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  1. Kudos to Mark but surprised there wasn't more, especially Jim Parsons
  2. I agree. I feel he will miss everyone involved in the show but not the character so much. I don't blame him . That had to be a tough character to play for all those years.
  3. That's when I fell for Jim Parsons--watching the outtakes--loved his smile. He was nothing like Sheldon, though I love Sheldon, too
  4. I am sad but I have to admit I'm excited to be able to soon see Jim Parsons star in something different
  5. I would have been surprised if they hadn't won anything--the play was astounding
  6. It really was a good awards show--so entertaining James C did a great job
  7. I had no problem with it, thought it was great.
  8. Yes, I don't mind talking about Jim Parsons and the rest as we see where they go....
  9. Thank God he hadn't I'd have yawned my way through season 12
  10. I like the rebuilding of the DNA model better. Lenny discussed it in different scenes and with their friends What more could they say?
  11. I believe he has been inconsistently written that way by the writers as the other characters have, at times, too...they are all incredibly flawed.
  12. Yes and I do agree to that. Sheldon is my favorite character even if people are going to continue to paint him in an ugly picture--He will always be my favorite character.
  13. We've had this discussion many times in the past--don't we all know Sheldon by now? The writers did not like to be predictable so they have let Sheldon shine at times when we least expected--he has stuck up for all his friends in the past at one time or other--its just always been at random times. As Sheldon explained in the finale--he'll do the best he can.... he'll always be a 'left-handed monkey wrench'
  14. IDK I think Cinnamon is great The men I've been with...I'm happy with just my dog these days
  15. I agree. Just the fact that he devoted his entire Nobel prize speech to thanking his friends says a lot! And now that the BBT writers are no longer working they are unable to write him as regressing to his usual mean ways in the 'next episode' --So he will stay kind, humble and appreciative to his friends from now on. Very good ending.
  16. Yeah, I was wondering about that, too Something like the Black Widow and Captain America or the Hulk
  17. I just have to bring up another point to this episode, didn't it look like Johnny really hit Jim? They did a great job--very convincing
  18. After much thought today I almost wish for more. Sheldon becoming a nicer friend could open a lot of doors to some good stories--but, Oh well. It was a good ending. I like the way Penny wasn't angry with his reaction to her baby news. She has accepted him just as much as Amy has and more than all his other friends. I also like that when Amy is distraught and explains why she is to him he always listens.
  19. That's what I'm holding onto-- the reruns--the older reruns This is the only show I like--love comedies and this one was great--there's no other show like this one--so....
  20. I have to say, I did get discouraged when he reacted as he did to Penny's news, then again, it'd be somewhat weird if he got excited--- but they shouldn't have made him so cold about it. He was especially mean in the second half and I was getting angry where the story was going...But Jim did such a good job on the speech at the end it somewhat made up for it for me. I loved hearing Penny say she still loved him no matter how he acted. The last part in YS helped, too. I'm glad Sheldon didn't seem to care he got slapped--he was so happy. (Deep down he's a toughie)
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