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  1. Wow, this was good but the interviewer needs to let her talk
  2. Yes, that's true we are and I'll admit the last one or two seasons weren't as funny and his insults got old as all the others' insults did, too. And I'm sure that was one of the reasons why the show ended. I miss the show, but it was time. It really wasn't good anymore. Later.
  3. And Sheldon, at times, was written like a jerk......he's in that same category
  4. All I can agree with is that you are anti-Sheldon and you are going to see it the way you want just as I will. I don't believe Sheldon was mean-spirited when saying those things to Penny just as the girls weren't. And I believe every character in the show had just as many insults for each other as he did. And I don't believe Sheldon saying Penny had a checkered past, (the only one you could come up with) is as bad as saying Sheldon 'slut-shamed' her. He never used the word slut as you do. And I really don't believe she was 'kidding' about fantasizing about the other guy--she was pretty proud of herself. In another episode she had no problem throwing Leonard under the bus for a chance to meet Joe Manganiello in the D & D game.
  5. And I can see you are not pro-Sheldon especially when other characters doing the same thing Sheldon did is considered 'jesting' . (You can say jest but they too were also getting their jabs in) They could have ended their friendship anytime they wanted but something about the guy kept them from doing so. I'm not even sure about the slut shaming you talk about, I can't remember any...he liked to pick on her drinking just as everyone else also did... I don't believe Penny was at all harmed when Sheldon was honest with her, she always brushed it off. She knew who she was and was fine with. Even when she talked about doing it with Leonard when they were married she said she liked to fantasize about other guys...
  6. Disagree all you want Those were lines from the show
  7. Agree. Bernie- 'just figured your prom dress was in the corner of some barn' Penny 'What do you think I was?' Amy- ''easy' Even Penny admitted it 'Let's drive somewhere no one will know me- we may have to drive to another town Penny 'I feel like Dr, Jeckle and Mrs. Ho' Amy- --'considering how trampy you get'...list goes on... Penny and Sheldon got along so good because their relationship was based on honesty. Penny will admit she was easy. She recalled a time when she was in High school and it was of her taking a home pregnancy kit. Hate to tell you Penny didn't care if Sheldon made fun of her past because she knew it was true.
  8. It was a good episode. Love the story behind Georgie becoming a salesman
  9. Because it is a sitcom and, a sitcom needs conflict and situations that go wrong and a character who is unpredictable and will handle situations with a level of humor if you the viewer can watch it without taking it so seriously. Removing him would have made the show boring And as Hewolf said, he did bring very much to the group
  10. https://tvline.com/2019/09/19/carla-mayim-bialik-jim-parsons-fox-comedy-big-bang-theory-reunion/#commentform-1101601
  11. As I see it, Johnny said Jim or nothing--basically. You could call it a spin off but it would still just be TBBT without Jim. I don't think Johnny would go for it. And I think most people voted for a Lenny spin off because most people know it was JP who spoke up and said he no longer wanted to continue so-- why would he do a spin off? It's strange, but I did see an interview with JP and he mentioned they were still texting each other so they are still talking, maybe what Kaley meant was they have not seen each other.
  12. Did you read some where that this is true? Or is it guessing? Jim is doing just fine now--nominated for a Peoples Choice award, still does his Intel commercials, Just finished filming a movie, is suppose to star in a new series by Ryan Murphy, is suppose to star in Michael Ausiello's book/movie, is the voice in YS and his show, 'Special' is doing great along with other prospects in the works from his production company and by the way, he is not performing right now in theatre, he has too much else going on
  13. As JP isn't responsible for how CL responds. CL is responsible for his own response. And I agree, JG probably would have ended his contract anyway if JP hadn't
  14. I agree, but (JP did just finish filming a movie and I heard he is to star in a new series by Ryan Murphy so he is working, too.) It just irritates me when people at times act entitled -- like JP should have checked with them first before he made this huge choice in his life that effects it immensely. In the end it was Chuck Lorres choice though. JP didn't actually say the show is now over--CL did--I don't see why JP should get the blame.
  15. You do not know that so we are not wrong As far as I'm concerned, their careers have already been injured
  16. I have to admit I would have an issue with that. As I agree with most you've written I believe JP was not responsible for what Lorre planned to do if one of the main three left. JP turned down a lot of money by not continuing--that says how much he wanted out. Why can't he look out for his own well-being--why is he responsible for everyone elses', too? As far as I'm concerned, he did everyone a favor if one was to point fingers. To continue the show would only hurt everyone's careers in the long run
  17. Interesting Wonder if he'll be a regular on the show or just guest visits
  18. Good for him. He sounds like a busy guy. I think they're done filming Boys in the Band and I believe he was going to star in Michael Ausiello's book/movie. We'll have to see what comes next...
  19. I was wondering that too I remember there was a time he said he was a vegan
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