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  1. Awe man, that sounds awesome. I wish I had waited one more week haha. Oh well, I'm just so happy we got in and got to go.
  2. Spoilers** The episode that was taped last night is called The Inspiration Deprivation. The guys that accidentally proved super asymetry have gone on a public campaign to get their names associated with the idea so they get the credit (cue in Ellen show bit) The University has their own reception for academics to meet with Shamy on their work and the two guys crash the party and Sheldon holds his tongue at Leonard's pleading which results in Amy being the one to freak out in public. Shamy agrees to do a sensory deprivation tank experience to try to calm down from possibly having the Nobel prize scooped from them. It helps Sheldon but sends Amy into a tizzy as the pressure to win as a female is high (only 4 nobel prize winners have been women). -her freak out and inability to keep her emotions in check *could* be another hint to a pregnancy!? In other news, Howard buys a scooter (midlife crisis?) Which he then has to sell. To me it was a cute bit and a snapshot into Howard and Bernadette's home life. There's a bit more but there you go. I had so much fun!!
  3. Had a blast at the Big Bang Theory taping!! We had regular tickets and got there at about 1:30. We were 20th for regular tickets. There were about 4 center rows of VIPs. With a cast and crew of over 200 and these being the final episodes, it is understandable that they also being fans of their own show would want special people in their lives there. For example, one of the VIPs was Johnny's mom and one was one of the writer's (I think, may have been producer) Teacher from back home. The Ellen thing was likely a one time special thing since Ellen was featured on this episode so they may have filmed that bit during that Ellen's taping. A few people asked to take pictures with us. I got complimented by the head of wardrobe between scenes (and by someone else who works in wardrobe afterwards). Johnny Galecki's mom (who was in the front row) said "woah you are Sheldon" when Mark shared why he liked Big Bang Theory. I got to go up to the front of the audience to do a little dance between scenes and Mayim waved at me and while dancing, she got Jim and other crew to turn towards and the MC brought Mark down too and Mayim and Jim waved at Mark and we waved back . No phones were allowed inside so no pics or video from that.
  4. That would be so awesome to be at the finale but I'm glad I started to try to get tickets when I did. We fly down in the morning for tomorrow's taping, so excited!!! We are totally dressing as Shamy and it's with our everyday closet of clothes lol.
  5. That would be a question for audiences unlimited but everything I've read says not transferrable and it says on the ticket print out as well not transferrable.
  6. Great advice! Not sure we will get there in time. This was an unexpected surprise so we will only be able to fly down for the day and fly back the next morning. Oh btw how late into the evening does it typically go. From what I gather it can go to 10pm?
  8. This year is my husband's and my 15 year anniversary and I would love to take him to a taping of bbt before it is no longer an option. We've had many friends and co-workers call us Sheldon and Amy over the years so it is kind of our thing now. If I am trying to get tickets for the 3/12 showing would it be 2/11 I should be trying?
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