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  1. Last season drove me crazy--I personally thought that was the worst season I did like some eps but the whole wedding plans were ridiculous at times. Sheldon and Amy planning, then agreeing that Amy would handle plans then Sheldon and Amy handled plans and back and forth. They'd make up their minds in one episode then it'd change again in the next....Sheldon would grow... then regress, and on and on....
  2. I suppose there's a chance, but he's played the character for so many years and he has great talent to try other things--I will miss this character but am looking forward to what he may try in the future.
  3. D and D games was cute I did like the last one Also, liked when YS cast was in it... but it just seems the writers can't write humor anymore
  4. I did laugh out a number of times and the ending was great
  5. I don't know Having said that, he has made a lot of things work...the one his father was in, he made me cry
  6. I don't think he;s had good material to work with.
  7. It looked good in the play That long hair was so fitting when he played the bongos 'episode- One of the best
  8. Exactly Love it really messed up (The best style) Like the time when he got flip flops
  9. Love Jim's hair too, it really grew out No more Sheldon hair!
  10. Sheldon because he's brilliant in so many ways
  11. Hey, guess what-- They're all really good friends You can all gang up on me and I could hear nonsense from all sides but I'm sticking with what I say Jim and Kaley are good friends There is no way it can be gauged by what you are coming up with and there is nothing you can say to prove that they aren't . There is obvious evidence in what others have posted with gifs so talk till you're blue--it would just make it that much more entertaining to me. There are many photos of basketball games and dinners they attended together
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