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  1. I really don't think so--for Sheldon to publicly announce-- at his Nobel acceptance speech that he loved his friends--tells me he was a changed man And, whenever Amy told Sheldon something she didn't like, he always seemed to listen And, the reason he was read the riot act over and over again was because the show lasted 12 seasons and that was one of the character's personality traits--one of the writers' go to's
  2. I can't help you there. He is the only reason I watched the show. I was just happy I actually liked the whole cast but I believe Jim Parsons brought a professionalism to the character that can never be duplicated He was a genius--in his role. Some people just do not like the actor and I get that, that can sometimes be the case. But, I for one really like the actor and think he his good at everything he does
  3. It'll pick up here and there. Reading old posts might be interesting too
  4. shell

    Cafeteria Scene

    You're welcome
  5. shell

    Cafeteria Scene

    I think you are thinking of The Collaboration Fluctuation Season 10 Episode 19 Sheldon actually picks up a spoon if that's the one.
  6. Has anyone else seen this? I thought Jim was phenomenal as Henry Wilson Really liked the 'older actors'' performances.
  7. YouTube is stock full of them Nice way to spend quarantine
  8. Really looking forward to this He ain't no Sheldon anymore
  9. Yes, I think they proved their love for one another so many times They had really good communication skills, too
  10. Awesome I saw that he will be starting another movie soon, too Its stated in his Imdb
  11. Oh, he's probably there
  12. Haven't seen him at all though
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