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  1. Veracity Elasticity was my favorite and the last 2
  2. I can see from posts that most Lenny people here were unhappy with their story lines and maybe resented Shamy for getting a good amount of screen time in later episodes, but I'm relieved in many ways that Jim Parsons decided to not continue. I recently watched Season 11 and found it more annoying than funny. Quantity over quality doesn't cut it. The last two years were inconsistent, unfunny and boring. I'll always treasure the earlier seasons and probably barely watch the last two..
  3. I totally agree. There is no possible way we can see everything played out in their lives in a 20 minute sitcom. We have to accept things happening off screen truly happened.
  4. Sheldon and Amy get along great most of the time and when they have a disagreement they talk things out and also plan their futures together. I, personally like to watch the show to enjoy it, and have to say I've never wanted anything bad to happen to any of the characters.
  5. 'Yeah, they kissed in the last scene So that means everything is 'perfect' LOL
  6. I don't care what others do or what their own beliefs are. I believe-- for myself-- in not having sex unless married
  7. My belief is I'd feel like one if I did. Other people have different beliefs and it is between them and what they believe in.
  8. Don't agree for Me Myself Just I Say what you want I don't care how anyone else lives their life
  9. Because I don't care what anyone else does I believe in only one partner at a time for me!-alone. I wouldn't call anyone else a ho but me, myself. I might feel wrong for it but thats only me
  10. To each his own. If someone wants to enjoy sex with multiple partners, go at it, its their own business. I'm just referring to how I feel about it personally--I don't feel right doing that. I like commitment
  11. Like I've said, to me marriage is important I don't care what others do.
  12. I don't care what others do, but personally it's not for me
  13. I'm fine with other people liking other couples. As a Shamy fan I do support them though I see awful posts written about them even now, all the time. I say one thing about Lenny, about how I feel about their relationship and am ripped apart
  14. No, I just don't want to get into deep details about sex
  15. You do? Never said they were the 'unhappiest' (getting kind of old..) I don't really understand what you're trying to say We just don't agree I'm fine with that...
  16. When you first do it and it's good you-- smile. It could have been bad but it obviously wasn't because believe me you don't smile if its awful
  17. Judging by the smile on Amy's face I would disagree
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