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  1. seems to be every second episode atm so you are spot on wonder if we will get any hints tonight or is taping already done?
  2. i'll have to google and youtube them i watch a lot of US channels on the internet from Australia but i have never seen him in an intel ad iv seen other people actors and business people in intel ad's but never jim i'll have to go search them out now i kinda thought from your above post it was a new relationship with intel i am surprised he doesn't have an ad with dell and alienware
  3. here we go my wife triggered the line this is the episode The Prestidigitation Approximation Leonard Hofstadter: Well, now, hold on. What kind of distance are we talking about? Because we are neighbours. I mean, I can hear the toilet flush in your apartment. Penny: You can hear my toilet flush? Leonard Hofstadter: I don't listen for it, but it's nice to know everything's okay with your plumbing. The building's plumbing.
  4. tried googling it but cant find the script if the episode pops up on my play list we will revisit this once i know the episode series and number
  5. nah pretty sure its Leonard and he says " its not like im listening for it " after to penny
  6. do you now when or what channel the intel ad will air on? and is it TBBT linked or just a jim parsons thing
  7. looking forward to the animation gotta check the date on when its out again probably already out yep its already out will have to watch it tonight looks good
  8. Leonard also says he can hear penny use the toilet from their apartment
  9. oh i get what you mean sorry i took original to mean replaced by kaley ah iv watched those movies/shows and never picked up on it will have to watch again now thanks
  10. Do you mean the girl in the unaired original pilot? that was really weird to watch i can't imagine if they went ahead with that version of the show Sheldon isn't the sheldon we know
  11. after 12 years and more millions than any of us can even consider you really have to love the show and characters to come in to work and be happy while i think they are all pretty happy right now it doesn't take long for that to change and its possible that was a consideration for them all as well, even though jim parsons was the first to go who knows how long the rest of them were ok keeping it going, i think i saw a couple of reports that said most of them only wanted another 1 or 2 years anyways, so it was coming to a close either way am aware kaley has said she loves her character and would play her forever if she could but again my point above
  12. you guys remember the chipmunks the cartoon ALVIN! well if you remember it was about the 3 boys then they added the girls thats almost how i feel about TBBT when they added the 3 girls sure they did it a bit slower but same idea it reminds me of the same thing
  13. can't stand her character on the show and the episode where she and penny get drunk makes me cringe and yell at my TV eww just horrible one thing i do wanna state is, why are we doing all these filler episodes you would think with only so many episodes left till the end we would be delving into story lines that matter and need to be addressed i hope the second half will do this and the first half was maybe already written not knowing it was going to end or what everyone else says here the writers don't care anymore
  14. in season 9 episode 14 Raj is in Howardettes house and beind Raj you can see a brush and pan and its never been used it still has the plastic zip tie on when you first buy them not really integral to the story line but a fun thing to look out for i get a kick when i see things like this in shows
  15. that was when they came back from north pole and penny and leonard hadnt been together for 3 months, that was when they had the story line of the sex was Ok" or Just "fine"
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