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  1. on the 2/22 taping we arrived around 9am and we had no problem to park the car in the parking in our case we were Stand-By and we were number 8 and 9 of stand-by, at least 35 stand-by were allowed to enter, if you arrive around 6.30 you have good chances.
  2. The episode was realy realy funny. Howard raj Bernadette and Anu are going on a zéro Gravity flight . And Léonard décide not to give his sperm to Zack and Marissa penny's father. Zack and Marissa are spécial guests
  3. It was wonderful !!! Thank you all for advices. We had a great time, we will never Forget that day❤️ I dont know how many stand by tickets got in but it was a least 35 probably more
  4. Ok we arrived around 8.30 there is 14 persons before us
  5. Tomorrow is the big day for us. We cross our fingers for the stand by ticket. Hope to see some of you there
  6. Standby tickets Released for the 1/22 Yeah ^^
  7. Hi, I am in the same situation, if you get an answer could you share it ?
  8. Hi guys, I'm Guillaume from France I got a ticket for the January 22 taping ( lucky and happy ^^ ) but my wife didn't made it, we are looking for standby tickets, but does anyone knows when they will be released ? i can't find this information
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