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  1. We hope 3rd time is the charm. In line since 7am. We are 1 and 2 for guaranteed tickets! So far there is 30 folks in line for todays taping.
  2. Tickets are now available for the 01/08/19 show....My wife and I are in! Opened up at 6:30AM PST.
  3. My wife and I have gotten standby tickets on 2 separate occasions. The first time about 6 weeks ago, we were 45 and 46th in line. They took the top 40! So for the Nov 20th taping we got in line around 7am and we were 6th and 7th in line with again standby tickets. The other folks in line were very friendly and conversation made the day go by nicely. We got in an noticed a good amount of VIP and especially regular ticket holders. Then around 5pm or so, they announce 4 different groups of ticket holders, VIP, Regular, Standby and one other that we didn't catch. They continued stating that due to the high volume of VIP's that even some regular ticket holders may not get a seat! Around 6pm or they announced that NO standby ticket holders would get in! Needless to say we will never do standby again. In fact one person got a standby ticket just the night before. Yes, we will still try to get "guaranteed" tickets and if so, will arrive early.
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