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  1. I hope it is an omen. Hopefully the show will restart in a few years like Will and Grace did. We can hope....
  2. I was wondering if she was doing a pregnancy test in the bathroom with Raj for company....
  3. I remember back in season 10 when Sheldon wanted a baby he told Amy that he tracks her cycles, so I’m thinking if she is pregnant he might have mentioned it to her, unless she’s lied and told him she has her period to give herself some time to break the news to him gently?
  4. I just think he’d be full of intentions of having a scientific little child and teaching them things and parenting Beverley style but once his child arrived he’d be shocked and overwhelmed at how much he wanted to love and nurture him/her. Let’s face it, in the early seasons he could never have imagined himself having a wife or loving a woman.
  5. I think part of him wants to experiment on his kids but the other part wants them because he wants kids with Amy. I think he would probably fall in love with his child instantly and then be a totally hands on, loving parent. He’s mentioned many a time that he found it hard growing up without his father so I’m sure he’d try his best to be a good one.
  6. I’ve always thought that he’s seemed a lot more keen on the idea of having kids than she does.
  7. I’d far rather seen them have a baby than a Nobel nomination. I think seeing Sheldon as a dad would have been funny, as well as touching
  8. My guess is that Amy is already pregnant, which would tie in with their ‘having sex 3 weeks ago’ that Sheldon mentioned last episode, and that she’s trying to work out how he’d feel about it before she tells him.
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