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  1. My belief is I'd feel like one if I did. Other people have different beliefs and it is between them and what they believe in.
  2. I;m saying that goes for me
  3. Don't agree for Me Myself Just I Say what you want I don't care how anyone else lives their life
  4. Because I don't care what anyone else does I believe in only one partner at a time for me!-alone. I wouldn't call anyone else a ho but me, myself. I might feel wrong for it but thats only me
  5. To each his own. If someone wants to enjoy sex with multiple partners, go at it, its their own business. I'm just referring to how I feel about it personally--I don't feel right doing that. I like commitment
  6. Like I've said, to me marriage is important I don't care what others do.
  7. I don't care what others do, but personally it's not for me
  8. I'm fine with other people liking other couples. As a Shamy fan I do support them though I see awful posts written about them even now, all the time. I say one thing about Lenny, about how I feel about their relationship and am ripped apart
  9. No, I just don't want to get into deep details about sex
  10. You do? Never said they were the 'unhappiest' (getting kind of old..) I don't really understand what you're trying to say We just don't agree I'm fine with that...
  11. When you first do it and it's good you-- smile. It could have been bad but it obviously wasn't because believe me you don't smile if its awful
  12. Judging by the smile on Amy's face I would disagree
  13. They just wanted to emphasize the fact she was pregnant. Besides, It's much easier to kiss someone that is sitting right next to you and Just because they were kissing at that moment and the others weren't does not make them the happiest. I used to date a guy that always wanted to kiss After a while it got so I wanted to rip his face off--kissing did not mean I was happy. Sheldon and Amy take three hours when they sleep together while Lenny take 9 minutes (Another good argument?) Amy was growing too by saying what she wanted from the relationship then Sheldon listened and did the best he could and improved to make her happier. I'll just agree we don't agree. It's obvious that won't change and whatever you say will not change my mind.
  14. I didn't know dialogue didn't count if they were in public. Sheldon's speech addressed all of them and it was filled with kind words to Amy, too. And Leonard and Penny kissed because they were right next to each other , she was pregnant and the writers wanted to remind us that in the end scene. And yes, you even said it, 'Penny's issues'. Amy and Sheldon have grown, and yes, they've had major issues in the past and will have more like all married couples. But, Amy has said over and over again she loves him, I always got the feeling Penny wasn't so sure. That was my point. I have watched BBT all the way through and have rewatched episodes many times. I just get bored with their scenes. I'm just not feelin' it. And am not into lists... Just sayin'... Ugh
  15. Amy and Sheldon's last dialogue was "Sheldon?" "Oh, you're done?" then they kissed And I don't see the difference between problems, commitments, etc They're all issues And I don't really know how many times they broke up, I don't really pay attention to them when they're on but I do remember Penny complaining to Leonard why he can't be more romantic and recognize their anniversary and he said which time would I celebrate We've been on and off again so much-- I think it was the episode Howard sang to Bernadette I just get the feeling Alex liked Leonard more than Penny I would think there would come a point Leonard would be sick of getting disrespected and degraded all the time -maybe he would actually break up with her if he grows
  16. They broke up how many times? There was an episode when Penny couldn't even decide if she loved him and wanted to break up with him. She was wondering why it didn't feel like love....the one when Sheldon asked her not to hurt him
  17. I agree I don't hate them but I don't see any deep connection or true support for each other from either of them Hard to say, but I see a true love from Amy towards Sheldon and I see Sheldon never wanting to chance Amy leaving him. Sheldon has grown immensely since Amy entered his life I guess you're referring to Amy and Sheldon? You forgot to mention how Sheldon listened to Amy and made amends immediately The last dialogue in the show between Penny and Leonard is Penny getting annoyed with Leonard....
  18. I just don't see it. I could see Penny leaving him....
  19. I am quite pleased that Sheldon won. It would have been nice if Leonard had won along with him but Sheldon had his eye set on the Nobel for the whole series. Him not winning and Leonard winning instead would have just been mean and unfunny unless they used it as some sort of big leap of growth for Sheldon. I've never really heard any desire from Leonard to win any time during the series.
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