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  1. Shamy wins the Nobel Raj marries Anu Howard will get a job at Nasa, making them move away Lenny moves away No babies in current time, just a flash forward Harry Potter style.
  2. No, the 7th of march is the airing date of the next episode.
  3. Maybe there will be a third Howardette kid in the finale?
  4. Finally, Shamy will get their much deserved nomination. Guess we know what the main plot of the finale (or pre-finale) episode will be about. My guess is that the other two scientist (played by Kal and Sean) screw up somewhere, and will be kicked off the nomination.
  5. But there already was an issue to be forced, so either way it was going to come out at some point. So, actually all Lenny's should be grateful for WW helping them forward.
  6. So you want to take the best out of TBBT, leave it to the side and make a new show on two of the most uninteresting character in said show? Interesting!
  7. Shamy's kids will be smart and beautiful by the end of the season (flash forward probably).
  8. Hardly, Blossom is a cult classic, wether you agree with it or not.
  9. So Mayim deserves it even more then? She was the title character on one show and now a main character in TBBT.
  10. Jim is way to young to be considered a legend, but he might go down that road. But it's also part of the times we live in that Legends aren't born anymore. Same with music, does anyone believe that any of today's (or anything from the last decade) will become a classic? I don't.
  11. S & A have more in common then any couple on the show. Remember the list?
  12. What a waste of episode. Both storylines were so boring. Hope we go back to the Shamy science plot again, at least that has some real and viable potential.
  13. The shamy train episode by far, followed by the scavenger episode.
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