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  1. That is correct. Although as is noted on the ticket, guaranteed still doesn't mean 100% guaranteed. If for some reason they have a lot of VIPs for the show, there is a small chance that some guaranteed ticket holders won't get in. From what I've read it is only happened once or twice, but still worth it to get there a bit early.
  2. Good luck to the people already in line. I'll be there later - I'll have some extra water and snacks with me - if anyone will want some!
  3. I'll be there tomorrow as well! Plan on getting there early afternoon. I have a "guaranteed" ticket, but will still get there early to make sure. Good luck stand-by people!
  4. Getting ready for next week to see the taping! Quick question about parking in the ramp. The ticket says starting 2 hours before the time - anyone know how early I would have access to the ramp - I'm thinking about arriving around 12 or 1, and would prefer to park in the ramp so I have access to my car for snacks and to drop stuff (including phone) off before the taping. Thanks again for all the great info on this forum! If anyone else on here is going to the taping on the 22nd - I might see you there! Rich
  5. Hi, Long time Big Bang Theory Fan (since episode 1), first time posting! Just wanted to check in to share that I got a ticket for the January 22 taping! I am going to be in California at that time - so this is a wonderful added bonus! Thank you for all the posts and info on this site on how to make the best of the day! I'm looking forward to it! This is a Merry Christmas for me! May you all have a wonderful Christmas and any other holidays you celebrate! Rich
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