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  1. i thought the throwback in YS was good even more so that they used old blossom footage for amy
  2. is it me or in that video Amy posted she basically answered no questions lol
  3. did anyone else notice those balls from the model were stuck to sheldons butt? lol only caught it the second time i watched it through was able to find a copy of the special, Kaley was just distraught through the whole thing they must have filmed it the same day as the final table read i'd say, was a good end cap for the last episode
  4. i see a lot of people saying what about XYZ but i feel like since the writers knew it was the last season they used episodes throughout the season to address character plots and arcs doesn't change that some things in the final episodes were ignored but i feel thats the way the writers did this season
  5. did anyone watch the special on afterwards, it seems i can't access it and it won't be shown here in australia is it worth seeking out to watch?
  6. enjoyed it watched a lot of shows i love end, cougar town, friends and a bunch of others, i thought as far as endings go TBBT did a very good job they were never going to make everyone happy but i thought the final had a bit of everything for everyone i think this may have been one of the last great tv shows, what they call appointment TV, the final season was meh in places but the ending was good in my opinion i do feel its a little unfair to have penny and Leonards storyline go in that way in the final, its a bit of a tease or open ending for a reboot
  7. Goodbye TBBT i thought it was a fitting ending even if it felt very short i hate when shows end with what seems like a bunch of new stories to tell but it is what it is especially the Lenny part thanks for all the memories
  8. watching it now apparently there is a show afterwards with some of the cast on it discussing the final episode
  9. seems to be every second episode atm so you are spot on wonder if we will get any hints tonight or is taping already done?
  10. i'll have to google and youtube them i watch a lot of US channels on the internet from Australia but i have never seen him in an intel ad iv seen other people actors and business people in intel ad's but never jim i'll have to go search them out now i kinda thought from your above post it was a new relationship with intel i am surprised he doesn't have an ad with dell and alienware
  11. here we go my wife triggered the line this is the episode The Prestidigitation Approximation Leonard Hofstadter: Well, now, hold on. What kind of distance are we talking about? Because we are neighbours. I mean, I can hear the toilet flush in your apartment. Penny: You can hear my toilet flush? Leonard Hofstadter: I don't listen for it, but it's nice to know everything's okay with your plumbing. The building's plumbing.
  12. tried googling it but cant find the script if the episode pops up on my play list we will revisit this once i know the episode series and number
  13. nah pretty sure its Leonard and he says " its not like im listening for it " after to penny
  14. do you now when or what channel the intel ad will air on? and is it TBBT linked or just a jim parsons thing
  15. looking forward to the animation gotta check the date on when its out again probably already out yep its already out will have to watch it tonight looks good
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