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  1. Yes, I think they proved their love for one another so many times They had really good communication skills, too
  2. Awesome I saw that he will be starting another movie soon, too Its stated in his Imdb
  3. Haven't seen him at all though
  4. Does anyone know what happened to that senior dog, Barney they took in? I think he was a yellow lab
  5. I wouldn't have had Raj or Stuart live with Howard and Bernadette. I know it was a way for the writers to keep all the characters in a scene and include all the characters within a 20 minute show but Howard and Bernadette were always irritated that they were there and I thought it was an annoying set up They had one kid but they acted like they needed the help of two more men to run the house.
  6. I thought they were always close, especially after the panty pinta epiosode, I just think the writing went down hill and the chemistry was lost.
  7. Good to hear Looking forward to trailer
  8. I'm really not sure what you're saying here. Sheldon ran to the bathroom nervous of the crowd--that was the point I was trying to get across. And Yeah, I thought Penny was very often disrespectful to Leonard in front of all their friends. And Penny also picked on him, there were episodes about just that subject.
  9. And you are mistaken It's not a big deal we can't remember every little scene
  10. No, all the put downs made by Penny were not all at the island and in the birthday one Penny did not pick on Leonard. And no, Sheldon did not run to his room. He ran to the bathroom when he was nervous when all the people were at his party. I wouldn't even say he was acting like a baby--just nervous.
  11. I believe you have that one mixed up with the Spock-umentary Another great one
  12. I agree with the last half of your post but I loved the 200th episode, Loved all the guests and thought it was a great moment between Penny and Sheldon. The 100th episode I thought was rather boring.
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