weeks taping which Ellen guest starred in). There were a LOT of friends and family of the cast and crew there. I did get the chance to talk with a few Audiences Unlimited folks and they echoed that moving
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