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  1. no problems, taping was huge fun for us, and it was fun sharing it with all of you as well. I found all the info I needed regarding taping here and the least I could do was to share my experiences with you! now back home, tomorrow work etc... back to real life i guess
  2. nope, just some piece of meteorite, didn't say anything more about it. OK, here what I can remember .... 😀 The Meteorite Manifestation Bret wants to examine piece of rock from the sky and needs help from Raj and Leonard gets jealous because they do not want to use his laser to cut it. Bernadette and Howards new neighbor builds an illegal balcony with perfect view of their hot tub and installs strong floodlight with a movement sensor underneath …. Here come the spoilers 🙂
  3. Episode is named "The Meteorite Manifestation" .... taping was real fun. IMHO much more professional than Two and a Half Men for an example. Kutcher and Cryer were forcing the Jokes, especially Kutcher, TBBT cast is doing it extremely professional and still having fun I'll post all sorts of spoilers bit later, wanna eat something first 😀
  4. got there 3:00, no issues (ok, weather was awful) , and yes, it was huge fun!!! surprisingly, only about 80 general admission ticket holders showed up (arrivals 16:30 and even later no problem). approximately same number of standbys. some of them got in, no clue how many, not too many! first three rows reserved for and well filled by VIPs. taping was over by 9PM one girl told us about disastrous thanksgiving taping where many ticket holders had to stay outside and obviously the number of general admission tickets was reduced afterwards. VIP were also allowed to the set after the taping to take pictures etc ...
  5. thanks all, will do so! my last taping was two and a half men some years ago, looking forward to see how it compares to that one!
  6. I've read your report as well as all taping information I could find here, I probably can't match it but I will do my best. Good to see spoilers are allowed so one doesn't have to worry about it 😀
  7. Hi, my first post here, wasn't aware of these boards until now (never too late). We are going to the taping coming Tuesday, for the first time, so we are very exited!!! We plan to arrive around noon, just to be on the safe side and not miss anything. As I read on last pages spoilers are allowed, will post our experiences when I get time. K.
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