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  1. just right click then press the paste button i would say the worst thing is that just before i was meant to be handing a book back to my school library , the dog ripped off the front cover , quite embarrassing , also the dog peed on my brothers bed when he got scared about heavy rain.
  2. If rent and bills were suddenly free , what would you do with that money that usually is spent on bills and rent I would say clothes and extra food
  3. and why i would say Leonard by far , just because he is Leonard
  4. I Will name 3 from each males and females Males Jim Parsons Will Smith Joey Essex Female Kaley Cucco Hayley Hughes Montana Brown
  5. in your opinion i would say the one where Raj spoke to Penny without alcohol , great episode
  6. in your opinion or the one you liked the least i will start with the bowling episode where Sheldon and Will played bowling , so boring
  7. can be anything i will start Big Bang Theory is better overall than Friends Pineapple on Pizza is golden
  8. i will start buses being late queuing slow people
  9. as we have had serious injury , what are some ridiculous injuries you have had in your life before? i would say slipping on some ice outside Bargin Booze and not being able to walk properly for 3 days afterwards , not fun times.
  10. winner stays on i will start Sheldon Cooper or Homer Simpson
  11. for example this morning this day day light light evening i will start start again
  12. for example Montana Brown Ellie Brown Ellie Taylor Andrew Taylor i will start Tom Cruise
  13. simple , you say whether you have read or not read the above book then suggest the next one i will start The BFG
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