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  1. I don't think that was the point of that story, He wanted her to have a break if I remember correctly
  2. That IS strange Sheldon has been blessed with massive personality No personality=boring That ain't Sheldon
  3. She mentioned something about directing--I believe she recently directed something and has more plans for that She mentioned some other plans in one of her videos I believe
  4. I remember the one when they all did karaoke Penny said she wanted kids some day after Leonard had asked her. It was the one Bernadette announced she was pregnant
  5. Actually I just saw it the other day. Sheldon was worried because there's no guarantee their smart genes would be passed down
  6. No big deal It's not like he forced himself on her He tried to seduce her, she said no, end of story
  7. Last I knew this show is a comedy. There was one whole episode of Sheldon trying to seduce Amy. I'm going to go with--he wants them.
  8. I love Sheldon, too and believe he is capable of love. I know many people who aren't crazy about kids but their own
  9. Not to mention the many movies and plays
  10. It's not that good but Annie Potts was great Oh? Which ones?
  11. Sure they could, but everyone is different, no one can say for sure
  12. Oh, I get it now, but I feel a lot of people know who Jim Parsons is., but that's just what I think
  13. I'm sorry, but I'm not one for going on and on over a post,I like positivity and this feels negative--like an argument. Sorry, didn't really read your posts very well, I'm not familiar with Asner and Knotts, histories. To me every actor has their own path, doesn't make it true that another actor will follow the same one. I don't feel I have to prove my reasoning or make sure I've convinced someone else that I'm right, I still believe what I have said.. But, I do think Jim is a legend now --that is one thing you have helped convince me of. Subjective statement. I do favor Parsons over other actors in the show but I don't feel the need to put the other ones down.
  14. I seemed to have forgotten what your trying to prove at this point but what it all comes down to is I believe Jim Parsons will be a legend if he isn't one already. I will not be convinced otherwise and it's my opinion and no one can change that. Thank you and have a nice day.
  15. Good point but I believe this person doesn't feel TBBT cast will ever become legends­čśÁ (Hint of previous post)
  16. Okay, I'm not going to spend hours to research an answer for a forum. I would also say awards do not mean a whole lot to me but they hold some meaning, especially if an actor is awarded multiple times.. Actors usually get quirky roles because they're good actors. I remember Johnny Galecki saying, I think it was an interview with King was, 'he feels Jim Parsons is a genius, he could never do what he does.' Yes, Judd Hirsch in Taxi was a great actor but so was Danny Devito and Christopher Lloyd,Andy Kauffman and so on. Quirky takes a lot of work and dedication from the actor. Wait, you feel Heston is legend, not any BBT actors but John Cryer is because of dopey 80's movie? What is going on here?
  17. No, if you read earlier posts, Chuck said Parsons hasn't been around long enough so I just countered and said I believe 12 years is long enough. My reasoning is stated in previous posts. I never said Cryer or anyone else should be legend just because he was in a series for 12 years. Parsons has won awards and his work elsewhere excels, in my opinion.
  18. No I never said Cryer is a legend. I don't even think many years on a sitcom is a major qualification. I think what we're looking for is quality.
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