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  1. shell

    Sheldon's Kids

    Wow, all this on Sheldon's spontaneity. I don't agree with any of your counterpoints because Sheldon never planned to actually do all those things with JEJ but he went along and did them. He never planned to steal movie he just did it without thinking. He lines up cereal because of the character the writers created. He can have routines and still be spontaneous. Good day
  2. shell

    Sheldon's Kids

    Disagree immensely
  3. shell

    Sheldon's Kids

    I disagree as I've stated in earlier post. (And proof from actual episodes)
  4. shell

    Sheldon's Kids

    Last I knew the topic was Sheldon's spontaneity.
  5. shell

    Sheldon's Kids

    Sheldon was my favorite character because his story lines were the funniest and most unpredictable. (and I love JP) He was very spontaneous. Like when he met James Earl Jones and hung out with him all night, Skywalker Ranch was all him, Stealing Indiana Jones movie, bongos at three in the morning, adopting 20 cats, getting a job busing tables, agreeing to take part in the Spock-umentary, I know I can go on.... Penny and Leonard scenes were boring All they did was drink and make out
  6. Yes, I think everyone brought something that made the show what it was. The actors always gave the writers huge credit but I really don't think it would have been such a hit without that exact cast. They were all great
  7. I love Sheldon. He's a personality on a sitcom. It's not to be taken so seriously. Yes, I think the writers went overboard at times but I feel JP played the character so well and saved him at times.
  8. I've heard those called Indian burns (I've received my fair share over the years)
  9. I do Love it Well-acted Great writing Lovable characters It really is a show of its own The closest it comes to TBBT is the voice of Jim Parsons
  10. I'm thinking its a movie they made up but not sure-- I don't think its her
  11. Wow, that s crazy. I've had Verizon for the last ten years No problem at this point.
  12. I agree. It's called YS but it really is an ensemble. All the characters are likeable and contribute so much to each episode. Missy may be my favorite.
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