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  1. Maybe in honor of his birthday
  2. I am not upset. It seems to me that no matter what, I am suppose to agree with you even when I don't. I would say you are the one upset because you can't seem to let this go. In my eyes CL decided the show will end, they could have tried to convince him to change his mind but he didn't. He had the final say. We can say we heard things thru the grapevine but we will never really know everything that was said.
  3. I have no idea I wasn't there and you weren't either I am moving on and NO I don't agree with you
  4. I haven't agreed, will not agree and will never agree It was CL's axe that made the final blow
  5. I'll just chalk this up to the fact that I will never agree with you on this. It may well have been over before he even claimed his decision , etc...
  6. I do not agree. Jim is responsible for Jim's actions, not CL's. It was not written in stone--it was not a law. The contracts had not even been written up, they were not even offered another season at the time of his decision.
  7. He could not help what CL's response would be. He is not responsible for CL's responses
  8. But all it comes down to is that he didn't want to continue starring in TBBT. It was Chuck Lorres' decision to end the show. It wasn't Jim Parsons that stated the show will now end. It strangely reminds me of someone saying, "You made me mad so I had to hit you, it's all your fault.' or along those lines...Someone justifying their action by putting the blame on someone else. And in YS he is not acting. He recites a few lines each show. He doesn't have to go in front of the camera to act the part of Sheldon. He had just started a production co. so initially he was going to produce a s
  9. I know you don't blame him for the show ending but I wanted to get straight the fact that he didn't end because 'there were no more Shamy stories' which is not at all true. I have listened to many interviews and he had tons of personal reasons for ending. And the cast hadn't even been offered another season. Sure--I guess Shamy was more prominent throughout the show but I wouldn't be too jealous, the stories weren't that great that did feature Shamy The writing was going downhill through the whole show. The fact that someone could actually blame him for leaving his job floors me. Do yo
  10. Believe me Everyone is blaming Jim
  11. But, you can't blame him Maybe that was one of the reasons he wanted out. Like I said, if Chuck L hadn't pulled the plug you would have had it your way I just wanted to point out, he wasn't only concerned with the 'Shamy' stories. He said there were no more stories left for the 'whole ensemble'. Jim had no idea his character would win the Nobel in the last episode. He always treated the other actors as equals.-he never acted above them like the show was his
  12. Yeah, sure if you don't mind them being crappy. Why proceed if the quality is low? So they can go out on a bad note?
  13. That's really not true about Jim thinking there were no more Shamy stories. He said 'no more stories' in general. He didn't even know his character would win the Nobel when he decided not to continue with show. He was never focused on just his own character.CL could have continued but he pulled the plug
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