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  1. I saw that Was bawling So sad
  2. I just watched both episodes on Instagram (Call me Kat account) and I liked it. Not entirely funny but it was different, sweet, love the positivity, (the mother character was a bit annoying) but I liked it more than I thought I would after hearing so many cruddy reviews. Leslie Jordan is adorable. I think it has good potential
  3. He could've have been very good in a role, he has been in other 'office roles' and his timing and funny expressions would have been perfect
  4. Yes, agree She's really getting big Have you noticed her voice changed? And Billy Sparks' has, too
  5. Wow, this was kind of sucky Do not like the way Kaley was treated And that man should put on some clothes
  6. I wouldn't say that Jim has already done a movie and a series on Netflix. He was also nominated for an emmy for the series. I believe he also did a document project with Zachary Quinto and working on a new series with Mayim Bialik.
  7. These photographs are amazing of him
  8. This was so good I had no idea he actually had the virus Glad he was okay
  9. Yeah it was good Pretty intense
  10. Looking forward to it, I believe in October.
  11. I really don't think so--for Sheldon to publicly announce-- at his Nobel acceptance speech that he loved his friends--tells me he was a changed man And, whenever Amy told Sheldon something she didn't like, he always seemed to listen And, the reason he was read the riot act over and over again was because the show lasted 12 seasons and that was one of the character's personality traits--one of the writers' go to's
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