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  1. I am quite pleased that Sheldon won. It would have been nice if Leonard had won along with him but Sheldon had his eye set on the Nobel for the whole series. Him not winning and Leonard winning instead would have just been mean and unfunny unless they used it as some sort of big leap of growth for Sheldon. I've never really heard any desire from Leonard to win any time during the series.
  2. They had no story lines to write so they milked the wedding--not a good plan....I feel weddings are BORING One of mine, too I think Sheldon and the bongos may be my favorite So hard to choose
  3. Love these photos Wondering when we were get to see some..
  4. Kudos to Mark but surprised there wasn't more, especially Jim Parsons
  5. I agree. I feel he will miss everyone involved in the show but not the character so much. I don't blame him . That had to be a tough character to play for all those years.
  6. That's when I fell for Jim Parsons--watching the outtakes--loved his smile. He was nothing like Sheldon, though I love Sheldon, too
  7. I am sad but I have to admit I'm excited to be able to soon see Jim Parsons star in something different
  8. I would have been surprised if they hadn't won anything--the play was astounding
  9. It really was a good awards show--so entertaining James C did a great job
  10. I had no problem with it, thought it was great.
  11. Yes, I don't mind talking about Jim Parsons and the rest as we see where they go....
  12. Thank God he hadn't I'd have yawned my way through season 12
  13. I like the rebuilding of the DNA model better. Lenny discussed it in different scenes and with their friends What more could they say?
  14. I believe he has been inconsistently written that way by the writers as the other characters have, at times, too...they are all incredibly flawed.
  15. Yes and I do agree to that. Sheldon is my favorite character even if people are going to continue to paint him in an ugly picture--He will always be my favorite character.
  16. We've had this discussion many times in the past--don't we all know Sheldon by now? The writers did not like to be predictable so they have let Sheldon shine at times when we least expected--he has stuck up for all his friends in the past at one time or other--its just always been at random times. As Sheldon explained in the finale--he'll do the best he can.... he'll always be a 'left-handed monkey wrench'
  17. IDK I think Cinnamon is great The men I've been with...I'm happy with just my dog these days
  18. I agree. Just the fact that he devoted his entire Nobel prize speech to thanking his friends says a lot! And now that the BBT writers are no longer working they are unable to write him as regressing to his usual mean ways in the 'next episode' --So he will stay kind, humble and appreciative to his friends from now on. Very good ending.
  19. Yeah, I was wondering about that, too Something like the Black Widow and Captain America or the Hulk
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