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  1. Hey Jo! So my friend and I had standby tickets for the taping on 2/12, we arrived at 7am, and were 5th and 6th in line. I would say maybe 15 standby people got in for that day and we were on the very ends of the outer sections. The closer it gets to the end, I would advise you guys to get there as soon as you can in the morning, hard to say if 8:00 will be good enough anymore. If it were me, I’d say 7 or earlier, honestly. Parking really wasn’t a hassle, we were allowed in the parking garage at 7 no problem, and it was nice to just bring our things back to the car as we were brought into the holding area, and after we got our line numbers. But if you Uber, they didn’t hassle anyone for leaving their phones with their ID at security, in fact there were a lot of the bags with phones when we walked through security at the stage. Good luck!! If you’ve never been, and I hadn’t before my experience, it is so worth it, especially as we get so close to the end!!
  2. Just throwing this out there, for those who are attending upcoming tapings as a Stand-By: I was at last weeks taping (2/12), my friend and I arrived at 7am, and we were #5 and #6 in line. I remember reading on here, and on other places on-line that if there was availability for stand-bys they took 10 at a time, but for us, it was just us top 6 to start. And we were inside and in our seats for at least 15-20 minutes before the next small group came in. I believe the last stand-bys who got in were around #12 maybe, and had arrived by 9am. And I'm guessing it's just going to get even more difficult for stand-bys to get in the closer it gets to the end. So DO be prepared to get there super early! Yes, it will be a very long day, but it is absolutely worth it!! Everyone who is going to the upcoming tapings, have an absolute blast!!
  3. Thank you SO much for that info grr31! That makes me feel much better 😊👍🏼
  4. Hey all!! I’m glad I found this site, there is so much great information that has been very helpful! So I am attending my first taping next Tuesday, though unfortunately I was only able to get a stand-by ticket. But I am ready and willing to arrive super early to wait in line to get in. I did have a question about parking. I may be there alone, so I was going to have a bag with snacks and my phone to get me through the waiting process. But I see on the ticket, and in previous posts, that you aren’t allowed to park in the parking garage until later in the afternoon, is this correct?? So if I, or my friend if she’s able to join me, want to park, and be able to drop our things back in the car in the afternoon, where are we allowed to park in the morning? Also, for those who have attended a recent taping as a stand-by ticket holder, how early did you arrive? I was going to aim for 6-6:30 to play it safe. I really really want to get in!! 😊 Thanks!!
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